Oliver Wallace Diary
December 1902

Mon. Dec. 1, 1902 Chored in the fore noon. Took Etta to Atwood in the afternoon. Gave her $3.00. Stopped on the way home to see RobIrvins chickens.
Tues. Dec. 2, 1902 Rainy in the afternoon. I went down to Rob Irvins & got 34 chickens. Weighed 101 1/2 lbs. Came home and halled a load of corn out to my hogs. Lib & I went down to Miners & caught the old chickens & let the ones go I got of Irvin out.
Wed. Dec. 3, 1902 I took the old chickens down to Rob Irvins. 29 weighed 146 1/2 lb at 7 1/2 cts. Gave him 8 cts for 191 1/2 lbs of young ones. 34 head. Gave him $1.00 for 2 roosters. Ballance due me $1.79. pd. Weighed J. Miners chickens. Bought his share, 32 lb owe him $2.56.
Thurs. Dec. 4, 1902 I helped Bankses butcher 1 big hog all day. Dan took 42 bu & 25 lb of wheat to Foke & Co. Got 70 cts per bu. $29.70. Paid them for 500 lb middlings $4.00. Balance $25.70. Dan paid 75 cts for Eskas Tool.
Fri. Dec. 5, 1902 Dan halled corn out to the hogs & a load in the barn. I went up to see Harman about shredding fodder for me. Dident get them. Guy Myers followed me up there to buy my hogs. Came home with me for dinner & bought them to give me $6.00 per hundred. 
Sat. Dec. 6, 1902 Took my hogs to warsaw today. 27 head weighed 6530 lb at 6 cts $391.80 weigh bill 50 cts Bal. $391.30. Paid note at State Bank $200.00. Paid Richardson & Hafer $6.50 for me a pair of boots & Affa a pair of shoes. Paid 90 cts for putting up horse & 4 meals. Put the horses up at Hessles & got dinner at Koontzes. Paid Phillipson $2.50 for coat for me. Paid J. Miner $2.56 for chickens. Paid Heavy Smith $13.00 for John boots. Settled with D. Blosser $49.35 the 6th up to the 30th of Nov, 1902.
Sun. Dec. 7, 1902 Dan commenced work the 4th of Dec at $10 per month. At home all day. Trella & George was up. Paid J. Cummings $16.50 for 27 1/2 cords of wood., the 6th of Dec, 1902.
Mon. Dec. 8, 1902 Dan & I went down to the Irvin farm & brought the cattle home. Sent Etta $10.00. Dan cleaned out the stables in the afternoon. Gave Dan Blosser my note for 6 months at 6%.
Tues. Dec. 9, 1902 Dan & I fixed the pump at the barn in the fore noon. Went over to F. Corrells & got 4 hogs I bought of him. Weighed 580 at 6 cts $34.80. 
Wed. Dec. 10, 1902 Raining. Dan & I made a bottom to a wood rack today. Correll was over.
Thurs. Dec. 11, 1902 I went to Clunette to the black smith shop. Paid F. Clinger $138. 99 note given June 13, 1902. Principal $35.00 Interest $3.99. Made cow stables in the afternoon.
Fri. Dec. 12, 1902 Snowed. Dan & I made cow stalls & horse stalls today. Finished the horse stalls today. Rose Pinkerton was over today.
Sat. Dec. 13, 1902 I went down to Bankses & borrowed his fodder cutter. John went with Banks to warsaw. Dan & I cut fodder. Paid Dan Blosser $5.00 on winter work. He works for $10. per month.
Sun. Dec. 14, 1902 Dan & the children went to sunday school with H. Bowers. 
Mon. Dec. 15, 1902 Dan & I put Pansey Red in the barn. Shan Dawson & Lib Clinger was here.
Tues. Dec. 16, 1902 Rainy. Dan & I halled a load of straw in the barn & cut fodder.
