Oliver Wallace Diary
April 1901

Mon. Apr. 1, 1901  Cut wood all day. Elisha helped. The boys cleaned out the stables & hen house. Lib & John went up to Clunette to get eggs. 
Tues. Apr. 2, 1901  Correll was over to see my Clinger heifer & I went over to see his horse. We traded. I gave him $28.75 to boot. I went over to F. Clingers & bought a heifer calf. paid $3.00 for it. 
Wed. Apr. 3, 1901  Fine. I & the boys went over to F. Clingers and got a calf that I bought yesterday. I went down to H. bowers & bought a yearling steer at noon. Paid $21.00. Trimmed up tree tops & went up to Will Halls to Doctor a sheep. Charged him 50 cts. Dr. Pd. 
Thurs. Apr. 4, 1901  I fed the stock & cleaned out the ash hopper & filled it. John & I halled wood & big post out of the Rarick woods in the afternoon. Lib went over to Fred Rinks to aid society meeting. 
Fri. Apr. 5, 1901  I done the chores in the fore noon. Fixed at the garden fence in the afternoon.
Sat. Apr. 6, 1901  I went with Elisha down to Bankses. Got 100 pickits to fix the garden fence down there. Dr 25 cts Pd. Lib & I went to Warsaw in the afternoon. Paid $1.25 for plow beam. Paid $3.50 for Etta shoes. Paid 75 cts for John hat. Paid $1.20 Drugs at J. Watson. 50 cts wagon bed straps & 25 cts tobacco for Elisha. 
Sun. Apr. 7, 1901  We all went to Sunday School. Etta went up to Halls to practice their song. Gave Lib 25 cts for General Conference. 
Mon. Apr. 8, 1901  I fixed up my plow. Elisha went to plowing in the marsh field today. Elisha Miller commenced work by the month today. Cut my Lambs tails off today. Lib & John went out to Mash Rosses after 2 roosters. Paid $1.30. Full bloods came from Farmers. 
Tues. Apr. 9, 1901  Nice. I got my drill out & fixed the tung. Trimed my lambs and a calf. Dehorned the calf. Went up to Hoffines to see sick sheep. Died while I was there. Came home & watered my stock & fixed harness. 
Wed. Apr. 10, 1901  Done the chores & took the drill & some hay down to Elishas. I went down to Pallets to see their mare. Maby was there. I was down there in the night last night. John plowed in the afternoon & drilled oats in the marsh field. Elisha was sick today. 
Thurs. Apr. 11, 1901  I & John went down & started to plow the west orchard in the forenoon. John finished it in the afternoon. I took my sheep down to the Powell place. 26 head of old & 18 lambs. I went down & bought a steer of Mr. Hissong. Paid $15.00. Went from there over to Shans & crossed the marsh over to Palletts. They were berring their horse. Mrs. Bitticoffer & Shells wemon was here. 
Fri. Apr. 12, 1901  I fixed the garden fence in the forenoon & went down to the Irvin farm. I staked off a ditch for the man that lives there. A job, by the day at $1.00 per day.
Sat. Apr. 13, 1901  At home all day. Burnt stalks on fore noon, fixed post digger & other tools in the afternoon. Elisha went to Warsaw in the afternoon.
Sun. Apr. 14, 1901  Went up to Sunday School. At home the rest of the day.
Mon. Apr. 15, 1901  I went down to the Irvin farm. Commenced ditching today. Mr. Whitmire & Son helped all day at $1.00 per day. I ate diner & supper at Shans.
Tues. Apr. 16, 1901  I helped P. Falley load stone in the fore noon. Went down to the Irvin farm in the afternoon. Mr. Whitmyre & Son ditched all day. I went on Hoffines note for $40.00. To Cormany for a Horse. I offered Shan $12.00 for a sow today.
Wed. Apr. 17, 1901  Raining. I & the boys cleaned seed oats in the forenoon. I went to Atwood in the afternoon. Got Charley shod in front. Paid Hodley 35 ctts. Bought Shans sow. To pay him $12.00. F. Correll paid me $4.00, my half for the logs he sold to Miner. Widmyer & Son ditched in the afternoon.
