Oliver Wallace Diary
November 1901

Fri. Nov. 1, 1901 Rained a little last night. Elisha & I husked corn in the fore noon. We made sider in the afternoon. Turned the buck (in) with my ewes today.
Sat. Nov. 2, 1901 Husked corn in the forenoon. I went over to Corrells in the afternoon to see his fodder. Bought 100 shocks of him at 8 1/3 cts a shock. Came home & helped take off the apple butter. Paid Elisha Miller $1.00. 
Sun. Nov. 3, 1901 Went up to church & sunday school. Colected some of the moving expenses for the Preacher.
Mon. Nov. 4, 1901 Cold, froze a little & snowed. Elisha & I sorted the sheap & killed a mutton in the forenoon. Took 20 lambs down to the Irvin farm. Sold Cook 2 loads of hogs between 20 & 25 head to deliver them Nov. 11, 1901 at $4.50 per hundred.
Tues. Nov. 5, 1901 I went to warsaw to mill. Took 26 bu of wheat, 4 bu of that for Elisha Miller. I pad Grabner $2.05 for hammer, ax handle, nails, shovel & file. Paid $7.00 for 2000 shingles at the old Mashon lumber yard. Elisha helped Correll shred fodder 1/2 day. Sent Etta $10.00
Wed. Nov. 6, 1901 Frank Cartright shreded fodder for me till noon. Paid him $3.50 F. Correll & Will Widmyer helped with 1 team, John Banks & John Blosser helped with one team. Elisha & I put the apples down seller & hulled walnuts in the afternoon.
Thurs. Nov. 7, 1901 Elisha & I cut some logs in the fore noon. He went down home to throw straw away from around the outside of the straw stack. Paid Elisha $10.00. I gathered some rainbow apples & picked up some walnuts.
Fri. Nov. 8, 1901 Husked corn in the fore noon. Elisha went to warsaw in the afternoon. I sold Elisha the magown cow for $20.00, him to give me $2.50 worth of beef besides. Sold Frank Plummer a calf for $10.50. Settled with H. Bowers this evening. Settled all acck up to date. He was DR to me $1.70. Paid.
Sat. Nov. 9, 1901 Elisha & I killed Lil in the forenoon. He delivered her in the afternoon. She dressed 380 lb. He sold her at 5 1/2 cts 7 6 cts. Elisha missed today. I got my wagon ready to take hogs away Monday. Lib & John took 2 turkeys to warsaw in the afternoon & took Mrs. Rarick & Sintha Malice 1/2 bu of apples apiece. Gave Affa 50 cts.
Sun. Nov. 10, 1901 At home all day. John & Affa went up to the Methodist quarterly conference. I paid C. N. Mull $8.92, the amout I was to collect for moving expenses & parsinnage papering. He was gowing by, him & his wife. He had me to send 75 cts to G. Bittikoffer that amount went to him for parsinage insurance. I sent it with H. Bowers today.
Mon. Nov. 11, 1901 Elisha & I took 25 head of hogs to Atwood in the forenoon. Weighed 5130 lb at $5.50. Sold Cook 6 head more at 5.25. Came home & took them down. Weighed 1490 lb. The 2 lots brought $359.69. 7 of the above was Libs weighed 1427 lb. Came to $83.40. Mine came to $276.29.
Tues. Nov. 12, 1901  Cloudy. Elisha & I husked corn all day.
Wed. Nov. 13, 1901 Elisha & I halled fodder all day. Womans Aid meeting was here. I rented the Irvin house to Degraff today. He paid me $1.50 cash. He is to pay $2.50 per month this winter. & $3.00 during the summer.
Thurs Nov. 14, 1901  Windy & blusterly. Elisha & I went up to H. Browns sale. I bought some crocks. Paid for them & putting up horse 30 cts. Elisha missed today.
Fri. Nov. 15, 1901 Finished husking corn east of the barn. I went to Atwood after Etta. Elisha & I halled in fodder in the afternoon down to his house. Paid. C. Miller 78 cts for tub & coffee. Paid F. Funk $1.00 for barrel of salt.
Sat. Nov. 16, 1901 Elisha & I helped Bankses husk corn with team all day. Lizza & Elsa Black was there. Corrells was over in the evning. Him & I settled up. I owed him for 100 shocks of fodder. $8.30 plus one hand 1/2 day. 50 cts. Total $8.80. He owed me for groceries $2.90, 2 calves $2.00, 2 brood sows $1.00. Total $5.90. Ballance due Correll $3.90. Paid the above in cash today. 
