Oliver Wallace Diary
November 1904

Tues. Nov. 1, 1904 No school today. I and the children husked corn.
Wed. Nov. 2, 1904 I husked corn. L. Ripple & Allen were out to see about the husker we bought of Lennard. They went to Atwood & unloaded it. No school today.
Thur. Nov. 3, 1904 J. Harman & I went to warsaw & bought the husker. 
Fri. Nov. 4, 1904 Correll & I went to Atwood & brought the husker up. 2 teams, one of mine & 1 of his. I helped Renchberger husk corn this afternoon with team.
Sat. Nov. 5, 1904 I helped Renchberger husk corn with 2 hands & 2 teams in the fore noon & till 3 oclock in the afternoon. John helped Phil Banks husk with team & 2 hands.. Pd Rev. Fink my quarterlage $3.00. I got 25 bu & 60 lb corn from Renchberger at 40 cts.
Sun. Nov. 6, 1904  Fine. At home all day.
Mon. Nov. 7, 1904 I helped C. Powell husk corn with team all day. Homer & Corrells hand halled 3 loads of the Rarick hay.
Tues. Nov. 8, 1904 Correll halled the hay I got of Mrs. Rarick today. 5 & 2 loads today.
Wed. Nov. 9, 1904 I helped run the shredder today.
Thurs Nov. 10, 1904  I husked corn in the north field.
Fri. Nov. 11, 1904 I helped husk corn with the husker $1.50. I paid Summers $30.00 on the corn I got of him. Me to pay $3.00 to the husker co. for him then I owe him $11.00 yet. I got 110 bu of corn at 40 cts. Pd the above Jan. 9, 1905. Correll paid me for the hay I took to Atwood $6.73. 
Sat. Nov. 12, 1904 I husked corn with the husker all day. 3 hands from Corrells, 1 hand from Bankses & Harmans, 1 hand from Pellets, 1 from Becks, 1 from Sherman Irvin, 1 from Renchbergs, 1 from C. Powells.
Sun. Nov. 13, 1904 Went to church & sunday school.
Mon. Nov. 14, 1904  I helped run the husker today at Sherman Irwins. John helped Sherman.
Tues. Nov. 15, 1904 Lib, John & I husked corn in the north field till 3 oclock then him & I helped H. Beck husk corn. 
Wed. Nov. 16, 1904 John & I helped H. Beck husk corn all day with team.
Thurs. Nov. 17, 1904 I killed a sheap this morning then John & I finished husking in the North field in the forenoon. We halled in a load from the north field in the afternoon, then we went down to the Powell place & husked a load about 30 bu. 
Fri. Nov. 18, 1904  I went with J. Harmon & F. Carrell up to J. Meeks to take the broken ___ wheels off the husker. Correll & I cleaned out the engine till noon. We husked corn. John & Lib in the fore noon & all three of us in the afternoon down to the Powell place 60 bu.
Sat. Nov. 19, 1904 John, Paul & I husked about 60 bu of corn down to the Powell Place. Ezra, Em & Ethel Wallace was here over night & went out to Roudolph Rinkkenbergs wifes funeral on Sunday.
Sun. Nov. 20, 1904 Went to Sunday School
Mon. Nov. 21, 1904 Husked corn in the forenoon 1 load 30 bu. Lib & John husked in the afternoon 25 bu. I went with F. Correll up to J. Meeks to put the repairs on the husker 1/2 day.
Tues. Nov. 22, 1904  John & I husked corn in the forenoon 30 bu & about 10 bu in the afternoon from the Powell place. John went after the school children for Phil Banks. I helped him husk corn about 2 hours.
Wed. Nov. 23, 1904 I helped Phil Banks husk corn 3/4 day then went to Dave Pellets & helped him the rest of the day.
Thurs. Nov. 24, 1904 I helped David Pellette husk corn till noon with the team. The husker went from there to J. Irvins & husked the rest of the day. I helped him.
Fri. Nov. 25, 1904 I helped feed the husker today & John helped J. Irvin & Harmon 1/2 day each.
Sat. Nov. 26, 1904 John took the minister 1 1/4 cords of wood. F. Correll & I settled work to date. I am DR to him to date $28.29. me to pay Mrs. Rarick $13.56 for him. Ballance I owe him. $14.73.
Sun. Nov. 27, 1904 At hime all day.
Mon. Nov. 28, 1904 I helped feed the corn husker today at John Harmans. Will Gokenhour helped Harmon husk corn for me today.
Tues. Nov. 29, 1904 I fed the corn husker today at John Harmons. Will Gokenhour helped J. Harmon husk corn for me 1/2 day today.
Wed. Nov. 30, 1904 I fed the corn husker today at H. Pelletts. Will Gokenhour helped John Harman husk corn for me 1/2 day today. Will helped Pellette for himself.