Oliver Wallace Diary
November 1902

Sat. Nov. 1, 1902 Painted all day. 
Sun. Nov. 2, 1902 Went up to Sunday School & Church 
Mon. Nov. 3, 1902 Lib & I went to warsaw. I paid my taxes $38.75. Libs & mine together. Settled with Wimer for 4 bl & 35 lb of cement. He throwed off 1 bl for the bl of Ababastine he gave me by mystake. Paid him $7.35. Paid the Globe Clothiers for Paul a suit & John over halls $4.00. Paid Allmans for groseries 75 cts. Settled with Dr. Donald. Paid him $5.25.
Tues. Nov. 4, 1902 Fixed the corn crib & painted till noon. Went to Atwood to the election in the afternoon. Paid McKinley 63 cts for sugar & coffee. Paid J. Ross $6.00.
Wed. Nov. 5, 1902 Rainy. Dan & I maid horse stalls in the new barn.
Thurs. Nov. 6, 1902 Dan halled in corn. I made cow stalls in the new barn.
Fri. Nov. 7, 1902 Dan halled in corn & I fixed the corn cribs. Painted a little in the evening.
Sat. Nov. 8, 1902 I went to warsaw with Shan Dawson. Went over to settle for the thrashing machine. Got the money all in & left it to the companys credit. I borrowed $200.00 of the State Bank for 30 days. Paid to the Port Huron thrashing Co. $195.88. Paid Dan Blosser $3.50.
Sun. Nov. 9, 1902 (no entry)
Mon. Nov. 10, 1902 I made cow troughs in the fore noon & painted in the afternoon.
Tues. Nov. 11, 1902 Dan took Belma Huber a load of wood 1 1/4 cords sold for $2.19. Paid Foke 55 cts for grinding. F. Correll paid me 32. 48 dollars thrasher money. Bob Irvin paid me for 5 bu & 55 lb of seed wheat he had got of me. $4.95.
Wed. Nov. 12, 1902 I painted 1/2 day. Dan halled in corn.
Thurs. Nov. 13, 1902 I painted all day. Dan Blosser helped F. Correll husk corn with team all day.
Fri. Nov. 14, 1902 I painted till noon. Dan helped F. Correll husk corn 1/2 day with team. Rained 1/2 day.
Sat. Nov. 15, 1902 I went to warsaw with F. Correll to see about the thrashing machine notes.
Sun. Nov. 16, 1902 Went up to Sunday School. Paid H. Bitticoffer $2.00 on lamps for church. Paid quarterilage to W. Hall $2.50. Affa & John went down to Bourbon. I sent Etta $10.00.
Mon. Nov. 17, 1902 We cleaned up in the Grange hall. Filled up wheat & put some in the bin. I made cow stalls in the barn.
Tues. Nov. 18, 1902 I went down to the Irvin farm & settled up with Homer Becraft. Settled his rent up till today. Amount of rent $33.50. Paid me cash $2.34. One bu. onions 40 cts.Acck on J. Cummings $4.77. Work came to $15.67. Paid when he rented $2.50. Paid Mrs.Will Hall 50 cts preacher money paid her 25 cts for Dan Blosser. Bought a calf of D. S. Dawson. Paid him $5.00. 
Wed. Nov. 19, 1902 I took 54 bu of wheat to warsaw. Sold 2 oads to Foke at 70 cts & bought 1 ton of midling at $16 per ton of him. Brought 1000 lb home with me $37.80 for wheat. Paid the Globe 50 cts for over halls & 10 cts for gloves. Paid Lunch 75 cts for Eska Food.
Thurs. Nov. 20, 1902 Dan took a load of wheat to warsaw 50 bu at 70 cts $36.05. Paid Foke & Co. $16.00 for midlings. Settled with Cummings Paid him 29.81 for husking corn. He paid me rent up to the 18 of Nov. 1902 $4.77.
Fri. Nov. 21, 1902 We graded at the west end of the barn. Dan helped C. Powell thrash corn 1/4 day. I patched the roof on the old barn in the afternoon. 
Sat. Nov. 22, 1902 Dan & I helped C. Powell shred corn all day with team. I sent $24. dollars along with F. Correll to warsaw to pay the interest on the machine notes. John Banks settled for the seed wheat they got of me. 53 bu 19 lb. at 70 cts $37.32.
Sun. Nov. 23, 1902 (no entry) 
Mon. Nov. 24, 1902 Dan & I graded around the barn. Mrs. Cummings helped the women work today.
Tues. Nov. 25, 1902 Dan graded & I helped kill & clean 7 turkeys. Lib & Affa took them to warsaw in the after noon. I gave Affa $2.00. I gave Lib $1.00. I went down & bought some soft corn at George Dawsons. Lumped it off at $8.00. Paid him the above. 
Wed. Nov. 26, 1902 I went to Atwood after Etta. Dan halled a load of corn from Shans in the fore noon & him & I halled the ballance in the afternoon & got 3 turkeys of Alice at 10 cts per lb. $3.85.
Thurs Nov. 27, 1902  Lib took 3 turkeys to warsaw & brought Anna Huber home with her.
Fri. Nov. 28, 1902  Snow 5 or 6 in. I went to Atwood in the afternoon to see about selling some beef. Sold E. Person 1 quarter & hide. Paid McMakinley 79 cts.
Sat. Nov. 29, 1902 I killed Tot today. Dan & H. Bowers helped 1/2 day. Soled Correll 100 lb, fore quarter at 4 cts, W. L. Banks hind quarter at 5 cts 113 lb $5.65. Ed Person hind quarter at 6 cts 114 lb 6.84 & the hide at 7 cts weighed 60 lb $4.20. total to Person $11.04.
Sun. Nov. 30, 1902 Paid H. Bowers 47 cts for 20 lb of cement that I had got of him. H. Bowers paid me 25 cts for beef. I paid D. Blosser $50.00. Paid F. Funk 75 cts for block salt.