Oliver Wallace Diary
August 1909

Sun. Aug. 1, 1909 Went to church & Sunday School. C. Klingers came up in the afternoon.
Mon. Aug. 2, 1909 Lib & I went down to B. Gokenhours & salted my cattle. Dale & I brought my sheap from C. Klingers pasture. The boys helped W. Hoffine thrash. We all helped Walter Tennant thrash.
Tues. Aug. 3, 1909 Helped Walter Tennant thrash. till noon then we helped C. Powell thrash in the afternoon. They thrashed 907 bu. Ezra paid me $4.75 for helping.
Wed. Aug. 4, 1909 (no entry) 
Thurs. Aug. 5, 1909 The machine pulled down to B. Gokenhours & thrashed 169 bu of wheat, 85 bu mine. Took 68 bu & 10 lb at $1.00 bu to Atwood. F. Harmon pad me $1.00 for 1 calf.
Fri. Aug.6, 1909 We thrashed 845 bu of oats, 430 mine & 415 Johns. Got done about 3 oclock. We cleaned out the grange hall the rest of the day. 
Sat. Aug. 7, 1909 I went to Warsaw. Pd Bradway 90 cts. Pd union (newspaper) office 15 cts. Pd. Gerard 15 cts. Pd. Wm Conrad & son $3.60 for setting tires on buggy & shoeing Johns mare all round. Atwood Elivator Co. for $68.15. 68 bu & 10 lb of wheat.
Sun. Aug. 8, 1909 At home. Went over to W. Tennants in the evening. 
Mon. Aug. 9, 1909 I fixed tables in the Grange hall for the reunion.
Tues. Aug. 10, 1909 Went to warsaw after the folks. Paid M. M. Syphers $4.00 for ice cream for the Reunion.
Wed. Aug. 11, 1909 I took Frank Hoffman & family to Warsaw. Paid Netters Son $1.00 for buggy rench.
Thurs. Aug. 12, 1909 I sent Paul over to warsaw with a load of corn 54 bu & 53 lbs at 75 cts per bu. $40.95. I paid G. Poke $3.50 for livery. I went over with C. Ross to the Park to hear W. Brion (Wm. Jennings Bryan) lecture. Pd 35 cts to Park. Pd Gerard 20 cts.  
Fri. Aug. 13, 1909 John took 58 bu & 21 lb of corn to warsaw to F. Correll at 76cts $44.30. I went down to the marsh and salted my cattle. Gave Paul $1.00 
Sat. Aug. 14, 1909 Rain. Chored. Rained all the forenoon.
Sun. Aug. 15, 1909 J. Hughs brought George Bailor & wife over this morning. Them and us went down to Gokenhours.
Mon. Aug. 16, 1909 I helped George Bailor fix his automobile. We pumped up one of the tires & it bersted. They started away after dinner.
Tues. Aug. 17, 1909  I mowed the road south from the house in the forenoon. Gave Etta $10.00 to get Mary dresses & so forth. Loaned Affa $7.50
Wed. Aug. 18, 1909 I sold J. D. Harmon a yearling bull for $35.00
Thurs. Aug. 19, 1909 Dale & I went down to the marsh & mowed the thistles. Went from there to Banks to see him about ditching. Did not see him. 
Fri. Aug. 20, 1909 Mowed fence corners in the fore noon. Walter Tennant paid me for 22 bu. 54 lb of corn he got of me $17.10.
Sat. Aug. 21, 1909  Hope, Etta & I went to Warsaw. I bught a wagon & a corn planter of M. Eddler. Paid him $50.00 down. Owe him $4.00 on them yet. He is to bring the wagon up the middle of next week. Paid Grabner $1.80. Paid Hessle $12.00
Sun. Aug. 22, 1909 At home all day.
Mon. Aug. 23, 1909 I went up to see C. Renchbergs shoats. Dident buy them.
Tues. Aug. 24, 1909 I went to Atwood & got an axle for the plow & 1 box of shells & some open rings. $2.40 to H. Smith.
Wed. Aug. 25, 1909 I went over to see Walter Hoffines shoats. John & I mowed with the mower the roads. Paid G. W. Bittikoffer $4.50
Thurs. Aug. 26, 1909 Dale & I took Rose over to F. Corrells. He paid me for 100 bu corn at 77 cts $77.00. Bill Banks & wife came out. Was here all day. Kring & Ezra took their cattle out of my pasture today.
Fri. Aug. 27, 1909  Rain. Dale & I took Cristal to F. Corrells then I went up to the Plland place & got the corn planter. I bought of Marion Edler. I went over to W. Hoffines to help him bring the shoats over. Dident get them. 
Sat. Aug. 28, 1909 Marion Eddler brought the wagon up this morning. Paid him $4.00 th ballance on the wagon & planter. Paid W. Hoffine $61.91 for hogs 9 head. I went with C. Powell south west of Etna to see some sheap. 
Sun. Aug. 29, 1909 Went to S. School & church.
Mon. Aug. 30, 1909 I went out to Will Anglins. He was not at home. Came around by G. Hoffines to see a cow. Dident buy her.
Tues. Aug. 31, 1909 I took Etta to Atwood. She started to N. Dacota today. I took Affa to Warsaw. She starts to N. Dacota tomorrow. Gave Etta $39.50. Gave Affa $40.00. I bought 3 shoats of D. C. Poling. Pd him $1.00. $24 back yet.