Oliver Wallace Diary
August 1905

Tues. Aug. 1, 1905 I plowed potatoes, cultivated a patch for turnips in the forenoon. Paul & I put barb wire between the blackberrie patch & the orchard. Affa & Etta went to warsaw. I gave them $1.00. They paid Rutter 15 cts for nails for me.
Wed. Aug. 2, 1905 Paul & I halled some of my lumber from the Rarick woods. I mowed some weeds.
Thurs. Aug. 3, 1905 I made a hog choot to load hogs with.
Fri. Aug. 4, 1905 I laid floor in the oats bin. Paul got 2 pigs of C. Powell today.
Sat. Aug. 5, 1905 I took 12 hogs to Warsaw to Gus Myers at $5.80. Weighed 2400. Brought $136.22. $2.50 off for one that was staggy. Paid wimer for salt $1.10. Paid Rutter for nails $2.75. Lib & I went out to Zeff. Byrers to see a cow.
Sun. Aug. 6, 1905 At home all day.
Mon. Aug. 7, 1905 I helped Renchbergs thrash today, also Hoffers. I thrashed 395 bu of oats today.
Tues. Aug. 8, 1905 I helped Phil Banks & D. Pellett thrash 2/3 of a day. Pellets 1/2 day.
Wed. Aug. 9, 1905 I went down & salted my cattle today.
Thurs. Aug. 10, 1905 Paul & I went down & got marsh hay to put on the oats straw stack.
Fri. Aug. 11, 1905 I helped Harmon & H. Pellett thrash.
Sat. Aug. 12, 1905 F. Correll & I went to warsaw. I paid J. Grabner $1.30 for plow points.
Sun. Aug. 13, 1905 We went to Sunday School. Went to G. Bittikoffers for dinner.
Mon. Aug. 14, 1905 F. Correll, J. Harmon & I went down to R. Wallaces woods hunting. I got 1 fox squirl & 2 pinies. Paid Whetstone 45 cts for shells.
Tues. Aug. 15, 1905 John & I commenced plowing down to the Powell place in the fore noon. I made a 3 horse doubletree in the afternoon. William Klinger paid me $13.00 for a broodsow I sold him in the spring.
Wed. Aug. 16, 1905 I chored
Thurs. Aug. 17, 1905 I mowed weeds at Byrers 
Fri. Aug. 18, 1905 I went down and picked pears.
Sat. Aug. 19, 1905 Rainy. Paul & I tood the cow that I bought of G. Easterly to Atwood. I sold her to Kooks & Griff for $35.00. John took a load of wheat to warsaw. His & moms. He got 78 cts for it.
Sun. Aug. 20, 1905 I went out to Will Byrers to see his horse.
Mon. Aug. 21, 1905 I mowed weeds in the forenoon & went out to see Will Byrers horse in the afternoon.
Tues. Aug. 22, 1905 I mowed weeds in the fore noon. I went dow to the machine shed & fixed the huller 1/2 day. $.50
Wed. Aug. 23, 1905  I helped thrash clover seed down to Ansa Borkets. Iday $1.00.
Thurs. Aug. 24, 1905 Sent $1.00 to Ladies supply co. I got 49 bu & 50 lb of corn of Mrs. Irvin. Piad 56 cts per bu for it. $27.80.
Fri. Aug. 25, 1905 We all went to the Bailor & Senour Reunion at Ezra Wallaces. Paid out 15 cts to the collection. Ella Shed & Sade Bailor came home with us.
Sat. Aug. 26, 1905 I took Sade Bailor & Ella Shed down to Shans in the fore noon then by Johns & Millards to warsaw in the afternoon. Paid the Globe 35 cts for Dale overhalls.
Sun. Aug. 27, 1905 At home all day. 
Mon. Aug. 28, 1905 I went down to see my cattle then I helped fix the huller over to Kintzels 1/4 day. I took the buck sheap away from my old ewes. 
Tues. Aug. 29, 1905 I fixed the pump in the forenoon. Went down to Shans in the afternoon. I bought a cow of Alice for $35.00 Paid her $30.00. Owe her $5.00 yet.
Wed. Aug. 30, 1905 I fixed the pump in the fore noon. Set posts up the lane in the afternoon. Today was the last day that they had old Charley with the machine.
Thurs. Aug. 31, 1905 I set posts up the lane. Will Gochenhour helped me today. Ant Sophy Senour, Sade & Liza Wallace was here.