Oliver Wallace Diary
November 1903

Sun. Nov. 1, 1903 At home all day.
Mon. Nov. 2, 1903 Dan & I husked shocked corn in the forenoon. Henry Zimmerman & H. Beck got their Bk lambs. H. Beck weighed 120 lb. H. Zimmermans weighed 100 lb at $4.75 per 100. Traded with Beck. Gave him 47 cts to boot between 2 wethers lambs & mine. H. Zimmerman pd $3.75. Dr. $1.00
Tues. Nov. 3, 1903 We had a thrasher meeting last night. Dan & I husked corn all day. Received $37.50 froom the Clunette Thrasher Co. for work.
Wed. Nov. 4, 1903  Dan & I husked corn. I gave Affa $1.00
Thurs. Nov. 5, 1903 Dan & I husked corn till noon for me. Then we helped F. Correll shred corn in the afternoon.
Fri. Nov. 6, 1903  Dan & I helped F. Correll husk corn & shred fodder till noon. We husked at home in the afternoon.
Sat. Nov. 7, 1903 I husked corn till noon then Lib & I went to warsaw. I paid the Globe for under ware for the boys & me $4.10.
Sun. Nov. 8, 1903 Went to Sunday School then went to F. Corrells for dinner. J. Hall paid me $13.10 for thrashing clover seed. $9 his & $4.10 Wills.
Mon. Nov. 9, 1903 I husked corn all day. Dan helped Bankses in the afternoon.
Tues. Nov. 10, 1903 S. Goshard husked corn for me 10 hours with his husker. 2 hands & team from Bankses & 2 hands & team from Corrells. 
Wed. Nov. 11, 1903 Rain. Dan halled a load of wood from the Irvin farm. I picked apples. I paid S. Goshard $15.00. for husking corn yesterday. 
Thurs. Nov. 12, 1903 Dan & I husked corn all day.
Fri. Nov. 13, 1903 Dan & I husked corn all day.
Sat. Nov. 14, 1903 Dan husked corn till noon then he went to warsaw. The boys & I husked all day.
Sun. Nov. 15, 1903 Went to Sunday School. Went up to church at night.
Mon. Nov. 16, 1903 Rain. Husked corn till noon. I helped C. Powell kill a beef.
Tues. Nov. 17, 1903 Husked corn all day. Paid C. Powell 75 cts for beef. 
Wed. Nov. 18, 1903 Husked corn all day. 
Thurs. Nov. 19, 1903 Cold. Went dow to the Irvin farm and bbrought 10 head of cattle home & a load of wood. Paid W. Gochenhour $40.00 on note. Husked corn in the afternoon.
Fri. Nov. 20, 1903 Husked corn in the afternoon. Gave Affa $10.80. 
Sat. Nov. 21, 1903 We husked corn all day. 
Sun. Nov. 22, 1903 Went to Sunday School. I collected preacher money.
Mon. Nov. 23, 1903 Finished husking corn. 4 of Corrells helped me all day.
Tues. Nov. 24, 1903 I helped Correll bale hay 1/2 day. Dan helpd 3/4 day. I dressed 4 turkeys for Lib before I went to Corrells.
Wed. Nov. 25, 1903  I went to Warsaw to mill. Lib took her turkeys over - 10 head. I paid $4.00 Shoes & overs to Hafer & Richardson. Correll & I went down to the Irvin farm & brought our cattle home. I settled with Correll. He was DR to me for calf pasture $16.90, shipped, $8.98, Straw $2.80. total $28.68.
Thurs. Nov. 26, 1903 Went rabbit hunting in the forenoon. I helped Correll butcher a beef. I settled up with D. Blosser. Owed him $94.27, paid him cash. $15.00 & $1.00 acct on Isaac Blosser ballance due him to late $78.27.
Fri. Nov. 27, 1903 I helped Banks husk corn with Harmans husker all day. Paid D. Blosser $16.00.
Sat. Nov. 28, 1903  Lib & I went out to the Point (Stony Point) to quarterly meeting. Paid $3.00 to the Preacher.
Sun. Nov. 29, 1903 Snowed a little. At home all day. 
Mon. Nov. 30, 1903 Lib & I went down to the Irvin farm & brought Ezras & my colts home in the fore noon. Went with Fred Clinger rabbit hunting a couple hours, then got ready to take my hogs away.