Oliver Wallace Diary
January 1906

Mon. Jan. 1, 1906 At home all day. Mr. Graff was up to see my cattle. Offered me $4.50 for 8 and $4 for 4. I dident sell. Paid W. Klinger $5.00 for 10 bu of Potatoes. $4. to apply on his thrashing & $1.00 for Preacher.
Tues. Jan. 2, 1906  At home till noon. B. Gochenhour brought my Bk (?) Sheap home today. I went down to Dave Plummers & bought a Cow. Paid him $32.50 for her. He led her up, as far as B. Gochenhours for me.
Wed. Jan. 3, 1906 Rainy. I helped P. Banks butcher 2 hogs today.
Thurs. Jan. 4, 1906 Stormy. Chored in the fore noon. I went over to F. Funks & Warfles in the afternoon. I gave John 40 cts. He paid for this book. Paid him $1.60 on cutting wood.
Fri. Jan. 5, 1906 I went with F. Correll over to F. Klingers woods to see his timber. Frank went with Fred to dinner. I came home & watered my stalk, then went up to Clunette. The Trustees to the church met to see about repairing the church. I bought 2 cows of Art Lions. Paid him $51 dollars for them. F. Correll paid me $40.00 on my hay.
Sat. Jan. 6, 1906 I went to Warsaw. Etta went along & went to Leesburg from there. I gave her $3.00. I paid Conrad 60 cts for shoeing Ned. Dan Blosser came along out.
Sun. Jan. 7, 1906 We went to Sunday School & church. Pd. 10 cts.
Mon. Jan. 8, 1906 I chored in the fore noon & cleaned out the cow stable & halled a load of hay to the old barn.
Tues. Jan. 9, 1906 I chored in the fore noon. Guss Myers came out to see my cattle. He dident make me any offer on them. I went down to Shans to see whether they wanted a quarter of beef. They dident want aany . I took Rose over to Corrells.
Wed. Jan. 10, 1906 Lib & I helped Shans butcher two hogs today. I took Cristal over to Corrells.
Thurs. Jan. 11, 1906 Lib went out to All Shells to women's aid. I paid Dan Nine 13 cts that I owed him yet on what John borrowed of him to pay for Chop. Paid John C. Wolf $3.15. Phone rent & toll.
Fri. Jan. 12, 1906 I went up to Clunette to church trustees meeting to see about repairing the church. C. Powell was there & took the plan & is going to figure on it. Paid Whetstone 10 cts for Candy. I have the newraliga in my jaw.
Sat. Jan. 13, 1906 Etta & I went to warsaw. Paid the Globe 35 cts for Paul overhalls. Paid Levy 50 cts for beef.
Sun. Jan. 14, 1906 I was at home all day. Lib & the children went to Sunday school.
Mon. Jan. 15, 1906 Rain. I took the children to school . Came back & went to C. Powells & cleaned a cow for him. Came home & patched bags.
Tues. Jan. 16, 1906 Very windy. At home all day. I fixed my carriage neck yoke. One of the barn doors blew off last night.
Wed. Jan. 17, 1906 John & I halled a load of hay to the old barn in the forenoon. Charley Meek & Jake Bulis stopped here to see my cattle. I went down to Phil Bankses to see the buzz wood he wanted us to help cut. I bought 5 pigs of him. Paid him cash $10.00 Dr $3. PD.
Thurs. Jan. 18, 1906 I went over to see John Hoffers colt on the Sponseller place. Chored the balance of the day. John helped P. Banks hall Ezras oats. I went over to F. Corrells & we settled up. He paid me $32. the balance on the hay I sold him and 20 cts that I paid P. Banks for weighing cattle for him. We settled all up to date, except 132 lb of beef I owe him for. Pd.
Fri. Jan. 19, 1906 I chored till noon. Mended some bags in the afternoon. John helped P. Banks hall oats for Ezra to Leesburg.
Sat. Jan. 20, 1906 I went to Warsaw. I paid to the Farmers Mutual $6.35; to Richradson $3.00 for Paul & me overs, mine for felts and 15 cts for lunch. Y. Moris for the Record Herald 6 mo. $3.00. Received of Marshall Wallace $8. for 7 skunk hides, $4.00 of it mine and $4 for Correll. Pd F. Correll the above Mar. 19, 1906.
Sun. Jan. 21, 1906 Rain. At home all day.
Mon. Jan. 22, 1906 I chored. It is very muddy. John cut wood over to Corrells woods. Correll was here in the fore noon a while. It rained till about 10 oclock. Affa took Etta to Leesburg to tend the switch bord.
Tues. Jan. 23, 1906 F. Correll & I went over to Steve Rosbrocks to see timber. He dident have any to sell. We went from there to Sime Silvises & looked at some timber then over to Millards a while then up to see Bill Bogges sugar trees then home.
Wed. Jan. 24, 1906 At home all day. Had the headache part of the day. I took one of my red sows to Phils $10 boar. The other one was sick, the light tall sow.
Thurs. Jan. 25, 1906 We butchered 5 hogs today F. Correll, B. Gochenhour & Phil Bankses hand helped. I went over to H. Bittikoffers to see his mare. It broosed its foot.
Fri. Jan. 26, 1906 We took 2 loads of wheat to warsaw. Phil Bankses hand took a load for us. One load 59 bu & 40 lb. the other 62 bu & the last load was Pauls. Got 70 cts per bu for it. I gave John $1.00. Paid Conrad acct $3.00. Paid for shoeing & putting in standard in wagon $1.00.
Sat. Jan. 27, 1906 I went to warsw with Correll in the afternoon. Phil Banks hand & John took 2 loads of wheat to warsaw for me. Making 3 loads to Mash. 185 bu & 20 lb at 82 cts $151.98. John paid $4.00 for coal & 2 dinners.
Sun. Jan. 28, 1906 At home all day. J. Harmons was up.
Mon. Jan. 29, 1906 I chored all day. We all went over to F. Corrells. They had a serprise on him.
Tues. Jan. 30, 1906 I went over to F. Klingers woods where Correll was cutting wood. I offered him $135 for 2 stears, one colt & 1/2 acre of tops. He dident take it.. I took Rose to Corrells.
Wed. Jan. 31, 1906 Lib & I went down & helped B. Gochenhours butcher 4 hogs. John took a load of logs to warsaw for Correll.