Oliver Wallace Diary
December 1906

Sat. Dec. 1, 1906 I took the calf hide over to F. Funk. He had went away. I left it there. I went to warsaw. I settled for the balance of the corn I got of Mrs. Summers. Paid her $28.73. 35 cts per bu. 224 bu & 62 lb all together I had settled for part of it before. Paid the Globe for me 2 shirts & pair of gloves $3.60.
Sun. Dec. 2, 1906 At home all day.
Mon. Dec. 3, 1906 I went with F. Correll down in Bankses woods. He scaled some logs that John Ross cut for him. I went up to Clunette & helped put up hitch post & cut wood in the afternoon. Frank Funk sent me $3.26 for the calf hide I took over there last Saturday morning.
Tues. Dec. 4, 1906  I went with Correll back in Bankses woods to scale some logs in the fore noon. I went up to the church in the afternoon. Helped put in hitch racks. John helped David Pellett husk corn till noon then helped Frank Harmon with team in the afternoon. 
Wed. Dec. 5, 1906 I helped P. Banks butcher a hog in the fore noon. I went over & took bolts out of the old binder at Miners.
Thurs. Dec. 6, 1906 Rainy. I took the children to school & went down to Shans & Bill Gochenhours. Bill was no better.
Fri. Dec. 7, 1906 I went up to Clunette. C. Ross went along. We stopped at G. Bittikoffers. Counted up the church expenses. Was there for dinner. I gathered quarterage up there. Came home & went down to B. Gochenhours. He was no better. I bought Shans old binder. Paid him $2.00 for it.
Sat. Dec. 8, 1906 I sold Polands my old binder & the old stove & some other old iron. Came to $5.00 cash. I sold Polands the Binder I bought of Shan Dawson. He is to give me $3.00 for it. Pd. H. Bitticoffer 25 cts elder money.
Sun. Dec. 9, 1906 Rainy. Dan Blosser came out with Paul last night. Him & I went down to Shan Dawsons. Bill Gochenhour was about the same.
Mon. Dec. 10, 1906 I went out to Stony Point to Quarterly meeting in the forenoon. Paid to Rev. Richhart $5.00
Tues. Dec. 11, 1906  I chored in the fore noon. Went to Atwood in the after noon after pump & box of goods from Montgomery Ward & Co. Pd. 25 cts freight. 
Wed. Dec. 12, 1906 I took the old pump off at the old barn in the fore noon. John went to mill. He took 42 bu over & sold 36 bu at 72 cts that was Libs. I helped Frank Harmon husk corn in the afternoon. Poland paid me $3.00 for the Dawson binder.
Thurs. Dec. 13, 1906 Rainy. I fixed at the pump at the old barn. Did not get it fixed.
Fri. Dec. 14, 1906 Rainy. I went down & doctored a cow for Frank Harmon. He paid me 50 cts. I worked at the pump at the old barn. We got water but the pump works hard. 
Sat. Dec. 15, 1906 Lib & Paul went to warsaw. I gave Paul $3.50. John took the teacher to Clunette to Institute. I drove the pump at the old barn down about 6 feet deeper. It is about 20 feet deep now.
Sun. Dec. 16, 1906 Lib & I went down to B. Gochenhours. Bill was better.
Mon. Dec. 17, 1906 John & I cleaned out the stables & I fixed a partition in the cow stable. Pd. E. Whetstone for oil 75 cts. 
Tues. Dec. 18, 1906  I took 55 bu & 40 lb of wheat to warsaw. Sold it to the Little Crow Milling Co. 73 cts per bu. Paid for 50 lb of flour that I got about 2 weeks ago & 40 lb of bran I got today. $1.00. Wheat came to $40.63 less $1.00, cash $39.63. Paid $2.25 for Dale Macknaw socks & overalls. Gave John $3.00.
Wed. Dec. 19, 1906  I went down to Bill Gochenhours. Took some milk down. I let Ida have $30.00 to pay the nurse with. Came home & went up to the church to see about the doors. They was not what we ordered.
Thurs. Dec. 20, 1906 I chored. I went up to Clunette in the afternoon. I gave Kate Byrer $39.00 money for the church. She had lont us some to pay Hugh Wolf for painting. The above was church money.
Fri. Dec. 21, 1906 I went rabbit hunting in the fore noon. Went down to school in the afternoon.
Sat. Dec. 22, 1906 I dressed a hog for C. Powell. He was loading his hogs to take away & one worried its self till he thought it was agowing to dye & he stuck it. John took the teacher & Dan Blosser to Warsaw. Gave John $1.00. Affa came home today with John & Dan. She ws to Angola to school.
Sun. Dec. 23, 1906 At home all day.
Mon. Dec. 24, 1906 John cleaned out the barn. I chored. Lib & Dale went to Warsaw. Dan Blosser cut wood for me at 50 cts per day.
Tues. Dec. 25, 1906 I went over to Corrells to collect money for the church. He was not at home. Dan cut wood.
Wed. Dec. 26, 1906  I took Affa to Leesburg. She went to Angola. I settled the door trouble with Rink & Berst about the church doors. Dan dident cut wood today. I went to Robs for dinner. They paid me $50.00 for the church. 
Thurs. Dec. 27, 1906 I went over to Corrells. He wasent at home. I went over to Frank Funks to solicit money for the church. Went from there to J. Harmons. Dan cut wood today. 
Fri. Dec. 28, 1906 I went up to Clunette & worked on at the church putting the seats in. Dan cut wood.
Sat. Dec. 29, 1906 I chored. Went up to Clunette. The trustees met the Bishop at G. Bittikoffers.
Sun. Dec. 30, 1906  Rain. We went up to church. The Bishop preached. There was only about 25 or 30 there. They dident dedicate till night srevice. I gave $1.10 in the contribution.
Mon. Dec. 31, 1906 I went to warsaw. Paid the Globe 28 cts. Dan Blosser came out with me.