Oliver Wallace Diary
February 1908

 Sat. Feb. 1, 1908 Paid the Mutual Insurance yesterday $5.65. Pd. Whetstone 20 cts.
Sun. Feb. 2, 1908 Cold & blowing. We went over to Walter Tennants. It is blowing & drifting. Vern Summey was berried today.
Mon. Feb. 3, 1908 Mild. John & I halled wood, fodder & hay today.
Tues. Feb. 4, 1908 I went to warsaw. Paid 2 notes off at the St. Bank. Interest & Principal $191.60. Paid Richardson for shoes $4.25. Paid the Globe 85 cts. Paid Conrad 60 cts for shoeing. Paid Prissilla Dawson note $101.95.
Wed. Feb. 5, 1908 Rainy. I went over to C. Rosses & doctored a cow for him then went down to Henry Bowerses & paid a note he held against me. Prin. $70.00 Int. $1.75, total $71.75. Paid him the rest of my thrashing bill $8.55 & turned over to him the Shank & Tennant thrashing money $12.72. Sent Etta $15.00
Thurs. Feb. 6, 1908 I done the chores then went up to Clint Polings & cleaned a cow for him. Dr for same. I sold Powell & Anglin 11 steers at $4.40 & weighed them at Powells & srink them 2 %. Sold them yesterday to deliver them Friday.
Fri. Feb. 7, 1908 John & I took my cattle to Leesburg today. Weighed them at C. Powells. Weighed 12, 580 with 251 lb srink off. Left 12,329 at $4.40. Brought $542.47. Sold to Powell & Anglin.
Sat. Feb. 8, 1908 John took his & Ezras hogs to Leesburg. W. Tennant helped him with team. I chored. I gave John $10.00
Sun. Feb. 9, 1908 Very Icy. At home all day.
Mon. Feb. 10, 1908 I went down to Shan Dawsons & bought 10 weather lambs, 1 buck lamb & one old buck 6 cts for 84 cts for the yearling & $2 for the old one & bought 5 lambs of Ida Gochenhour at 6 cts. To get them the 12th. Pd. $5.00 on Alices.
Tues. Feb. 11, 1908 I went up to C. Powells & helped him butcher. He paid me $1.00 & I paid him 25 cts for weighing 4 loads of the summer corn. Went to church at night.
Wed. Feb. 12, 1908 Rainy. At home all day. The snow about all went off. John got a load of Ezras oats ready to take over to the little crow mill. John took Ezras oats over on the 13th.
Thurs. Feb. 13, 1908 George Dawson brought Alices & Idas lambs up. Alices: 8 weather lambs @ 6cts. 420 lb. 1 buck lamb @ 4 cts 46 lb. 1 old buck $2.00 Total $29.04 Less $5.00 Balance $24.04. Ida's 5 weathers Lambs 274 lb at 6 cts $16.44. I paid $1.00 on cole for the church.
Fri. Feb. 14, 1908 Rained all day. I took the children to school & went up to Malotts to sell him old Charley. He is to let me know by monday evening whether he will take him or not.
Sat. Feb. 15, 1908 There is about 3 inches of snow. Chored.
Sun. Feb. 16, 1908 We went to church & sunday school. 
Mon. Feb. 17, 1908 Fair today. At home all day. John cleaned out the stables.
Tues. Feb. 18, 1908 Blowed & snowed about all day from the N. East. Drifted till the mail man could not get through.
Wed. Feb. 19, 1908 Blowing & snowing some. No school today. John hitched to the wagon & we broke the road to C. Klingers.
Thurs. Feb. 20, 1908 Done the chores and went to church at night.
Fri. Feb. 21, 1908 At home all day. Had a head ache.
Sat. Feb. 22, 1908 I went up to Leesburg in the sleigh & drawed my cattle money. Gave John Wallace $1.00. Went to church at night.
Sun. Feb. 23, 1908 We went to Sunday School. Went to church at night. Pd. G. Bittikoffer $5.50 for the Preacher & Elder.
Mon. Feb. 24, 1908 I went out to Sipe Rosses & paid a note of $200.00 off. Interest $4.08. Total $204.08. Went up to church at night.
Tues. Feb. 25, 1908 At home all day. Lib & John went up to John Hords sale. H. Bittikoffer paid me $1.00 ballance he owed on beef.
Wed. Feb. 26, 1908 I went over to Malotts. He was not at home. Went to church at night.
Thurs. Feb. 27, 1908 Mom & I helped W. Tennant butcher 2 hogs. I cut my finger. Was quite a gash. Went to church.
Fri. Feb. 28, 1908 Done the chores. Sent Etta $20.00 by money order cost 12 cts to Valley City N.D. Pd. sub. to weekly union up to the present time & the daily union up to April 1st 1909. The Smith Printer by J. M. Sloan $4.50. I sent Etta Wallace $20.00 to Valla City N.D.
Sat. Feb. 29, 1908 At home all day. Chored. Went to church at night.