Oliver Wallace Diary
January 1902

Wed. Jan. 1, 1902 The boys & I are getting wood & other things ready to butcher on Friday. Would have butchered Thursday but J. Irvin had the tools. Correll & I went over to J. Koontzes to see some timber. 
Thurs. Jan. 2, 1902 I helped Henry Bowers take away hogs. I put in Johns hog & took it down. weighed 170 lb at $5.80 per hundred. I bought 2 iron kettles 30 gallons a piece. Paid $5.00 for the two. Paid E. Smith 25 cts for a dish pan. $5.25 in all.
Fri. Jan. 3, 1902 Snowed a little. I butchered 5 hogs today. Correll, H. Bowers, J. Banks & John Blosser helped. Nellens & Bibee came in the evening.
Sat. Jan. 4, 1902 Bybee & Nellens was here over night. Took the cattle this morning. Weighed at Bankses. 4 best weighed 4300. 4 poorest weighed 3840. The first at 4 cts, the second at 3 1/2 cts. Total $306.40. Less cash, $10.00 Check for $296.40. The $10 was paid in last year. Paid J. Banks for weighing 25 cts. Lib & I went to warsaw. Took Widamans a turkey. I settled with Millard. Paid him $2.98 the ballance I owed him on Marrion seed wheat. Paid Aldman 15 cts, Grabner -coal oil 10 cts.
Sun. Jan. 5, 1902 Nice. John, Affa & Paul went to Sunday School.
Mon. Jan. 6, 1902 Fine. I took Affa to Warsaw to get her teeth filled. Paid J. Watson 60 cts for cough syrup & quinine.
Tues. Jan. 7, 1902 Fine. I went down to John Koontz to see him about a piece of timber. Came home & half soled Dales shoes till noon. Sugar cured the meat in the afternoon. John & Affa went to meeting at night at Clunette. I half soled Mary's shoes.
Wed. Jan. 8, 1902 Fine. Chored all day.
Thurs. Jan. 9, 1902 Fine. chored & went down to Elishas after oats.
Fri. Jan. 10, 1902 Fine. chored in forenoon. I halled 1 load of wood from H. Bowers woods today. It makes 4 loads to date. paid Elisha Miller $7.78 ballance due him on work by the month & cutting wood 2 1/2 loads. F. Correll paid me $20.00 on wood.
Sat. Jan. 11, 1902 Colder & windy. Took Affa to Warsaw to get her teeth fixed. Paid Almons 67 cts for groceries. Charley Meek paid me $1.50 for one calf & one litter of pigs. J. Grabner for cole oil 10 cts. Dan Blosser wanted to hire to me today.
Sun. Jan. 12, 1902 Snowing a little. At home all day.
Mon. Jan. 13, 1902 Snowing a little. Lib & I helped F. Correll butcher. Affa, the boys & I went with Corrells young folks to church.
Tues. Jan. 14, 1902 Fine. F. Correll & I went down to Herman Hillerys to see his timber. Correll bought 3 hickory trees of L. Hillery. We are to let Herman know about his by Saturday. I tried to buy 3 stears of J. Hocker.
Wed. Jan. 15, 1902 Fine. Correll & I went down to estimate timber on J. Coons in the fore noon. He fetched the Rarick oats over in the afternoon. I got 39 bu & Correll 37 bu & 19 lb of her oats. Him to pay me for what he got & me to pay her for both lots.
Thurs. Jan. 16, 1902 I took 31 bu of corn & oats to Warsaw & got it ground for the hogs. Paid 93 cts for grinding. Went to church in the evening. I sent J. Coons a bid on his timber $160.00 I hired Dan Blosser today to begin work next week. To work till next March for $10 per month from then till fall for $15.00 per month.
Fri. Jan. 17, 1902 I started to Atwood after Etta. Met the mail man & got a letter from her & she wasn't coming. I went on down to J. Hockers to see his cattle. He wasn't at home. Went on down to M. Wolfs to see his barn. Came home & chored the rest of the day. Paid Sarah A. Irvin $4.00. She paid taxes on my land by mistake.
Sat. Jan. 18, 1902  Affa & I went to Warsaw. Took Mrs. J. Widaman 2 turkeys & 3 doz. of eggs. 30 cts per doz. Paid J. Grabner $3.00 for cole oil & 5 gallon can, 2 lamp flews. Paid C. Walters 60 cts for oysters & crackers.
Sun. Jan. 19, 1902 At home all day. John, Paul & Affa went to Sunday school.
Mon. Jan. 20, 1902 Fine. Went to Warsaw after Dan Blosser in the afternoon. Lib traded for baskets of tamracks jack wife. (?)
Tues. Jan. 21, 1902 Snowing. Dan blosser commenced work today $10.00 per month till Mar. the 1st and $15.00 for the ballance of the summer. We fixed some troughs up at the barn & brought some oats from the Powell place.
Wed. Jan. 22, 1902 Dan & I was choring. Dan halled manure
Thurs. Jan. 23, 1902 Dan & I killed a beef in the forenoon. He halled manure in the afternoon & I cut up the front quarters in the after noon. It dressed $280 lb.
Fri. Jan. 24, 1902 I went down to Atwood by Jes Hockers. Stopped there to see his stears. He wasent at home. Went after Etta. sold the beef hide to F. Funk 6 1/2 per lb weighed 38 lb. $2.47. Dan & I halled 1 load of wood from H. Bowers woods.
Sat. Jan. 25, 1902 Took Affa to Warsaw to get her teeth fixed. I took beef to Ezra. He wasent at home. I brought it back. Paid 35 cts for sundries. Paid Alman & Co. 75 cts for sugar & rice. Dan & John halled 5 loads of wood today from Henry's woods. I gave N. Powell $1.00 to send for the Nashnall Stockman.
Sun. Jan. 26, 1902 Misting Rain. The children & Dan went to Sunday School.
Mon. Jan. 27, 1902 Cold 4 Below. Dan halled 4 loads of wood today. I chored in the forenoon. Took Etta to Atwood in the afternoon. I gave her $10.00.
Tues. Jan. 28, 1902 4 Below. Dan took the children to school & went after wood. Halled 4 loads today.
Wed. Jan. 29, 1902 10 above. We chored all day. Dan split wood & I fixed the henhouse. I & the children went over to Corrells. They had a birthday supper on him. Ezra got 74 lb of beef at 6 cts $4.44. Dr for the same. Paid.
Thurs. Jan. 30, 1902 Dan halled 4 load of wood. I fixed the washing machine & helped make hommany. Went to church in the evening.
Fri. Jan. 31, 1902 Dan & I halled 3 load of posts from H. Bowers woods. I stopped & got Corrells gun & shot a rabbit. Rose had a calf during the night.