Oliver Wallace Diary
February 1907

Fri. Feb. 1, 1907 I churned for Mom in the fore noon. Went up to Clunette in the after noon & paid my Insurance in the Mutual $5.60. Pd Whetstone for Lamp flews & 2 mantles 60 cts.
Sat. Feb. 2, 1907 N. East wind & cold. I helped Tennant load some fodder then went up & bought a cow & 7 shoats of C. Renchberg. Paid him $6.70 per hundred for the hogs. They weighed 1090 lb. Total pd. $103.03.
Sun. Feb. 3, 1907 Thawing. We dident go to sunday chool today. Went up to church in the evening.
Mon. Feb. 4, 1907 I chored all day. We went to church in the evening. Paid H. Bowers $14.87. The ballance I owed to make out the $100.00 I subscribed.
Tues. Feb. 5, 1907 Fine. David Pellott came up & I sold him 6 three year old stears at $4.25 per hundred. They weighed 5470 lb. Brought $239.47. Him & I went down to Cal Smiths & bought 5 stears. I got 3 two year olds. Paid $70.00 for them. I bought 2 brood sows of David. Paid him $35.00 for them. Paid P. Banks 30 cts weigh bill. I gave John $1.00. Harry Bittikoffer helped John cut wood today for the harrow I sold him.
Wed. Feb. 6, 1907 I chored all day. We went up to church. It broke up tonight. 
Thurs. Feb. 7, 1907 I helped Harve Boggs butcher today. He paid me $1.00
Fri. Feb 8, 1907 I done my chores. Bill Gokenhours was here all day.
Sat. Feb. 9, 1907 I done my chores. Gave John $1.25. Sent Affa $10.00 to Angola Ind.
Sun. Feb. 10, 1907 Thawed a little. We went up to Sunday School & church. Rev. Wood preached today.
Mon. Feb. 11, 1907 Fine. John took 32 bu & 50 lb of wheat to warsaw, 9 bu corn & 4 bu of oats. He got 4 bu in flour. He paid 55 cts for grind. The ballance of the wheat was Libs. I chored.
Tues. Feb. 12, 1907 I fixed to butcher tomorrow. John helped George Dawson cut wood. Phil Banks was up. He said they traded farms with Charley Klinger yesterday.
Wed. Feb. 13, 1907 We butchered 2 old hogs & 2 young ones. They made 37 gallons of lard. W. Tennant, Phil Banks & H. Bowers helped me. Paid H. Bowers $1.00 for helping.
Thurs. Feb. 14, 1907 Chored & John & I halled a load of fodder from the Powell place in the forenoon. Lib & Hope went to Bowers to the wimmons aid. John & I brought the calf home with us that Paul bought of P. Banks.
Fri. Feb. 15, 1907 Windy. Elz Cook was here this morning. I sold him 22 hogs at 7 cts to deliver them to Atwood the 19 & 20 of next week. I bought a yearling stear of him. He bought it of Ol Miner on the way up here. I gave Ol a check for him $17.00. Lib & I went to warsaw. Paid Richardson $4.60 for shoes. Paid C. Grabner for 2 files, 1 ax & handle $1.60.
Sat. Feb. 16, 1907 Thawing weather fine. I did my chores then went down to Frank Harmans & bought 2 2-year old stears. Gave him a check for $52.50 for them. I sugar cured my meat in the after noon. John went to warsaw. I gave him $1.00
Sun. Feb. 17, 1907 We went up to Sunday School. Went to Prayer Meeting in the evening.
Mon. Feb. 18, 1907 Windy & thawing. I took 8 of the hogs that I sold Cook to Atwood today. They weighed 2210 lb. I will take a load tomorrow if the weather is faveriable. Lib got a letter from Affa & Etta today. John helped C. Ransberg buzz wood today.
Tues. Feb. 19, 1907 I took 7 hogs to Atwood today. Weighed 1820 lb.
Wed. Feb. 20, 1907 I took 7 hogs to Atwood. Weighed 1770. Bill Gokenhour went down with me. Total lb 5800 at 7 cts $406.00.
Thurs. Feb. 21, 1907 We went down to Phil Bankses sale. I dident buy anything.
Fri. Feb. 22, 1907 I chored & went over to Tennants & got Phil Bankses mason trowell that I had borrowed.
Sat. Feb. 23, 1907 I went to warsaw . Left $400.00 in the State Bank. Paid the Globe 70 cts, paid Mat Rittenhouse 20 cts for rivets.
Sun. Feb. 24, 1907 We went to Sunday school & church. Rev. Wood preached. Went to prayer meeting in the evening.
Mon. Feb. 25, 1907 I chored & filed the croscut saw. Dident get done. John helped Phill Banks move today with the team.
Tues. Feb. 26, 1907 John took a load of hogs out to Bankses new place for Phil Banks. I chored & finished filing my saw. Cal Smith came after Lib. His wife is confined. Lib came back to H. Bittikoffers. His wife was confined. Paul & I went over to F. Corrells to the thrasher meeting. My thrashing bill for last year was $29.00 & I had $3.73 of a ballance that I had collected. 4 shares at $11.00 per share. $44.00 less thrash bill & collection $32.73. Ballance I received $11.27.
Wed. Feb. 27, 1907 John took a load for Phill Bankses. They moved today out on the Wash Balsley farm. They traded for it. I put the handle in my ax I bought. I gave Walter Ross $1.00 for Charles Robinson. He lost right smart of stuff in the fire.
Thurs. Feb. 28, 1907 Weather fine. I chored & fixed my hay ladders some.