Oliver Wallace Diary
December 1903

Tues. Dec. 1, 1903 Took 10 head of hogs to Leesburg to Bortz & Byrer. Weighed 2250 lb at $4.00 per hundred. Brought $90.00. Lib & I went to Warsaw in the afternoon. Paid Hafer & Richardson $4.50 Paid the Globe $1.10 for John underwear & 10 cts for me mittens.
Wed. Dec. 2, 1903 F. Clinger & I went rabbit hunting. Caught seven. I took my cattle up to the stalk field in the afternoon. I watched them out of the shocks. (?)
Thurs. Dec. 3, 1903  I cleaned out the stables & chored all day.
Fri. Dec. 4, 1903 I went to the IRvin farm & got 2 cords of wood & took it to warsaw to John Tomis. Dr. for the same. Paid Hafer & Richardson 50 cts for Hope shoes.
Sat. Dec. 5, 1903  I went over to warsaw after the preacher. Paid Grabner 25 cts for rope. Took the preacher to Clunette at night. Paid a note off at the State Bank $100.00.
Sun. Dec. 6, 1903 At home all day. C. Ross & wife & Bessa Byrer were here.
Mon. Dec. 7, 1903  Took the preacher to warsaw today.
Tues. Dec. 8, 1903 I took John Tomis 2 cords of wood. His wife settled with me for 8 cords $16.00. Paid J. Grabner $1.85 for pitcher pump & pkt of rivets. 
Wed. Dec. 9, 1903 I went to Atwood & sold my wheat at 82 1/2 cts per bu. Lib went down to Shans.
Thurs. Dec. 10, 1903 I took 105 bu of wheat to Atwood today -one load.
Fri. Dec. 11, 1903 I halled 124 bu & 15 lb wheat to Atwood -2 loads. G. Miner paid me his preacher money.
Sat. Dec. 12, 1903  Rain. I made a partition in the sheap shed at the old barn.
Sun. Dec. 13, 1903 At home all day.
Mon. Dec. 14, 1903 Took a load of wheat to Atwood. Fred Clinger went along down.
Tues. Dec. 15, 1903 Took the last load of wheat to Atwood. Total halled 368 bu. at 82 1/2 cts $299.88. I pad Els Kook $12.00 that I owed him for sheap bought of him Oct. 9th 1903.
Wed. Dec. 16, 1903  I helped Bankses butcher a big hog. Henry Bowers & Fred Rink was here in the evening. Paid Fred 50 cts for moving expenses for Rev. Hibbs.
Thurs Dec. 17, 1903  I fixed the pump at the old barn in the fore noon. F. Clinger & I went rabbit hunting in the afternoon. Caught 7.
Fri. Dec. 18, 1903 I went up in the east woods & got a little wood. Found a dead sheap. Rev. Hibbs sent $1.00 to me by Etta & Affa. Lib & I went around by John Koontz to see about turkeys. They wasent at home. We came back by the Irvin farm & got a load of wood.
Sat. Dec. 19, 1903 Will Gochenhour was up. We settled up. He owed me for pasture.
Sun. Dec. 20, 1903 At home all day. Verry icy. 
Mon. Dec. 21, 1903  We went to warsaw. Drawed $266.67 for wheat & check G. Pellett gave me $11.21. Paid the Globe $1.25 for 3 pair over halls. Paid for candy 30 cts . Paid for lamp fixtures 50 cts at Fords. Paid Joda Sparks for cutting hair 25 cts. J. Meek paid me 50 cts. That was back on wood he had bought of me.
Tues. Dec. 22, 1903 I took 3 turkeys to Atwood for Lib. She had them expressed to Lesh & Matthews Chicago. I gave Etta & Affa $5.00 yesterday. They got Christmas Presents with it. I paid Dan Blosser yesterday $73.32.
Wed. Dec. 23, 1903 Lib, Etta & I went to Warsaw. Lib took 6 turkeys over. I paid the Globe for me underware $1.00. Paid E. Helsell $5.00. Cost for fighting the Caning Factory. Paid J. Watson for (?) 5 cts. Lib got a new table & rocking chair. 
Thurs. Dec. 24, 1903 I skind two dead sheep & hung the hams & sholders around for the chickens. Paid W. Gochenhour $39.35 ballance I owed him on note & $14.70 on corn I bought of him. I am Dr. to him on the corn yet $10.50.
Fri. Dec. 25, 1903 Rain. Fixed my pump at the new barn so it would run down. It dont pump right yet.
Sat. Dec. 26, 1903 F. Clinger & I went rabbit hunting. Caught six. I went down by Bankses Pond & got 1/2 cord of wood.
Sun. Dec. 27, 1903 At home all day. Very Icy.
Mon. Dec. 28, 1903 I went down & helped H. Pellett butcher. Paid me one dollar. Sold Gus Myers 14 hogs at $4.25 per hundred.
Tues. Dec. 29, 1903 Chored in the forenoon. Went to warsaw in the afternoon & got Topsy & Ned shod in front. Paid W. Conrad 90 cts. Paid Hafer & Richardson 85 cts for Dale over shoes.
Wed. Dec. 30, 1903 I took my hots to warsaw 14 head weighed 2620 at $4.25. Brought $110.50. Paid Hafer & Richardson $2.75. $2.for me overs & 75 cts for fixing Affas shoes. Paid Ford $3.00 for sink.
Thurs. Dec. 31, 1903 Fred Clinger & I went rabbit hunting in the fore noon a while. I went over to Sipe Rosses & paid a note off Pr. $200, Int. $14.26 total. $214.26.