Wed. Dec. 17, 1902 Dan & I halled 3 loads of fodder in the barn till 2 oclock & I went to Atwood to see about selling beef. Dident sell any. Paid Mc Makinley 75 cts for sugar & soap.
Thurs. Dec. 18, 1902 Butchered Pansy today. Sold F. Correll one hind quarter for 5 cts per lb weighed 100 lb. Came to $5.00. Sold F. Widmyer one hind & one front quarter. The hind weighed 100 lb & the front 108 came to $9.32. Dr for the same. He is to pay 1/2 this week & the balance next week. Bought a lamb of J. Meek for $2.00.
Fri. Dec. 19, 1902 Dan & I took the beef hide & tallow over to Frank Funks. Got 7 cts for hide & 5 cts for tallow. Total $5.99. We went from there down to the Irvin farm after a load of wood for Ezra Wallace 1 cord & 3 quarters at $2.00 per cord. $3.50. Paid W. Conrad for shoeing 2 horses. $2.40.
Sat. Dec. 20, 1902 Rainy. Dan & I cut fodder. Lib & Brosha went to warsaw. F. Correll halled 3 loads of Mrs. Rarick corn over today. I bought her corn. Am to pay her the first of February prices. I sold F. Correll the ballance of the wolf logs for $52.50. Dr for the same. Sent J. Cummings 20 1/2 lb of beef at 4 cts , 82 cts.
Sun. Dec. 21, 1902 Drizzled. I stade at home & took care of the baby, the rest of them went to Sunday school.
Mon. Dec. 22, 1902 Dan & I halled in a part of a load of oats straw in the fore noon. John Miner got 2 bu of corn for the chickens. I helped dress 9 turkeys in the afternoon. Frank Widmyer sent me $5.00 on the beef I sold him. F. Correll finished halling the Rarick corn. 428 bu & 44 lb total. I got 235 bu 10 lb. He got 193 bu & 34 lb.
Tues. Dec. 23, 1902 Dan took a load of wood up to the church. I went over & helped C. Powell kill a beef. He paid me $3.25 for helping shred fodder & butcher the beef. I gave Paul 50 cts.
Wed. Dec. 24, 1902 Dan & I took the cattle down to Miners I went to Atwood after Etta came home from Bourbon. Paid E. Smith 28 cts for lantern globe, funnel & file.
Thurs. Dec. 25, 1902 Chrsitmas. Dan & I cut fodder in the fore noon. Paid J. Cummings Cash $18.98. One month rent 2.00, 20 1/2 lb of beef .82 cts. Total $21.75. He got He got Maud & the buggy to go to Warsaw. J. Cummings settled his rent up to Dec. the 18, 1902.
Fri. Dec. 26, 1902 Dan & I cut fodder & chored. J. Cummings got back today. He paid me back $1.00 that I over paid him. John, Paul & F. Correll went dow to the Powell place rabbit hunting.
Sat. Dec. 27, 1902  Dan & I went down to the Irvin farm & cut logs till noon there. Had dinner with J. Cummings. He halled wood with my team. Dan & I went over to the Wolf woods & cut logs in afternoon.
Sun. Dec. 28, 1902 Dan hitched my team to Henrys bobs (bobsled) & them & John, Paul & the girls went to Sunday School & church.
Mon. Dec. 29, 1902 Dan cleaned out the stables & halled a load of corn in the barn. Him & I went down to the Wolf woods & cut logs. Mrs. Widmyer paid me $2.50 cts on the beef back yet $1.82. 
Tues. Dec. 30, 1902 Dan went over to Bill Clingers after my old boat we fixted it up in the fore noon. Cut logs in the afternoon down to the Wolfs woods. Pd. the Glob $5.00, Allmans 60 cts & Doctor Morde 25 cts. Dan & I went over to Corrells in the evening. 
Wed. Dec. 31, 1902 I went down & helped Bankses butcher a beef and one hog 2/3 of a day. Came home & halled in a load of fodder.