Oliver Wallace Diary
January 1909

Fri. Jan 1, 1909 Mild. I was down to Shans a part of the day.
Sat. Jan. 2, 1909 I chored.
Sun. Jan. 3, 1909 Mild. At home all day.
Mon. Jan. 4, 1909 I went with Bill Gokenhour up to Loren Harlands sale. Bought 13 chickens. Paid $4.05 for them. C. Smiths baby died last night.
Tues. Jan. 5, 1909 At home all day. Lib was down to C. Smiths.
Wed. Jan. 6, 1909 We went to Cal Smiths babys funeral.
Thurs. Jan. 7, 1909 Chored 
Fri. Jan. 8, 1909 Chored
Sat. Jan. 9, 1909 Chored
Sun. Jan. 10, 1909 At home all day except up to S. School in the fore noon.
Mon. Jan. 11, 1909 Chored. Odis Seal got the butchering tools. B. Gokenhour paid me what he owed me for rent & pasture $57.15
Tues. Jan. 12, 1909 I helped Ezra butcher one hog up to his place.
Wed. Jan. 13, 1909 I went down to Pelletts sale. Bought a hand corn planter & some old harness. Paid 70 cts for them. George Pellette paid me $2.00 for appraising persinol property. Lond (loaned) W. Tennant $17.00. Pd.
Thurs. Jan. 14, 1909 Lib 7 I went to warsaw. I paid C. Webber 85cts check for vittrified tile.
Fri. Jan. 15, 1909 Chored in the fore noon. Went up to Clunette in the afternoon & paid my teliphone rent $3.10. Pd Mutual Inshurance $5.00. Pd J. Webster for me overhalls. 75 cts.
Sat. Jan. 16, 1909 I took 6 hogs to Leesburg. Weighed 1500. Got 6 cts for them brought $90.00. Solld to C. Powell. Came home & went over to Funks & bought a calf of Eliza Jane. To pay her 15 dollars.
Sun. Jan. 17, 1909 Went up to S. S. & Church. At home the ballance of the day. The boys went over to Eliza J. Funks & brought some of her cattle over.
Mon. Jan. 18, 1909 John & I butchered a calf. F. Correll got 76 lb. Front qtr. C. Renchburg got 71 lb Front qtr. Took F. Funk the hide. Odis Sele got 75 lb hind quarter. Him & Renchburg is dr for theirs. Also F. Funk. Paid Eliza J. Funk $15.00 for the calf I bought of her.
Tues. Jan. 19, 1909 I went to warsaw & got the Broncho shod in front. Pd Conrad & Son 40 cts. Paid Richard & Co for Hopes Rubbers 40 cts. Pd J. Grabner for file 30 cts. Pd Lantz for drugs 5 cts. Pd Wilcox for oil meal 60 cts. Pd. Y. Morris for this book 50 cts.
Wed. Jan. 20, 1909 Lib & I helped W. Tennant butcher. I told Odis Seal he could settle with Ezra for that beef. $4.50. John helped C. Powell today.
Thurs. Jan. 21, 1909 Foggy. At home all day choring. F. Funk came over & paid me for the beef hide. Weighed 38 1/2 lb at 9 cts $3.52. C. Ross tuned the piano. Lib went up to Aron Byrers to the womens aid.
Fri. Jan. 22, 1909 Rainy. Lib & I went down to Shan Dawsons. Shan & I doctored his mule.
Sat. Jan. 23, 1909 Very mild. I trimmed Nelleys feet & chored. The boys cut some fodder.
Sun. Jan. 24, 1909 Warm. We went up to S. School.
Mon. Jan. 25, 1909 I went over to F. Corrells then around by J. Wolfs & J. Rosses then down by S. Linzeys, up by Shans then home. I bought 2 Plymmoth Rock roosters of J. Ross. Pd him 60 cts.
Tues. Jan. 26, 1909 I went down to Bill Gokenhours to see how Clarance was, then back to R. Irvins to see a couple steers. Went from there to warsaw. I bought 2 steers & 6 hogs of F. Correll. Pd him cash $60.00. Dr on the above yet $14.00. To get them tomorrow. Pd. Bradway & Son 85 cts for groceries.
Wed. Jan. 27, 1909 Settled with Ezra in ful today for haying, halling & sheep pasture. Him & I went to his place. He settled up with Seal & Seal settled wth Ezra for 75 lb of beef $4.50. The service of the bull for calf he pad me. Got the 6 hogs & 2 stears that I bought of F. Correll today. I bought 32 chickens of Seal for $18.50.
Thurs. Jan. 28, 1909 I fixed a pair of stylards in the fore noon. Went with Ezra up to his place in the afternoon. Pd O. Seal $18.50 for 32 chickens. I sold them to Ezra for the same. Ezra paid for them.
Fri. Jan. 29, 1909 Snowing. I went down to C. Klingers & settled with him. I owed him 88 cts for cement & gravel. Paid him cash 88 cts.
Sat. Jan. 30, 1909 Chored. It snowed hard all day. About 2 foot of snow fell.
Sat. Jan. 31, 1909 At home all day. Snowed in.