Oliver Wallace Diary
November 1905

Wed. Nov. 1, 1905 Husked corn all day. I brought my cattle home from Bill Gochenhours this morning then husked corn. I went down to Bills in the evening and got my feed rack.
Thurs. Nov. 2, 1905  Husked corn all day.
Fri. Nov. 3, 1905 Husked corn all day.
Sat. Nov. 4, 1905 Husked corn all day. Went over to Corrells in the evening.
Sun. Nov. 5, 1905  Rainy, At home all day. There 8 girls here from Bremen.
Mon. Nov. 6, 1905 Husked corn. The thrasher Co. had a meeting tonight over to F. Corrells. Paid the thrasher Co. for thrashing besides mine & Johns work $9.95 
Tues. Nov. 7, 1905 We husked corn. Phil Banks & John Blosser with their team till noon then John Blosser went over to help H. Beck husk in the afternoon. Phil helped all day.
Wed. Nov. 8, 1905 Phil Banks helped husk corn all day. Bloxxer 1/2 day, then him & John went to help Beck husk with the husker. Phil & I finished the stalk corn today. We hae got __ shocks yet then we are done.
Thurs. Nov. 9, 1905 I went down to B. Gochenhours and got a load of wood, then halled corn from Ransbergs in the afternoon. I bought Mrs. Summers share and one load from Rancberg. 
Fri. Nov. 10, 1905 I helped Rancberg husk till 10 oclock then went to Powells. John & I both helped him the rest of the day.
Sat. Nov. 11, 1905 John & I helped Phil Banks husk corn till noon with the team with the husker. H. Pellett had a sick horse here. Had the collick. Maby was out to see him. It died about 7 oclock in the evening. He paid me 50 cts for my work.
Sun. Nov. 12, 1905 At home all day. Pellets berried their horse today.
Mon. Nov. 13, 1905 John & I halled fodder today.
Tues. Nov. 14, 1905  John & I halled fodder till noon. We helped Phil Banks husk off of the stalks in the afternoon. 
Wed. Nov. 15, 1905 John & I helped Phil Banks finish husking corn today till 4 oclock then we halled in his at the Powell place. I bought Johns share 40 bu & 20 lb at 30 cts $12.10 Pd. 
Thurs. Nov. 16, 1905  John helped H. Pellett husk corn today with team about 1/2 day.
Fri. Nov. 17, 1905  John helped C. Powell work today. I chored. I sold Graffis my clover seed today at $7.10 per bu to deliver it next Monday. 
Sat. Nov. 18, 1905 I went over to H. Bowers & got 12 turkeys. F. Correll & I went to warsaw in the afternoon. Paid Levy 40 cts for beef. I gave Etta $2.00.
Sun. Nov. 19, 1905 At home all day. Went to Sunday School. 
Mon. Nov. 20, 1905  I paid John Wallace $12.08 for 40 bu & 20 lb of corn for going with the machine. $8.75 For helping Pellet husk corn .75 cts.$1.90 off for thrashing bill. Total $19.68.
Tues. Nov. 21, 1905 F. Correll & I went down & bought a bull & 3 stears of Baringar. Correll paid him $100.00 for them. We brought them home with us, weighed them at Bankses. The bull weighed 1030, the three stears weighed 2530. We butchered one of the stears, dressed 507 lb. I got one front quarter weighed 131 lb. I paid P. Banks 20 cts weigh bill. 
Wed. Nov. 22, 1905  I went over to Cal Smiths & tended 3 calves this morning. Came back & cut up beef over at Corrells. I took my clover seed to Atwood in the afternoon. Took 1 hind quarter of beef & the hide down to Hepler. Got 9 cts for the hide & 6 cts for the beef.
Thurs. Nov. 23, 1905 I cut up some beef here at home. Phil Banks got 24 1/2 lb of 7 cts beef $1.70. Dr for the same. I went to Atwood & finished cleaning my seed I had 16 bu & 16 lb of prime seed & 100 lb of cleanings. I sold 14 bu & 26 lb of prime at $7.10. Brought $102.40. Correll bailed 203 bales of Timothy hay for me today. John Wallace & John Blosser helped him.
Fri. Nov. 24, 1905 At home. Chored. John worked the roads all day with team. Mom went over to C. Rosses. Their Baby died today.
Sat. Nov. 25, 1905 I helped F. Corrells stack fodder 1/2 day. Chored in the afternoon. John worked the roads all day with team.
Sun. Nov. 26, 1905 Went to Charley Rosses Babys funeral. I took Charley, his wife & Catt Byer in the carriage. Mr. Mull preached the funeral. Lib stade there & got dinner for them.
Mon. Nov. 27, 1905 John worked the roads with team all day. Rev. Mull & wife were here for dinner. Paul took them up to Cate Byrers. George Dawson & wife was here for dinner.
Tues. Nov. 28, 1905 John worked the roads all day. Paid C. Ransburg for 26 bu & 3 lb of corn at 40 cts $10.75. I helped Lib put down linolium in the dining room. 
Wed. Nov. 29, 1905 I halled 6 oads of gravel on the road betwen the pit & George Bittikoffers house. Lib & John went to warsaw. I sent Mrs. Summers the money for her corn 97 bu & 41 lb $39.57 at 40 cts. 
Thurs. Nov. 30, 1905 I helped shred fodder at Rob Irvins all day. Lib & the children went to Bill Gochenhours. Rob Irvin paid $30 on his thrashing today. John went hunting with Bill & Shan. Pd Whetstone for oil 40 cts.