Oliver Wallace Diary
August 1906

Wed. Aug. 1, 1906 I thrashed today. Commenced in the morning & finished up about 6 oclock. 2 hands & team from C. Powells. 2 hands & team from J. Mcleary. 2 hands & team from F. Corrells. 2 hands & team from J. Harmon. 1 hand & team from F. Harmon. 1 hand & team from P. Banks. 1 hand & team from H. Bowers. 2 hands & team from Hoffers. 1 hand & team from H. Beck. 2 hands & team from H. Pellett. Paid E. Person $1.50 for beef.
Thurs. Aug. 2, 1906 John & I helped P. Banks finish thrashing this morning about 2 hours, then helped D. Pellett til 4 oclock. Then we helped John Harmon the rest of the day. Affa & Edna Warfle went to Napinee to the convention. Gave her $1.50. Gave John 50 cts.
Fri. Aug. 3, 1906 John & I helped J. Harmon thrash till 10 oclock, then went to H. Pellets & helped them till 4 oclock. We came home & H. Bowers & I went up to the church to see what they done about the windows. J. K. Anglin gave me $5.00 that he signed on C. Rosses paper.
Sat. Aug. 4, 1906 I went to Clunette in the fore noon. 
Sun. Aug. 5, 1906 Went to church & sunday school. Signed $5.00 to misheons. I gave C. Ross the J. K. Anglin money $5.00 
Mon. Aug. 6, 1906 I went up & worked on the church. Worked all day. Lib, Mary & Dale went to warsaw. Gave Lib $4.00. 
Tues. Aug. 7, 1906 I chored.
Wed. Aug. 8, 1906 I worked on the church in the afternoon. Chored in the forenoon.
Thurs. Aug. 9, 1906 John & I helped C. Powell thrash oats in the afternoon.
Fri. Aug. 10, 1906 John commenced plowing in the oats field.
Sat. Aug. 11, 1906 John & I helped H. Bowers & Hoffer Bro. thrash in the afternoon.
Sun. Aug. 12, 1906 Went up to the Methodist church to sunday school & church.
Mon, Aug. 13, 1906 John & I helped Hoffer Bro. thrash till 10 oclock. Then we commenced to plow in the north field.
Tues. Aug. 14, 1906 I helped thrash weat & oats at H. Becks till 10 oclock. John & I helped F. Harmon thrash oats with team from 11 oclock till 3 oclock. John & I helped David Pellett thrash the ballance of the day.
Wed. Aug. 15, 1906 I went up & worked on the church. Henry Bowers & I tore out & changed the opening from 13 foot to 16 foot.
Thurs. Aug. 16, 1906  I went up to Clunette & worked on the church. Lathed & put up the bell. I took 2 32 foot poles up to put the bell up with.
Fri. Aug. 17, 1906 At home & cut Pauls & Dales hair & chored. John & Affa went to the show. I gave John $2 & Affa 50 cts. I went down and picked the pears at the Irvin farm. 2 bu & gave Shans 1/2 bu. Left some on the tree for Bills.
Sat. Aug. 18, 1906 I patched the roof on the grange hall & went to Clunette in the afternoon. Took some trade up.
Sun. Aug. 19, 1906 We went down to Shans. Bill Cores & Ant Sophy was up there to. Bill had his Graffifone with him.
Mon. Aug. 20, 1906 I chored in the forenoon. Churned & Lib & I went to warsaw in the afternoon. Lib got her teeth pulled. 9 all she had. Paid Gerard Restrant 15 cts for lunch.  
Tues. Aug. 21, 1906 J. C. Wolf was here to see about school. I paid him $3.25 phone rent & tole. 
Wed. Aug. 22, 1906 Lib, Paul, Mary & Dale went to the park today.
Thurs. Aug. 23, 1906 Paul & I built a fence around the potato & cabbage patch east of the barn.
Fri. Aug. 24, 1906 Paul & I dug post holes along the corn field. Paul halled water & put in them so they would dig easier.
Sat. Aug. 25, 1906 Paul & I finished the fence along the corn field. We just stretched 2 barb wires along betwen the meadow & corn.
Sun. Aug. 26, 1906  Went to sunday school & church. Dan Blosser came out & G. Miners came up & him & I went up with Dan.
Mon. Aug. 27, 1906 I pulled weeds in the forenoon. I went up to Clunette & helped get plastering gravle in the afternoon.
Tues. Aug. 28, 1906 I pulled weeds in the fore noon. Went over where they were thrashing on the Kintzel place to see Fred Rink. The above was yesterday. 
Wed. Aug. 29, 1906 Lib, Affa & I went to Plimoth to Pete Dishers to the Bailor Reunion. Paid $3.00 car fare. Paid .50 to Affa. Paid .25 to the collection. The above was yesterday. 
Thurs. Aug. 30, 1906 Sold Elz Cook 1 old Blk weighed 180 lb at 3 cts $5.40. One old ewe 140 lb at 4 cts $5.60. 8 Bk lambs 590 lb at 6 1/4 cts $36.87. 3 hogs 596 lb at 6 cts $35.40. Total $83.27. The above was yesterday. I started Paul to plow in the afternoon. John helped C. Powell thrash clover yesterday. the above was yesterday. Lib & I went to quarterly meeting at Clunette. Paid Rev. Fink $5.73. Received of Rev. Fink the ballance on note. $10.00
Fri. Aug. 31, 1906 I went down to P. Banks & got 7 head of hogs. I bought of him yesterday. Paid him $27.90. 6 weighed 340 lb at 6 cts. 1 weighed 150 lb at 5 cts.