Oliver Wallace Diary
November 1906

Thurs. Nov. 1, 1906 I helped fix the husker in the fore noon & helped John husk corn in the afternoon. Him & I husked 13 rows.
Fri. Nov. 2, 1906 John & I helped P. Banks husk corn with team all day.
Sat. Nov. 3, 1906 I went down to the widow Hoffers to see a buck sheap. Went from there to warsaw & bought him of Joseph Hoffer. Pd him $10.00 for him. Came home & went after him. I gave John $2.00. Paid Ezra 75 cts for sweet potatoes. Got my dinner there. Paul & Dale got a load of corn from Gochenhours.
Sun. Nov. 4, 1906 At home all day. 
Mon. Nov. 5, 1906 I helped H. Beck husk corn 3/4 day then I went down to B. Gochenhours & got about 50 bu of corn. John turned the buck (out) with my sheap today.
Tues. Nov. 6, 1906 I went to Atwood to vote. Went down as far as Bills & went from there with George Dawson. Came back & brought a load of corn from Bills with me. Total from there about 225 bu. The county went Democratic.
Wed. Nov. 7, 1906 John & I husked corn down to the Powell place. Brought 2 loads home today about 100 bu. 
Thurs. Nov. 8, 1906 John & I husked corn down to the Powell place. Brought about 100 bu home today.
Fri. Nov. 9, 1906 John & I husked corn down to the Powell place. we brought home about 135 bu today. 
Sat. Nov. 10, 1906 Paul, John & I husked corn in the fore noon. Brought 1 load home 50 bu. I stopped at Phil Bankses sale. Paid 20 cts for my dinner . We dident husk in the afternoon. Was at Phils sale.
Sun. Nov. 11, 1906 At home all day went to church in the evening.
Mon. Nov. 12, 1906 Damp & chilly. John & I cleaned the hen house in the forenoon. John husked corn in the afternoon. I went to Clunette in the afternoon.
Tues. Nov. 13, 1906 Damp & chilly. Lib & I went over to Millards. Lonzo got kecked with a horse in the face. Was there all day.
Wed. Nov. 14, 1906 John & I husked corn at the Powell place. We brought about 90 bu home. 
Thurs. Nov. 15, 1906 John & I finished husking shock corn in the forenoon. I went to warsaw in the afternoon & got Affa a trunk. Paid the globe $7.00 for it. Paid Richardson $1.25 for Hope shoes. Brought 60 bu of corn from the Powell place today. 
Fri. Nov. 16, 1906 John & I husked corn finished today. We brought home from the Powell place about 75 bu.
Sat. Nov. 17, 1906 Rainy. I took Affas trunk to warsaw today. She & the Byrer girl started to Angola to school today. I gave her $35.00. I paid Richardson & Co. $6.00 for Paul & my knit boots & overhalls.
Sun. Nov. 18, 1906 Rainy. We went over to H. Bowers.
Mon. Nov. 19, 1906 I went up to Clunette to help with the church. I cemented the north side the second coat. 
Tues. Nov. 20, 1906 Rainy. I took the children to school this morning, then went up to Clunette & helped put the seats down in the church.
Wed. Nov. 21, 1906 Rainy. I chored in the fore noon. Took some corn down to my cattle in the afternoon. The wind blew hard about all day. Harry Bittikoffer pd me $30.00 belonging to the young peoples aid to apply on the church. I paid H. Bittikoffer $1.60 that I owed him on hogs.
Thurs. Nov. 22, 1906 I churned & helped Lib in the fore noon. Fixed fence in the afternoon. 
Fri. Nov. 23, 1906 I fixed the roof on the Irvin house. Bill Gochenhour is sick today. John & Dale halled 2 loads of wood from the Irvin place. Lib took the teacher to warsaw. She was sick. Gave Paul $1.00 to get a cap with.
Sat. Nov. 24, 1906  We went down to the Irvin place & got a load of wood & brought the cattle home in the fore noon. B. Gochenhour has the Tiphoid fever. Paul & Dale went down to the Powell place & got about 35 bu of corn that Miner husked. There is some down there yet. I gave John $2.00. He went to warsaw in the afternoon.
Sun. Nov. 25, 1906 At home all day. Lib & Mary went down to see Trella.
Mon. Nov. 26, 1906 Lib & I went out to the Weaver sale 1/2 mile west of Isaac Powells. The wimmons aid had the dinners to serve. They took in $17.00. Paid for my dinner. 15 cts.
Tues. Nov. 27, 1906 I helped W. Tennant hall fodder till noon then went down to Shans. Lib & I was down to Shans from 11 till 3 last night. Trella died about 9 oclock last night. Lib & I went down to Shans in the afternoon.
Wed. Nov. 28, 1906 I went over to Millards. Lonzo & I went down to the Pleasant View to show Blogget where to dig the grave. Came back & went to Shans.
Thurs. Nov. 29, 1906 I stade with B. Gochenhour while Ida went to the funeral. Bill was some better.
Fri. Nov. 30, 1906 Paul, Dale & I went down to John Brants & got the calf I bought of him. Paid him $13.50 for it. F. Correll & I butchard it in the afternoon. I sold Correll one half of it for $6.50. Sold J. Harmon hind quarter 63 lb $3.50. Sold F. Funk the hide at 10 1/2 cts per lb.