Oliver Wallace Diary
April 1903

Wed. April 1, 1903 I chored all day. Dan plowed. I doctored a horse for F. Correll today.
Thurs. April 2, 1903  Frank & Earl Widmyer helped trim up the Powell orchard. Worked all day.
Fri. April 3, 1903 Rain & Snow. Dan & I went down to the Irvin farm & brought my sheep home. One dead one. F. Correll was over in the forenoon.
Sat. April 4, 1903 I took my Hoffine sow to Atwood. Weighed 390 lb at 7 cts per lb. $27.27. Sold to Elz Cook. Paid E. Smith $11.20 for fencing. Paid F. Widmyer $2.00 for work. Gave Lib Wallace $3.00. Paid D. Blosser $5.00
Sun. April 5, 1903  Dan & the children went to Sunday School. Lib, Mrs. Rarick & the rest of the folks went to Easter service.
Mon. April 6, 1903 Dan, Earl Widmyer & I cleaned up in the Powell orchard all day. We took Miner 2 bu of corn. 
Tues. April 7, 1903 Dan plowed. Earl Widmyer helped me work down to the Irvin Farm 1/2 day. Cut end posts & drug them out.
Wed. April 8, 1903 Dan & I worked down to the Irvin farm putting in posts along the road.
Thurs. April 9, 1903 Dan & I worked down to the Irvin farm getting posts.
Fri. April 10, 1903 Raining. Dan & I finished putting in posts & put up the woven wire & one stran of barb wire. Rained us out. Affa went to Bourbon after Etta.
Sat. April 11, 1903 Dan & I took 14 head of cattle down to the Irvin farm & finished the fence along the road in the fore noon. John took the sheep & lambs down to the Irvin farm.
Sun. April 12, 1903 At home all day. 
Mon. April 13, 1903 Rainy. Dan & I set out apple trees. 
Tues. April 14, 1903 Dan & I set out apple trees. Lib & I went over & papered at Corrells. Lib paid 25 cts for D. Blosser 3 pair of socks. 
Wed. April 15, 1903 Lib & I went over to Corrells & finished papering. I settled up with Correll partly. He paid me for the Rarick corn. $89.55 & 3 dollars, 45 cts over to apply on acct $3.45. 
Thurs. April 16, 1903 Lib & I went to Warsaw. I paid Ezra $3.50 for 10 bu of potatoes. Paid taxes $33.40. Libs taxes $10.00. Paid Ringle $38.00 for 6 chairs & rocking chairs & dresser. Paid the Globe $7.25 for John a suit & Dale overhalls. Gave Lib $5.00. Sold my wheat to Thare (Thayer?) & Co. for 68 cts per bu.  
Fri. April 17, 1903 Dan & John Banks took a load of wheat a piece to Warsaw. I took cow & 2 calves & 1 steer down to the marsh. Took wall paper down to Ida Gokenhours. Paid Dan Blosser $2.00 
Sat. April 18, 1903 Plowed in fore noon. John & Dan plowed & harrowed in the afternoon. I took some end post down to Bill Gokenhours in the evening. 
Sun. April 19, 1903 Went to sunday school & church. Millards came over. Mrs. George Baylor came with them. 
Mon. April 20, 1903 Dan & I took oats over to Corrells & cleaned them. Coleman came out & insured my barn & contents against fire, wind & siclone. Insured my house against siclone & wind. Sold S. Byer 10 hogs at 6.60. Brother Mill & Simons was here. We commenced sowing oats today. 
Tues. April 21, 1903 I went down to the Irvin Farm & built fence on the west side of the truck patch. Dan sowed oats. Lib & Mrs. Baylor came down in the afternoon. 
Wed. April 22, 1903 John & Dan commenced plowing for corn. Lib & I went down to B. Gochenhours & papered. John took us down & came after us in the evening.
Thurs. April 23, 1903 Dan plowed. John & I went down & skidded logs at J. Rosses in the forenoon. I went over to Shans & Bills & I fixed fence.
Fri. April 24, 1903 I went over to Bill Clingers to see his mare. He sent for Maby. Worked about all day to get a colt. It was dead. Dan took a load of wheat to Warsaw.
Sat. April 25, 1903 I took 12 head of hogs to Leesburg. Sold to S. Byrer, weighed 1740 lbs at $6.60. Brought $114.84. Paid 60 cts for coal oil.
Sun. April 26, 1903 At home all day. Paid F. Rink 50 cts Elder money.
Mon. April 27, 1903 I took 66 bu & 50 lb of wheat to Warsaw making 281 bu, 25 lb. Brought $190.12 at 67 & 68 cts per bu. I went over & paid 3 notes off that F. Clinger had against me. One $72.88, one $31.78, another $152.25, total $256.94, int. & prin.
Tues. April 28, 1903 F. Correll put 6 head of cattle in my pasture today. 3 2-year olds & 3 yearlings. I took Rose along down & 2 sheep & 1 lamb making 32 sheep & 20 lambs down there.
Wed. April 29, 1903 I went down to the Irvin farm & cleaned out the ditch from the tile up to the spring. Got my tile shut up & worked all the afternoon to get it open & then didn't get it open. Paid W. P. Banks 60 cts for fish.
Thurs. April 30, 1903 Rainy. I chored in the forenoon. Went ddown & opened up the tile at the Irvin farm.