Sun. Nov. 17, 1901 Went up to church at night. Collected some of the Elder money. John & Affa took Etta back to Bourbon today. I gave Etta $30.00 to pay tuition & board.
Mon. Nov. 18, 1901 Correll & I went over to H. Bowers woods & estimated the Andrews buz poles in the pile. Estimated them at 190 cords. Correll went to Atwood & bought the above poles to pay $65.00 dollars for them. Me to pay half of it & get half of the wood. Elisha helped Banks husk corn today. Lib & I went to warsaw to make the deed to the Marrion Land. Ezra was not at home & we couldent tend to it. I put 350 dollars on deposit in the Lake City Bank. Elisha helped Bankses husk today. 
Tues. Nov. 19, 1901 I gave F. Correll $32.50 to pay Andrews for Buz Poles. I halled in 3 loads of corn today. Al in the East field. Widmyer moved out of my house yesterday & H. Becraft moved in yesterday to pay $2.50 per month. Elisha missed today. Helped Mrs. Snider butcher today.
Wed. Nov. 20, 1901 Lib & I went to warsaw to sign the Marion deed. I got Dale & Paul a coat at Phillipsons to pay $1.80 for the two. Elisha missed today.
Thur. Nov. 21, 1901 I went up to Rob Wallaces woods to help cut wood for the church. Elisha missed today. 
Fri. Nov. 22, 1901 Lib & I went to Bankses. Was there for dinner. Sam Wallace & wife was there. They went away before dinner. Lizza & Elsa Black was there. They went home this evening. Ant (?) went along.Wash came up to see Pedro. Elisha missed today. 
Sat. Nov. 23, 1901 At home all day choring. Went to Bankses in the evening after beef. Them & us bought a quarter of P. Brown. I got half. Paid B. Banks $2.76 for the beef. Elisha came up this evening. I settled up with him. His work came to $109.90. Paid him $88.00. Remainder $21.90. I owed him for 75 cts, one bu of potatoes. He was DR for eggs 2.37 & medicine. Paid him cash $15.00. Ballance due him $5.28 to the above date. (Pd the above Jan. 10, 1902.)
Sun. Nov. 24, 1901 At home all day. John & Affa are out to F. Pinkertons.
Mon. Nov. 25, 1901  Went over to F. Rinks and got 6 turkeys weighed 69 lb at 7 cts $4.83. Paid $4.25 cash. Dr. 58 cts.Went down to Elishas & brought the cow & stear home. I stoped at Bankses & got the beef & bought a stear calf today $12.00. Took Elisha & wife to Leesberg in the afternoon. Will Hall & wife brought 2 turkeys down weighed 29 lb at 8 cts $2.32. Lib is DR for the same.
Tues. Nov. 26, 1901 I helped Lib dress 8 turkeys & take them to warsaw. Brought $8.85 at 12 1/2 cts. I spent $1.00 for mittens & John over halls at the Globe.
Wed. Nov. 27, 1901 I fixed the gate & took Lib down to Bankses. She helped Bankses dress turkeys. Dale & I went to the Irvin farm. I patched the roof on the house. Frank Pinkerton came down to see me. I bought 2 yearling stears of him. Rose Pinkerton stade here over night & John went out with Frank to help him fetch the stears down.
Thurs. Nov. 28, 1901 Thanksgiving day. Shans came up. Rose Pinkerton staid over night last night. John went home with Frank. They brought the 2 yearling stears down that I bought of him yesterday. Pd. $3.25 cts per hundred. Weighed 1540 lb the two came to $50.05. I am DR for the same. 
Fri. Nov. 29, 1901  John Harman was up & paid me for the seed wheat he got of me. 40 bu at 67 1/2 cts $27.00. I & the boys took 3 stears down to the Irvin farm & brought 3 calves home. Etta & I went to Clunette. I collected Elders sallery. Homer Becraft paid me $1.00 the ballance that was due on one month rent.
Sat. Nov. 30, 1901  I went over to Millards & him & I went over to Ezras to divide up the proseads of the Marrion Farm. We have sold it for 25 hundred in cash. Dident get through. I paid Phillipson $2.25 for Pauls & Dales coats I got there. Paid it to Kintzell. Johns a pair of over halls included in the above.