Oliver Wallace Diary
August 1908

Sat. Aug. 1, 1908 John & I helped F. Correll thrash in the forenoon. Paul Affa & I went to warsaw in the afternoon. 
Sun. Aug. 2, 1908 We went to S. School. Went to church at night. 
Mon. Aug. 3, 1908 John & I helped C. Powell & F. Harmon thrash oats.
Tues. Aug. 4, 1908 John & I helped S. Dawson & John Harman thrash oats.
Wed. Aug. 5, 1908 I took 24 hogs to Atwood today. Walter took a load for me. Got 6.35 for 23 and 5 cts for one sow. The sow & 7 shoats was Libs & Johns. The sow weighed 310 at 5 cts, 15.50. 7 shoats weighed ___? My 16 weighed 2608 at $6.35 brought $165.60. Sold to E. Cook.
Thurs. Aug. 6, 1908 I chored. 
Fri. Aug. 7, 1908 I chored.
Sat. Aug. 8, 1908 Mowed fence corners.
Sun. Aug. 9, 1908 Went to S. School. Paid G. W. Bittikoffer $5.50 Preacher & Elder money. 
Mon. Aug. 10, 1908 I chored in the forenoon. I went to warsaw with C. Powell in the afternoon. Got 1 & 1/2 bl of cement at $1.50 per bl. To return the bags. Pd Rutters 75 cts for linseed oil & nails.
Tues. Aug. 11, 1908 Oscar, John & I went to the Irvin farm & split post & halled them down in the march. Oscar helped all day.
Wed. Aug. 12, 1908 Oscar, John & I built fence down to the Irvin farm. Oscar worked all day.
Thurs. Aug. 13, 1908 Oscar, John & I built fence down to the Irvin farm all day.
Fri. Aug. 14, 1908  Oscar & I went to the Irvin farm & finished the fence between E. Campbell & me.
Sat. Aug. 15, 1908 Dale, Walter Tennant & I took a cow & calf of his & a cow & calf for me to Atwood & sold them to E. Cook. Received $38 for mine. Paid Oscar Wallace $2.00 for work.
Sun. Aug. 16, 1908 Very hot. I was at home all day. Lib & the children went to quarterly meeting at Stony Point. We went to Clunette to church.
Mon. Aug. 17, 1908  I took 56 bu of Johns & Libs oats over to Warsaw today. Sold them to F. Correll at 45 cts per bu. I bought a pair of work bridles & 2 collor pads of S. Ettinger. Pd. $6.50. Phillipsons for over halls $1.00 and Mel Wilcox for Lime 70 cts.
Tues. Aug. 18, 1908 Paul & I halled 1/2 load of gravle & slacked the lime in the fore noon. 
Wed. Aug. 19, 1908 I pointed up some stone wall.
Thurs. Aug. 20, 1908 We all went over to M. F. Wallaces to the Baylor Reunion. Gave John $1.00
Fri. Aug. 21, 1908 I cemented some of the stone wall today.
Sat. Aug. 22, 1908 I cemented stone wall the North East wing wall.
Sun. Aug. 23, 1908 Was at home all day.
Mon. Aug. 24, 1908 Pointed up stone wall & cemented the South East wing wall.
Tues. Aug. 25, 1908 I chored. I paid H. Bowers $30.00 of the thrasher money. I had borrowed of him. Owe him $5.00 yet.
Wed. Aug. 26, 1908 John helped C. Powell thrash clover seed. I burnt the grass along the road.
Thurs. Aug. 27, 1908 Oscar & Hazle were here today.
Fri. Aug. 28, 1908  Rob Wallace & wife and Marshall was here today.
Sat. Aug. 29, 1908 Affa & I went to warsaw. Paid Richardson & Co. $2.50 for Mary shoes. Let Affa have $22.00 to pay for her watch. I bargained for C. Klingers weather Lambs today. To give him 5 cts per lb for them to take them next week.
Sun. Aug. 30, 1908 Went to S. School. Went to church at night. Paid Rev. Richhart mishanary money $5.00
Sun. Aug. 31, 1908 I went down to Rob Irvins to see if I culd borrow his cover seed buntcher. Went to J. Harmons & got it. Afa started to North Dacota today. I loaned her $47 with what I let her have to get her watch with.