Oliver Wallace Diary
April 1902

Tues. April 1, 1902 Dan & I took one log to Rosses & brought a load of lumber home till noon. Dan brought 1 load of lumber home in the afternoon. 6 new lambs today. 2 pair of twins. I looked after them in the afternoon. Etta & Affa took Will Froyer a turkey this afternoon.
Wed. April 2, 1902 Spitting snow. Dan & I helped Bankses buzz wood. 2/3 of a load apiece.
Thurs. April 3, 1902 Dan & I helped Banks buzz wood till 10 oclock & then went down after lumber.
Fri. April 4, 1902 Dan & I went down to Rosses after barn stuff. I had a stitch in my back. Brought square timber home.
Sat. April 5, 1902 Dan took a log to Warsaw for Correll. 1/2 day. I haven't done any work today. Paid D. Blosser $2.75.
Sun. April 6, 1902  Rained a little. Dan and the boys went to sunday school.
Mon. April 7, 1902 Dan halled lumber from Rosses. F. Correll paid me for the white oak logs. I sold him $21.21. I was at home all day with a lame back.
Tues. April 8, 1902 Dan & I halled logs & lumber. We helped J. Ross saw my 88 ft log & we brought it home. Bill Gokenhour helped us.
Wed. April 9, 1902 Dan & I halled logs & lumber.
Thurs. April 10, 1902 I halled logs & lumber. Paid B. Gokenhour 50 cts. Dan commenced plowing today. 
Fri. April 11, 1902 John & I halled 6 logs to mill in the fore noon. Dan plowed. Got a shipping bill for my lumber. Dan, John & I brought 2 loads home.
Sat. April 12, 1902 Dan & I halled 4 loads lumber from Atwood. Phil Banks & John halled with 2 teams. They halled 4 loads.
Sun. April 13, 1902 At home all day.
Mon. April 14, 1902  Dan & I brought the last of my lumber from Atwood. I paid the frait today. $32.02
Tues. April 15, 1902 I w ent to Warsaw. Was up to Ezras for dinner. Mrs. Rarick came out with me. Paid 50 cts to W. Conrad for welding drill shaft. Borrowed $15 dollars of M. F. Wallace. Paid for my Chicago lumber $513.00
Wed. April 16, 1902 Dan & I halled logs in the afternoon. One ash & 2 elm. Rob Irvin paid me 50 cts for fixing the drill.
Thurs. April 17, 1902 Dan & John harrowed & drilled oats.
Fri. April 18, 1902 Dan finished drilling oats. The boys & I halled wood from H. Bowers woods. 3 load of wood & one of posts.
Sat. April 19, 1902 Dan & John plowed for corn. I went with Correll to Warsaw. Paid Grabner 65 cts for plow points. Paid M. F. Wallace $15.00. Paid Prisilla Rarick $8.50 balance I owed her on acct.
Sun. April 20, 1902 At home all day. Frank Pinkertons was down. Bankses came up in the afternoon. Etta & Affa went to Bourbon today.
Mon. April 21, 1902 I went down and castrated 8 calves & 1 hog for Bankses. Came home & castrated my lambs. Fixed at the garden fence in the afternoon.
Tues. April 22, 1902 Dan & John plowed. I fixed the garden fence. Paul & I took Pansy to Bankses.
Wed. April 23, 1902 John & Dan plowed. I fixed at the garden fence. Galiger came here this evening. Stade over night. Paid Galiger $2.25 for table cloth & hankerchiefs.
Thurs. April 24, 1902 Dan & John plowed. I took the wire down from around the straw stack & made some garden.
Fri. April 25, 1902  Rainy. Dan & I made a skid to skid stone on the wagon with.
Sat. April 26, 1902 Rainy. Dan & I chored in the fore noon. Halled one big stone in the afternoon.
Sun. April 27, 1902  Fine. Millards was over. Mrs. Baylor was with them.
Mon. April 28, 1902 Dan & I halled stone all day. Halled six loads.
Tues. April 29, 1902 Rainy in forenoon. Dan & I took 5 head of cattle to the pasture & went on down to Atwood after road scraper. I paid Foster $2.00 for the Record Herald - six months.
Wed. April 30, 1902 Dan & I commenced grading the bank for the barn. Graded all day.