Oliver Wallace Diary
January 1907

Tues. Jan. 1, 1907 I chored in the forenoon. H. Bowers & I went to Leesburg and collected money for the church. We got from Port Harley $5.00. We got from F. Bortz $10.00. We got from Cassa Hall $3.00. We got from R. Wallace $5.00. We paid Rink & Berst $141.00 for doors. 
Wed. Jan. 2, 1907 Lib & I helped Tennant butcher two hogs.
Thurs. Jan. 3, 1907 Rainy. Millard & Alonzo were over here for dinner. I chored.
Fri. Jan. 4, 1907 I fixed some fence. Paid J. Wolf $3.45 toll & phone rent. 
Sat. Jan. 5, 1907 I helped john clean out the stables & chored the rest of the day. 
Sun. Jan. 6, 1907 Rained hard all day. I helped Lib dress a turkey for Kingerys. We sent it over with the post man.
Mon. Jan. 7, 1907 I went down and castrated a hog for Phil Banks & helped him saw a tree down. I made a crate to ship chickens in, in the afternoon.
Tues. Jan. 8, 1907 I took a coop of chickens to atwood in the morning. Paid C. Rovenstine 50 cts for mittens & lantern globe.
Wed. Jan. 9, 1907 I chored.
Thurs. Jan. 10, 1907 Done my chores.
Fri. Jan. 11, 1907 I helped clean out the stables.
Sat. Jan. 12, 1907 Done my chores.
Sun. Jan. 13, 1907 Went to church & sunday school.
Mon. Jan. 14, 1907 I chored in the fore noon. Went over to C. Rosses & settled the church business. I paid H. Bowers Trasurer $60.00.
Tues. Jan. 15, 1907 I went down to B. Gokenhours. Hi is some better. Been out some.
Wed. Jan. 16, 1907 Windy and snowing. I done my chores. I sold H. Bittikoffer the old spring tooth harrow for $1.00. pd.
Thurs. Jan. 17, 1907 F. Correll & I went to B. Websters to see some cattle. We dident buy them. Went from there to Leesburg & East of Leesburg to see some timber.
Fri. Jan. 18, 1907 Rainy. I chored.
Sat. Jan. 19, 1907 Rainy & blowing. I chored. Lib & Hope went out to Frank Pinkertons. They have a baby.
Sun. Jan. 20, 1907 Rainy, very windy. It blew one of my barn doors off.
Mon. Jan. 21, 1907 I chored.
Tues. Jan. 22, 1907 I went out to Frank Pinkertons after Lib & Hope.
Wed. Jan. 23, 1907 I chored.
Thurs. Jan. 24, 1907 I chored today.
Fri. Jan. 25, 1907 I chored all day. Doctored Maud today. Found her sick with cllick & bladder trouble.
Sat. Jan. 26, 1907 Maud is bad sick with collick & bladder trouble. Some better today. We went to church in the evening. I went down to B. Gochenhour & fixed the pump. I am dr. to E. Smith for Silinder for pump. pd.
Sun. Jan. 27, 1907 We went up to Sunday School & church. Wood preached in our church. Maud is worse.
Mon. Jan. 28, 1907 I doctored Maud. She is worse today.
Tues. Jan. 29, 1907 Nice. John & I pulled Maud from the stable to the upper part of the barn & loaded her on the wagon with the hay sling. She died last night.
Wed. Jan. 30, 1907 Nice. Lib & I helped Phil Banks butcher. We went to Clunette to church this evening.
Thurs. Jan. 31, 1907 Snowing a little. Lib & I went to Warsaw. We went to G. Dawsons for dinner. I borrowed $100.00 of the State Bank. I paid J. Rough sale note off today. $46.75. Paid the Globe $2.45 for me a pair of pants and John a sweater. Paid Lantz $2.40 for drugs. Paid Y. Morris 75 cts for this book.