Oliver Wallace Diary
December 1901

Sun. Dec. 1, 1901 At home all day.
Mon. Dec. 2, 1901 Correll & I was buzzing wood today. 2 hands from Becrafts. Elisha helped me. I furnished 4 hands today. John took Etta to warsaw today. Whe went to Bourbon. I gave her $10.00
Tues. Dec. 3, 1901 Buzzing wood. Homer & Walter Becraft & Elisha helped me.
Wed. Dec. 4, 1901 Homer & Walter Becraft & Elisha helped buzz wood till noon. We got done. I paid Becrafts $5.00 per day. I went to Warsaw in the afternoon. Paid Chapman 10 cts for coal oil. I paid J. McCleary $2.25 to fight the caning factory trile.
Thurs. Dec. 5, 1901  Lib & I went out to Frank Pinkertons I paid him for the two stears I bought of him. $50.05. Paid him $3.25 per hundred weighed 1540 the two.
Fri. Dec. 6, 1901  Nice. I & Lib helped Bankses butcher 3 hogs. John Banks had his Red Sow here.
Sat. Dec. 7, 1901 Cloudy & Rain. I went to warsaw & settled up teh Marion business. I received $779.50 dollars for my interest in the farm. We got $2500 minice the commishion & other expenses. Received $63.00 cash & note for $25.00. John Banks let the calf I bought of him for $12.00 go on the horse I sold to Wash Banks. The note was given by W. P. Banks. 
Sun. Dec. 8, 1901 Drizling rain. At home all day.
Mon. Dec. 9, 1901 Cloudy. I fixed at the cow stable today. I cut Dales hair at noon. Walter Hoffine paid me eighteen dollars on wheat that his father got for seed. Mrs. Fred Clinger was over today. Correll brought my buggy home.
Tues. Dec. 10, 1901 Cloudy, snowed little. I helped H. Bowers buzz wood 3/4 day. Lib & I was at Henry's (Bowers) for dinner. Cook was there. We went over to see my cattle.
Wed. Dec. 11, 1901 I helped H. Bowers butcher till about 10 oclock then I fixed at the cow stable.
Thurs. Dec. 12, 1901 I took 18 lambs to Atwood. 17 weighed 1480 at $4.25 $62.90. 1 bh 100 lb, $3.25. Brought $3.75. Total $66.65. weigh bill .36 cts. Total $66.29. I drove them down & rode back with Shan. I brought John & Etta's lambs home, 2 of them. I have bin on the sick list today.
Fri. Dec. 13, 1901  Rained all day. I sold Correll 24 3/4 cords of wood at one dollar per cord to pay for it as he halls it.
Sat. Dec. 14, 1901 Snowing a little & cold. Halled in 7 shocks of corn & brought my cattle from the Irvin farm in the fore noon. Made a gate & fixed another in afternoon. Changed my fattening cattle from the straw stack in to the barn lot.
Sun. Dec. 15, 1901 10 below zero. winter. At home all day. 
Mon. Dec. 16, 1901  Rizing temp. Zero this morning. I done my chores & went over to F. Clingers to pay my note. Couldent pay it. Check was too large. He dident have the money to pay the differance. I halled up corn in the afternoon. 7 shocks. Brosha Bowers was up in the afternoon. Sent Etta $10.00 today.
Tues. Dec. 17, 1901 8 below zero. Affa & I went to Warsaw. I paid 3 notes off. One $110, one $100, one $75.00 to Mrs. Priscilla Rarick. Interest $29.63. Total $307.63. Paid Hafer & Richardson $5.50 for boots for Paul & John, Affa & Mary overs (overalls?). Paid Phillipson $1.25 for me over halls & under drawers. Paid Chapman for groseries 75 cts.
Wed. Dec. 18, 1901 Zero. I done my chores & went down to Mrs. Irvins & paid her $212.23 the last note I gave her on the farm I bought of her. I am Dr to F. Clinger $17.00 pd. Paid F. Clinger $500.25, the Note I gave him when we got the Marrion farm. I halled a load of fodder from the Powell place. J. Harman had 2 sows here.
Thurs. Dec. 19, 1901 Zero. I done my chores in the fore noon. Halled 4 shocks of corn up after dinner. Sent Pauls boots back with Correll. He dident get the right kind.
Fri. Dec. 20, 1901 Zero. Went to Atwood after Etta. She came home from Bourbon School.
Sat. Dec. 21, 1901 Wind from South. 3 above. Done the chores in the fore noon. In the afternoon, the boys & I halled 10 shocks corn & went down to the Powell place & brought 11 sacks of oats up.
Sun. Dec. 22, 1901 Mild. Thawed a little. The girls & boys went to sunday school Walter Koontz & Charley Shell came home with John. They went up to practice for Christmas in the afternoon. 
Mon. Dec. 23, 1901  Thawing. Etta & I went to Warsaw. Took Widaman & Frazer turkeys. Took Frazer 65 cts worth of apples. Paid 10 cts for Fill Ratkers (?) at Grabners. 15 cts for oil.
Tues. Dec. 24, 1901 Mild. The boys & I halled fodder in the fore noon. 16 shock. John Harman was up after his sows. He paid me 50 cts for one he had here last spring. Douglas had a sow here. We went up to the Christmas tree at Clunette. Raining this evening.
Wed. Dec. 25, 1901 Warm. I chored & fixed the corncrib door today. Mrs. Correll was over in the afternoon. 
Thurs. Dec. 26, 1901 Mild. I borrowed Henry Bowers gun & the boys & I went hunting. Got 1 rabbit & one squirrel.
Fri. Dec. 27, 1901 Mild. The boys & I halled 2 loads of wood from Henrys woods. Gave Etta one dollar. 
Sat. Dec. 28, 1901 J. Hoffine had a sow here. J. Hoffine paid me $2.00 on seed wheat. Weighed my stears. Blk Stear weighed 1200, 3 next best 3040, 3 poorest 2800, 1 poor Pinkerton Stear 990. Total 8030. Average 1004.
Sun. Dec. 29, 1901 Etta, Affa, John & Paul went to church. 
Mon. Dec. 30, 1901 I took Etta to Atwood this morning. She went to Bourbon. I came home & took Will Frazer & Hatta Frazer a turkey a piece the two weighed 17 lb. $2.12. Paid the Enterprize $1.50 for coblers outfit & 12 half soles. Paid Almans $1.00 for groserys.
Tues. Dec. 31, 1901 Fine. Graff & Nellans was up & I sold them my cattle. 4 of the best at 4 cts, 4 of the poorest at 3.50 to take them Jan. 4, 1902. Paid F. Clinger $17.00 the ballance I owed him on note. Sent it by his wife. I fixed John and Pauls bed.