DeVere Brant Scrapbook

First Grade 
FR Joy Louise Long
Helen Louise Zimmerman
Joye Truex
Leo Anglin
Bill Webster
Paul Miner
2nd Cleo Lutes
Helen Berkey
Evelyn Kaylor
Eddie Thwaits
Leslie Konkle
Robert Bishop
Joe Yeiter
Second Grade 
FR Charles Sink
Catherine Blosser
Paul Murphy
Mabel Thwaits
Mary Anglin
Harold Truex
2nd Clarence Konkle
Robert Meck
Marshall Dawson
Gordon Huffer
Lester Bradley
Third Grade 
FR Roy Haney
Glennis Estep
Pauline Sink
2nd Doris Bowers
Mary Lutes
Ned Gerard
Gwendoline Orn
Evelyn Harman
3rd Leon Nelson
Donald Byrer
George Losure
Carl Newman
Mary Elizabeth Webster
Ruth Ross
Erma Holderman
Arnold Miner
Arthur Blosser

Not pictured First Grade:
Mary Catherine Byrer (died of leakage of heart)
George Kenneth Martin
Mildred Silveus
Not pictured Second Grade:
Mary Holderman
Third Grade:
Glennis Estep died of appendicitus
Doris Bowers taught at Atwood with me.