Oliver Wallace Diary
January 1903

Thurs. Jan. 1, 1903 Mild. Dan & I cut logs on J. Wolf
Fri. Jan. 2, 1903 Mild. Dan & I cut logs down to the J. Wolf woods.
Sat. Jan. 3, 1903 Mild. Dan & I went to Warsaw. I contracted with E. conrad for a pair of bobs to pay $5.00 cash & 10 cords of wood at $2.00 per cord. Correll & I ordered a 16 foot log chain a piece of Conrad to be Sweed Iron. F. correll paid me $25.00 on the logs he bought of me. Paid Wimer 53 cts for groceries, F. Widmyer paid me $1.32 for beef.
Sun. Jan. 4, 1903  Went to Sunday School. Dan hitched to Henry Bowers bobs.
Mon. Jan. 5, 1903 Lib & I helped Correll butcher 4 hogs & a beef. We got 80 pounds. Paid him 80 cts for the difference between what he got of me and his.
Tues. Jan. 6, 1903 Dan & I went down to the J. Wolf woods & cut logs. Brought a load of wood home with us from the Irvin farm.
Wed. Jan. 7, 1903 Snowing. Dan & I took conrad one cord of wood & brought the bobs I ordered of him last Saturday. Paid him cash $5.00. Back yet 9 cords of wood. Paid Grabner 30 cts for gasoline & 40 cts for our dinners & horses in the stables.
Thurs. Jan. 8, 1903 Windy & snowing. Dan cleaned out the stables. I made a log rack today.
Fri. Jan. 9, 1903 Windy & cold. Dan & I opened up the road south of Henry Bowers. Worked about 2 hours. I went up to Clunette to see if W. Byrer had the irons made for my wood rack. Dident have them made. Dan & I went down to the J. Wolf woods & got a load of logs & made a bridge across the run.
Sat. Jan. 10, 1903 6 Below. Dan & I halled logs from Wolfs woods to the mill. Six logs. F. correll paid me $27.50, the ballance he owed me on the logs I sold him.
Sun. Jan. 11, 1903 At home all day. Snowing & blowing & drifting. 
Mon. Jan. 12, 1903 8 Below. I helped shovel snow till noon. Dan cleaned out the stables. We halled in 3 loads of oats straw in the afternoon.
Tues. Jan. 13, 1903 I thawed the pump at the barn in the fore noon. Dan & I halled 3 logs to mill in the afternoon.
Wed. Jan. 14, 1903 I stade at home till noon. Looked for Ezras out to butcher their hog. They dident come. Dan halled 2 logs to mill in the fore noon. Him & I halled 6 in the afternoon.
Thurs. Jan. 15, 1903 Ezra & Em came out & we butchered their hog weighed 255 lb. at 6 cts. Came to $15.30. He is dr to me on acct of wood at $13.50. Total $28.80. I was Dr to him for $16.25, twine & log chain $1.50. Total 17.75. He paid me cash $6.05 and is Dr to me for $5.00.
Fri. Jan. 16, 1903 Thawing. Dan & I halled 22 logs to Rosses mill today from the Wolf woods. Paid Wilson Byrrer 30 cts for making wood rack irons. Paid E. Whetstone 79 cts yesterday.
Sat. Jan. 17, 1903  Thawing. Paid J. Harmon for shingles $.75. Dan & I took a load of wood 1 1/4 cords to Warsaw to W. Conrad. Took Ezras lard to him. Paid Conrad $3.00 for log chain & 10 cts for welding one. Paid J. Grabner $2.20 for window glass, 2 buckets, 2 lantern flews. Paid Hafer & Richardson for Paul shoes & overs $2.00. Paid D. Blosser $1.50.
Sun Jan. 18, 1903 At home all day. Dan & the children went up to Sunday School. Henry & Brosha was up in the evening.
Mon. Jan. 19, 1903 Dan & I went down to the wolf woods & cut logs. Brought 5 home with us. Dan & I went over to F. Corrells in the evening. Offered him $18 dollars for his steer.
Tues. Jan. 20, 1903 Dan cleaned out the stables in the fore noon. Halled a load of block wood from the Irvin farm. I put glass in the barn sash & then Lib & I went up to Crabs. It was his birthday.
Wed. Jan. 21, 1903 Mild. Dan & I cut logs at the Wolf woods.
Thurs. Jan. 22, 1903  Mild. Dan & I cut logs down to the J. Wolf woods till noon. We halled 5 logs to Rosses mill in the after noon. Brought 3 & some posts home.
Fri. Jan. 23, 1903 Nice. Dan & I halled 21 logs to mill from the Wolfe woods. Nellins & Bibee was up to see my cattle. I dident sell them. I went over to Corrells in the evening.
Sat. Jan. 24, 1903 John & I went to Warsaw. Took milling over. Paid 70 cts for grinding. paid Mutual Insurance $8.50. Paid J. Grabner $3.00 for John a gun. Paid Wimer for groceries $1.32. Paid Watson & Mellons 75 cts for food. E. Wallace paid me five dollars. We are square.
Sun. Jan. 25, 1903 Dan & the rest of the folks went to Sunday School & they came home & we went down to Koontz. 
Mon. Jan. 26, 1903 Dan halled corn in the barn. I went over to O. Sponsellers to see about turkeys. The wasent at home. Went from there to Sipe Rosses. Bought 2 turkeys. Came to $1.32. Pd. Went from there to Milt corrells. Bought a pole angus steer. Paid $16.00 for him. Got home at noon. Dan & I went down to the Wolf wodos to hall logs. I broke our sleds.
Tues. Jan. 27, 1903 Rainy. I went over to O. Sponsellers & bought 4 turkeys. Weighed 52 1/2 lb at 11 cts per lb. $5.77. Paid him cash $2.77. dr to $3.00. Came back by F. Clingers & dident get to see him. He came over in the afternoon & I borrowed $150 dollars of him. I went over & paid Lide Funk $30 that I had borrowed of her. Paid Whetstone for oil $1.00.
Wed. Jan. 28, 1903 I paid Dan blosser $20.00 that I had borrowed of him for a few days. Settled with J. Cummings for 67 cords of wood $40.20. He paid one month rent $2.00. I paid him cash $38.20.
Thurs. Jan. 29, 1903 Dan took Conrad & Son 1 cord of wood $2.00. I was to Shans all day.
Fri. Jan. 30, 1903 Colder. I went down to Atwood after Etta. Paid Mc. Makinley for groceries 88 cts. Paid Alice Dawson 67 cts for butter. 4 lb & 20 oz.
Sat. Jan. 31, 1903 I went over to O. Sponsellers. Paid him $3.00 that I owed him for turkeys. Went from there to Sipe Rosses to see a heifer. Dident buy her. Went to Tom Rosses home. I was a foot. Lib & John went to Warsaw.