Thurs. Apr. 18, 1901  Snow & Rain. Done the chores in fore noon. Went to Leesburg in the afternoon. I ordered wire of Ringgenberg. bought of Ringgenberg _____ x 4 single tree hooks. Paid him 30 cts. Went to R. Wallaces to see him about piping.
Fri. Apr. 19, 1901  Cold. Frost a little. Elisha & I went down to Eplers after tile. Brought the hog I bought of Shan home to pay him $12.00 tomorrow for him. Gave Lib .50 cts. Paid C. Brody 50 cts for overhalls. Widmyer ditched all day. I ate dinner at Shans.
Sat. Apr. 20, 1901  Windy & cold. I went down to the Irvin farm. Paid Shan $12.00 dollars for hog that I bought of him. Elisha Miller halled 2 loads of tile from Eplers finished. Paid Epler $19.40. Elisha took Widmyer 10 bu & 16 lb of oats at 25 cts $2.43. Winmyer ditched 1/2 day. I gave Etta $2.00. I ate dinner at Shan's
Sun. Apr. 21, 1901  Cold & windy. Lib, John & the girls went to church & sunday school.
Mon. Apr. 22, 1901  Rain. Elisha & John halled braces & post in the fore noon. Cut 3 logs down to the Irvin farm & took them to Rosses Mill. Widmyer & Son ditched today on the big ditch.
Tues. Apr. 23, 1901  Rain in the forenoon. I fixed at my wagon bed. Elisha halled logs to Rosses. I went to the Irvin Farm. Gave Widmyer a job of ditching. 30 cts a rod. Took Rose to Bankses.
Wed. Apr. 24, 1901  Elisha & I fixed the picket fence along the road today. I broke Bankses stretcher & jack today. I sold Crab 8 head of hogs today at $5.50. Frank Funk brought me a barl of salt. Paid him $1.45.
Thurs. Apr. 25, 1901  I took a load of corn to Leesburg. 25 bu at 40 cts. $10.00. Libs corn. Gave her the money. I got my wire today. 500 lb, No. 11 at $3.25, 209 lb of barb at $3.25. 200 lb No. 16 at 4.25. Total cost $33.70. 2 plow points, 5 lb staples, 5cts worth rivets at Ringenberg & Byrer, 90 cts. Took wheat to mill today, 6 bu for Elisha & 7.30 for me. I got piping of R. Wallace 3/4 in. Dr for the same. Paid the above on May 25, 1901 $10.04.
Fri. Apr. 26, 1901  I done the chores in the forenoon. The Sesser (assessor) was here in the afternoon. I went down to the other place, found a sheep on her back, couldent get up. John & Elisha finished plowing & commenced sowing oats today. 
Sat. Apr. 27, 1901  I took 24 sheep & 16 lambs down to the Irvin farm. Paul & I was at Shans for dinner. I paid Widmyer $12.10 on the big ditch - 57 rod at 30 cts a rod. Dr to him $5.00 on the above ditch. Gave him job of about 40 rod at 35 cts.
Sun. Apr. 28, 1901  Fine. Went up to Sunday school. I gathered the most of the Elders sallery today at Sunday school. Charles Ross was here. His horse had Farey 
Mon. Apr. 29, 1901  I took 8 hogs to Leesburg. Weighed 1610 at 5.50. Brought $89.10. 7 of them was the shoats I got of B. Gochenhour. One I got of Dawson. Etta & Lib went to Warsaw. Gave them $5.00. I paid J. Irvin $1.90 for medicine for C. Rosses horse. Took 18 head of cattle to the Irvin pasture today. We scattered out our tile along the ditch in the afternoon.
Tues. Apr. 30, 1901  Sowed Oats for pasture in the forenoon. Went down after dinner & got a sheep home from Elishas. Went over & sheared 8 sheep for F. Correll from 3 o'clock til night. Went up to Rosses & doctored horse. Dr. to .25 cts.