Oliver Wallace Diary
August 1901

Thurs. Aug. 1, 1901 Kleaned out the fence row & wove 2 or 3 rods of fence down to the Powell place.
Fri. Aug. 2, 1901 Finished weaving fence down at the Powell place today. Prudy Hughs & Sade Wallace & Ant Sophia was over this afternoon.
Sat. Aug. 3, 1901 2 hands & team helped Bankses thrash in the afternoon.
Sun. Aug. 4, 1901  At home all day. The girls was up to Sabbath School.
Mon. Aug. 5, 1901 Helped Banks thrash. 2 hands & 1 team all day.
Tues. Aug. 6, 1901 I thrashed today. 972 bu wheat & 426 bu oats. 120 bu of the wheat is Libs. 3 hands & 1 team from Widmyer all day. Widmyer got 4 bu of oats. Dr for same. $1.28 Paid E. Person for Beef.
Wed. Aug. 7, 1901 I and Widmyer helped J. Harman thrash with 2 teams, one mine & 1 his, all day. We helped H. Brandy thrash his oats after night till 10 oclock. Elisha helped Fred Ringgenberg 1/2 day with team. Helped Hoffine till 12 oclock at night with team.
Thurs. Aug. 8, 1901 Elisha & I helped F. Correll thrash with 2 teams all day.
Fri. Aug. 9, 1901 Elisha & I helped Frank & Charley Meak thrash oats 1/2 day. Elisha & I helped Joseph Meak thrash in the after noon.
Sat. Aug. 10, 1901 Very dry. Elisha & I fixed fence down to the Irvin farm all day. 3 of my stears was in his corn.
Sun. Aug. 11, 1901 Dry & hot. We all went over to Millards. Ant Sophia, Ezra, Em & George Balor & wife, Alice Poland, Della Hahn was there. Ant Sophia came home with us.
Mon. Aug. 12, 1901 Dry & hot. Fixing up the straw stack. I went down to the Irvin farm to see whether my cattle were all right. Came home. John Banks brought the Bailor up & helped bail straw from 3 oclock till night. H. Bowers had my hog rack borrowed today. He sold hogs. Got $6.50 per hund. 
Tues. Aug. 13, 1901 Bailing straw. John Blosser helped till noon. John Banks helped in the afternoon. Bailed 116 bails in all. Had some trouble with the bailer. 
Wed. Aug. 14, 1901 Went down and fixed the pump at Elishas in forenoon. Elisha & I helped S. Dawson thrash in the afternoon.
Thurs. Aug. 15, 1901 We halled in straw all day.
Fri. Aug. 16, 1901 Elisha & I went to the Irvin farm & fixed the fence between Rob & I and between Campbells & I in the forenoon. Elisha began plowing in the afternoon in the south field down to the Powell place. Paid Conrad $1.50 for setting buggy tire. Chapman for groserys 68 cts.
Sat. Aug. 17, 1901 Elisha Miller went to warsaw today. I paid him $4 in cash & 6 bu of wheat. He took 4 sacks of wheat & one of corn for me. I went to Atwood in the afternoon. Got plow points repaired of E. Smith $2.34. E. Person 25 cts for beef. Makinley for overhalls & socks 40 cts.
Sun. Aug. 18, 1901 Rained in the evening. At home till in the evening. Lib & I went down to the Irvin farm to see the cattle. We went over to Shans.
Mon. Aug. 19, 1901 John & I commenced plowing in the ___ field. Mr. R. Ringgenberg was here to see me about getting seed wheat. He wanted 26 bu. Arther Ruff is getting ready to go home. I bought his Knife. Paid him 85 cts.
Tues. Aug. 20, 1901 John plowed 1/2 day. Rainy in forenoon. We all went over to Corrells. They had a surprise on Elsa. My male hog was out with my shoats today. Thought Johns sow was in season. 
Wed. Aug. 21, 1901 I and the children took 24 head of my shoats down to Elishas. I fixed fence down there till noon. I went up to Huffines to see him about getting seed wheat of me. Elisha paid me for one bu of corn that he sold. He had taken it to mill & coudn't get it ground . Got 57 cts for it. Spent 40 cts for muslin for horse covers.
Thurs. Aug. 22, 1901 Mild. Rained in the evening. John took Lib up to Halls to dry corn. Came home & him & I plowed till noon. He plowed in the after noon & I repaired harness.
Fri. Aug. 23, 1901 John & Elisha plowed in the North East field. I chored in the fore noon. Went down to the Irvin farm & picked the pears about 2 1/2 bu.
Sat. Aug. 24, 1901 Lib & I went down to the Irvin farm after pears. John& Elisha plowed.
Sun. Aug. 25, 1901 At home all day. Went to church in evening.
Mon. Aug. 26, 1901 Chored in the fore noon . J. Hall & wife were down after Apples. I went down to the Irvin farm with Corrells to pick Apples for Sider.
Tues. Aug. 27, 1901 Went with Correll to Warsaw to the Sider mill. Made 140 gal. I paid 1.25 for a barrel. I paid .75 for Sithe Sneth (?) I paid .65 for plow points. I paid .95 for wheel for plow.
Wed. Aug. 28, 1901 We made apple butter today. Paul & I went down & brought a sick stear from the marsh. Rob Wallace & wife stopped here a little while.
Thurs. Aug. 29, 1901 Paul & I took 2 maile sheep & 1 wether down to Elishas. Doctored the stear. No better.
Fri. Aug. 30, 1901 Cool. Doctored the stear. No better. Ground my bresh sithe. Mowed some fence corners between Crab & I.
Sat. Aug. 31, 1901 I mowed fence corners between Crabs & me. Finished. The stear is no better.