Oliver Wallace Diary
February 1901

Fri. Feb. 1, 1901 Fair. 8 Below. I done my chores in fore noon & halled fodder in afternoon. George Warfle moved out of the Powell house today. Lib was sick this afternoon.
Sat. Feb. 2, 1901 Snow in the evening. Contracted with Elisha Miller to work for me next summer. I & Lib went out to Stony Point to quarterly meeting. John & Paul went rabbit hunting. Caught 3 rabbits. Elders fee 50 cts Pd today. Paid N. Powell $1.00 by his wife for National Stockman.
Sun. Feb. 3, 1901 Snowed hard. Etta, Affa, Lib & I went out to Stony Point to quarterly meeting. About 12 in. of snow. Millard & Ezra was over while we were at church.
Mon. Feb. 4, 1901 Fair. I took the children to school this morning. Came back & finished the chores & went over to Millards in the afternoon to see what they were over for yesterday. I went down to Harrias in the evening.
Tues. Feb. 5, 1901 Cold. I done my chores in fore noon. I helped Fred Rink & Riman cut a tree down in Mrs. Raricks woods. I halled a load of wood from the Rarick woods. 2 load. Elisha Miller commenced to move in (to) the Powell house today.
Wed. Feb. 6, 1901 Cold. 8 Below. I went up & helped move Elisha Miller in the forenoon. Halled one load for him. I cleaned out the horse stable & watered the stock. Elisha Miller moved in the Powell house today.
Thurs. Feb. 7, 1901 Zero. I and Elisha took part of a load of fodder down to him & took Crystal down in the fore noon. I done my chores in the afternoon
Fri. Feb. 8, 1901 I done my chores in forenoon. Elisha Miller took the team & went after his potatoes & wood. He finished moving today. Sam Campbell was here to rent the Irvin house.
Sat. Feb. 9, 1901 I & John halled a load of fodder in the fore noon. Lib & I went with Henrays to Warsaw. Paid for Dale shoes $1.25, Paid for wall paper $3.00. Paid for Coal oil .50 cts Paid Oscar Miner $17.25, ballance due on 2 brood sows that I bought of him. Oscar Miner paid me 25 cts for linnament.
Sun. Feb. 10, 1901 I was at home all day. Lib & the girls went to Sunday School & church. Ezras came out. I let Ezra have $25.00 to go to Marrion on.
Mon. Feb. 11, 1901 Cleaned out stables. MR. Graff was here. Sold him my cattle $10.00 paid on them. 4 at $4.25, 2 at $4.00 1 at $3.50. Clave Gilliam came out this afternoon. I helped put on wallpaper.
Tues. Feb. 12, 1901 Nice. Elisha Miller & I went out to Abe Fallens sale. I bought a pair of single harness. Paid 35 cts for them. Lib & I caught 24 ewes to take down to Elisha Millers this evening. Borrowed $1.00 of Elisha to pay for the harness that I bought. I didn't have the change.
Wed. Feb. 13, 1901 Done my feeding & helped paper & fixed the cupboard in the forenoon. Elisha took 23 chickens down to his house. Elisha helped fix a boat & I helped paper. The Farret died today. I paid Elisha $1.00 that I borrowed of him yesterday.
Thurs. Feb. 14, 1901 I chored all day. Halled a load of wood from the Rarick woods 1 cord lacking 6 inch. long. Graff & Nellans came up.
Fri. Feb. 15, 1901 Graff & Nellans took the cattle. 4 stears weighed 4970, 2 stears weighed 2090, Joursey weighed 1250, bull weighed 1490. First 4 at 4.25 per 100 lb, next 2 at 4.00 per 100 lb, Joursey stear at 3.50 per 100 lb, Bull at $50.00. 8 brought $388.57. Gave Lib $2.05, I went down to B. Gochenhours to see shoates. Offered him $100 dollars for 21 head. Dident get them. Elisha Miller got 135 lb of flour. Paid Frank Funk 53 cts for twin.
Sat. Feb. 16, 1901 Elisha & I went down to the Irvin farm after wood to butcher with in the fore noon. Elisha & the boys & I went down to J. P Millers after butchering tools.
Sun. Feb. 17, 1901 Snowing. We all went over to Charley Zimmermans. Started to Millards & they had went to Norman Hoffers. We all went up to church & it had broke up.
Mon. Feb. 18, 1901 Nice. Thawed. Elisha Miller got 2 hogs weight 400 lb, to go on his work, worth $20.00 dollars. Lib & I helped butcher them today. Killed them. Halled them down there & dressed them. I went down & cleaned a cow for J. Miner. He is dr to me 50 cts. Paid Feb. 21, 1901.
Tues. Feb. 19, 1901 Cold & windy. Elisha & I halled 2 loads of hay from the marsh today. J Harmon had one of his sows back today. I exchanged the boat for Shans Bobs today.
Wed. Feb. 20, 1901 Windy & cold. Cleaned out the cow stable in the fore noon & fixed my boots in the after noon.
Thurs. Feb. 21, 1901 J. Miner paid me 50 cts for cleaning a cow.
Fri. Feb. 22, 1901  Elisha & I halled hay. took one load down to his house in the fore noon. Brought 2 loads home in the afternoon. Rented Ed Bennett the Irvin House & Garden for $3.00 for month. Sold David Pellett a rick of hay for $11.00. $1.00 paid. Paid balance Mar. 26, 1901.
Sat. Feb. 23, 1901 Zero. Elisha helped me unload a load of hay & feed my cattle. I took Shans bobs home & traded horses with Shan. Traded Mag for __ year old colt to give him his note about $10.00 back on it $10.00 besides. Elisha took the team & went to Leesburg after his churn. I halled a load of wood from my woods.
Sun. Feb. 24, 1901 We all went up to Sunday School & church, but John & Dale. We went up to Wilson Byrers from church for dinner.
Mon. Feb. 25, 1901 Snowing. I done the chores & halled fodder for my cattle. Shan brought the colt I traded for up & got Mag. I gave him his Note & $10.00 about $21.00 dollars in all to boot. I went down to Bill Gochenohours & bought 17 head of hogs about 2250 lb to pay $110.00 dollars. Brought 13 home with me.
Tues. Feb. 26, 1901 Went down to Bill Gochenhours after the rest of the hogs I bought. Correll went with me. Will Gouchenour got 36 bu & 24 lb of oats at 25 cts per bu $7.16. Paid bill $10.00 in cash & 1.16 in oats bal. due him $90.84 on hogs. Paid the above.
Wed. Feb. 27, 1901 Nice. I fixed my old bobs to hall fodder on. Put 2 poles on the front bob & let them drag on the ground. Fred Ringenberg was here to see if I wanted beef. Millard Wallace was over & bought 2 hogs to butcher at $5.15 per lb. I halled a load of wood, 3 quarters of a cord with what the boys halled on their little sled from the Rarick woods. 4 load that I have halled from there.
Thurs. Feb. 28, 1901 Lib & I helped Bankses butcher 2 hogs. Ezra & Em Wallace was out in the afternoon. I fixed to butcher tomorrow.