Oliver Wallace Diary
February 1909

Mon. Feb. 1, 1909 John shoveled snow till noon. I was very near sick in the fore noon. I took the sheep hay & went after the children in the evening.
Tues. Feb. 2, 1909 John & I killed a beef. F. Correll got 78 lb Dr. & J. Harmon got 77 lb Dr. & H. Bittikoffer got 82 lb Pd. $4.67. Sold F. Funk the hide at 9 cts for 40 lb. $3.60. Paid C. Renchberg for washing 50 cts. Lib went over to H. Boggs this morning about 2 o'clock.
Wed. Feb. 3, 1909 I took the cattle down to the Powell place to the stock field in the fore noon. John & I was at H. Bittikoffers for dinner.
Thurs. Feb. 4, 1909 John cleaned out the stables in the fore noon. He went to warsaw in the after noon. Art Anglin pd me 50 cts for beef. Lib & Art Anglin & his wife went over to Hughes. Walter Tennant & wife was over.
Fri. Feb. 5, 1909 Rainy. B. Gokenhour was up to see old Doll. I went down there in the after noon. I traded him Doll for a cow. Shan paid me $1.80 for cutting 3 acres of oats.
Sat. Feb. 6, 1909 B. Gokenhour & Roy brought the cow up, he traded me and got Doll. I went over to W. Tennants to see a couple calves. I helped him hich (hitch) up a colt & drive it.
Sun. Feb. 7, 1909 We went to S. School & went to H. Bowers for dinner. Ezra came up there to see me. He wanted me to stake off a line to build a lane fence by tomorrow.
Mon. Feb. 8, 1909 I went up & set stakes for Seal to build fence by in the fore noon. Got ready to butcher in the afternoon. B. Gokenhour helped John grub down to the Powell place all day.
Tues. Feb. 9, 1909 Rain. I went over to F. Corrells to see some shoats. Did not buy them. Him & I settled up. I owed him ballance on 6 shoats $14.50 for 88 lbs of beef $5.28 for cement 59 cts. total $20.37. He owes me for siding $7.72, for 153 lb of beef $8.42, for killing beef, 50 cts. Total $16.64. Pd F. Correll cash $3.14.
Wed. Feb. 10, 1909 Very windy & snowing. At home all day. J. Harmon was up. He paid me for 78 lb of beef. $5.26. I gave him $17.55 thrasher money. $14.55 that C. Renchberg paid him & $5.00 I owed that I had borrowed of H. Bowers. The above was Minus 50 cts that I paid out for boots at Clunette.
Thurs. Feb. 11, 1909 I halled a load of clover chaff to the cattle & got up butchering wood in the fore noon. I went up to O. Seals & bought a lard can of him. Pd him 20 cts for it. I made a couple of hog hooks.
Fri. Feb. 12, 1909 We butchered 5 hogs today. Average about 425 lb. B. Gokenhours, W. Tennants, O & Mrs. Correll helped. C. Powell & A. Bowers was here to see Flory.
Sat. Feb. 13, 1909 Nice weather. Mary & I went to warsaw. I bought 8 head of hogs of F. Correll. Paid him $37.00 for them. To get them next Monday.
Sun. Feb. 14, 1909 Rain & sleet lat night & today. We all went down to H. Bittikoffers for dinner. Will Klingers was there too. The sleet is so heavy it broke lots of limbs off the trees.
Mon. Feb. 15, 1909 Still blowing, sleeting. I went over to F. Corrells after the hogs I bought of him. I bought 2 more of him to give him $7.00 for them. I am Dr to him $7.00 Pd.
Tues. Feb. 16, 1909 Sleet & Snow Snowing. Walter Tennant paid me the $17.00 he had borrowed of me. At home all day. There was some men here to see Florry - a Danner & women. Moderated in the evening.
Wed. Feb. 17, 1909 Sleet stade on all day. John & I went with H. Bittikoffer up to C. Engles sale. Did not buy anyt thing. We went with Hary up to Georges for dinner. I bought a cow of W. Byrer Pd. $33.00. I paid Rev. Richart $1.50 for the Telescope.
Thurs. Feb. 18, 1909 The sleet thawed off today. I halled the cattle & sheep a laod of clover chaff & cleaned out part of the cow stable. I went to atwood in the afternoon. Pd C. Rovenstine $1.55 for 1 lb of coffee & 1 pair of over shoes. H. Beck paid me 50 cts for doctoring a cow.
Fri. Feb. 19, 1909 C. Renchberger paid me $3.55. I took the children to school & went up to W. Hoffiens & bought 8 pigs and a cow. Pd $60.00 for them. Ezras horse died today.
Sat. Feb. 20, 1909 I went over to Ezras place & done his chores. Mel Kring & wife was there cleaning up. I took 9 chickens to Atwood in the afternoon. Got 12 cts per lb. Good some doogds from Chicago. The boys & I skinned Ezras horse.
Sun. Feb. 21, 1909 Went up and tended Ezras stalk.
Mon. Feb. 22, 1909 Went up and tended Ezra's stalk, then went with W. Tennant to Warsaw. Took 4 bu of wheat & 2 bu of corn. Paid the Globe 20 cts for mittens 2 pair. Caleb Hughs died this morning.
Tues. Feb. 23, 1909 Choring. I bought a veal calf of C. Klinger to give him $8.00 for it. Dr. Pd.
Wed. Feb. 24, 1909 Lib & I went over to Caleb Hughes funeral. It was at John Hughes. I went up to Clunette & helped cut church wood.
Thurs. Feb. 25, 1909 John & I cleaned out the stables & halled a load of Clover chaff.
Fri. Feb. 26, 1909 Done Ezras chores. Ezra was out. Him & Kring appraised their stuff. Sent to Sears Robuck & Co. for instruments to operate on a cows tit. Pd. $1.40.
Sat. Feb. 27, 1909 Fair. I went over & done Ezras chores. Came back & sold C. Gillam a bull, 1 cow & 1 calf for $106. $4.00 pd down to deliver them the 4 or 5 of March. Dale & I halled in some wood. Cleaned out the henhouse in the afternoon.
Sun. Feb. 28, 1909 Went to S. School. I paid G. W. Bittikoffer $5.25 for the preacher & elder.