Oliver Wallace Diary
February 1906

Thurs. Feb. 1, 1906 Paul & I chored & cut a little wood in fore noon. Lib & Dale went to Warsaw. I gave Lib $4.00. John took a load of logs to warsaw for Correll.
Fri. Feb. 2, 1906 I chored & cut a little wood. Levy came out in the after noon & I sold him 2 cows. One I got of D. Plummer & one I got of Art Lions. I am to get $69 for them.
Sat. Feb. 3, 1906 Paul & I took the cows I sold to Levy over to warsaw today to the slaughter house. I got $69. for them. Paid Gerard 35 cts for Oisters. I paid Phill Banks $1.55 for halling one load of wheat for me to warsaw.
Sun. Feb. 4, 1906 Went to sunday school & church. 
Mon. Feb. 5, 1906 Affa & I went to Warsaw. I went up to John Whites. He doctored my teeth. 
Tues. Feb. 6, 1906 I have the toothache. Went to Clunette to make arrangements for getting sollisiting money to repair the church.
Wed. Feb. 7, 1906 At home all day. Was sick with tooth ache & billious.
Thurs. Feb. 8, 1906 I chored. Millard & AlonzoWallace was here to buy Beauty. Dident sell her. Mr. Nellons stopped to see my cattle. He went up to E. Anglins. Him & Graff was to meet there. Gave John $4.00 to get him overs.
Fri. Feb. 9, 1906 I went out to H. Shanks to see if I could buy a heifer. Dident buy. Gave Etta $9.00. Gave Affa $1.95
Sat. Feb. 10, 1906 Mild. At home all day. Halled some hay & corn down to the barn. John halled logs for Correll.
Sun. Feb. 11, 1906 At home all day. Frank Pinkertons was down. George Dawson & Maud Warfle was over in the evening. Dan Blosser was here all day.
Mon. Feb. 12, 1906 Affa & I went down to Shans. Took Dan Blossers Graffifone with us. I went down the ditch.
Tues. Feb. 13, 1906 Rainy. I went down to Atwood & back by Milton Wolfs & B. Nisleys. Tried to buy 5 steers of Milton. Did not buy them.
Wed. Feb. 14, 1906 Fine. Chored all day.
Thurs. Feb. 15, 1906 At home all day. I sold my cattle to Elz Cook. 8 head at 5 cts per lb. & 4 head at 4.50 per lb to weigh at C. Powells & to deliver them at warsaw between the 12th & 17th of March.
Fri. Feb. 16, 1906 I chored. J. Harmon brought the butchering tools home.
Sat. Feb. 17, 1906 W. J. Banks was out here to see me about ditching from Pole run up to the culbert between the school house & J. Harmons. I tended 7 pigs today. I gave Etta $5.00
Sun. Feb. 18, 1906 Went up to sunday school. Came home & sent over to George Warfles.
Mon. Feb. 19, 1906 Frank Pinkerton & I went down to C. Neppers sale. Dident buy anything.
Tues. Feb. 20, 1906 John & I went out to Howard Powells sale. I dident buy any thing.
Wed. Feb. 21, 1906 I got the Correll stears that I bought of him. The two weighed 1810 lb at 3.60. $65.16. I helped C. Powell kill a beef. George Warfle helped John hall hay to the old barn & cut wood today.
Thurs. Feb. 22, 1906 George Warfle & I worked on the box talls in the barn making 2 new ones. Bill Gochenhour was up to see me about buying some clover hay. I dident sell him any but I bought some corn of him to give him 37 cts for it. It is to pay his rent that he owes me.
Fri. Feb. 23, 1906 I chored in the fore noon. I went down to Fred Ringgenbergs to see how much he would give towards repairing the Clunette Church. He gave me $10.00 cash. Lib & Etta went to warsaw. Gave Etta $1.00
Sat. Feb. 24, 1906 I went to warsaw with Frank Correll.
Sun. Feb. 25, 1906 We went to sunday school
Mon. Feb. 26, 1906 I chored.
Tues. Feb. 27, 1906 I helped Phill Banks butcher 6 hogs & a beef today. He paid back the beef he borrowed & I bought 66 lb of him. Bill Gochenhour halled 2 loads of corn today.
Wed. Feb. 28, 1906 Bill Gochenhour brought me a load of corn today making 114 bu & 58 lb. Ezras was out. I helped Phill Banks cut up his beef.