Oliver Wallace Diary
November 1907

Fri. Nov. 1, 1907 Rainy. Fed my cattle & tied some fodder. Gave John 75 cts.
Sat. Nov. 2, 1907 I went to warsaw & paid my taxes. $38.50. Paid Libs taxes $6.60. Paid Richardson $2.25 for Dale Macnaugh socks & overs. Pd. Borkey for coal oil 60cts.
Sun. Nov. 3, 1907 I went down to the Powell place & fed my cattle then went over to J. Harmons to see a sick cow. Gave John 25 cts.
Mon. Nov. 4, 1907 Husked corn. I went down & fed my cattle then went out & paid Harve Shank for the sow & 4 pigs that I got at the sale. Ezra sent his money with me to pay for the hogs I bought for him. Mine was $18.50. His was $89.70. Pd him $100. Dr to him $3.00. I paid H. Bowers $2.00. He sent for the Record Herrald for me for 1 year. Paid H. Bowers $8.00 on my 1907 thrashing bill. 
Tues. Nov. 5, 1907 Husked corn in the afternoon. Walter Tennant paid his thrashing bill $9.72 to me & paid me 98 cts on his acct. 
Wed. Nov. 6, 1907  We husked corn. 
Thurs. Nov. 7, 1907 I took 6 hogs to Atwood weighed 1160 at $5.50 per hundred $63.60. Paid E. Smith for axle for riding plow $1.50, for nails .40 cts. Total $1.90. Paid E. Person 40 cts. for beef.
Fri. Nov. 8, 1907 Husked corn & halled in some.
Sat. Nov. 9, 1907 I went down to B. Gokenhours & opened up the outlet of the spring in the forenoon. Helped the boys husk corn in the afternoon.
Sun. Nov. 10, 1907  We went to Sunday School & church. Came home, Ezras was here. Millard & Sade came in the afternoon. Paid G. Bittikoffer $1.00 on the parsonage expense.
Mon. Nov. 11, 1907 Cold. Husked corn.
Tues. Nov. 12, 1907 John & I husked corn at home in the forenoon & helped C. Powell husk with the husker in the afternoon with the team.
Wed. Nov. 13, 1907 Chored in the forenoon. Husked corn in the afternoon. 
Thurs. Nov. 14, 1907 John & I husked corn. Husked 2 loads. I went down & fed my cattle & filled the tank in the evening. Lib went up to George Bittikoffers to Aid. She paid Rev. Richart for the Telescope & the Life of Elder Tomas $2.50. Lib paid E. Whetstone for groceries $2.93.
Fri. Nov. 15, 1907 John & I husked corn.
Sat. Nov. 16, 1907 John & the boys husked corn. John went to warsaw in the afternoon. Gave him $10.00. Pd J. Miner $10.00. He had husked 121 shocks of corn at 5 1/2 cts. & is to husk the rest of the field. Paul, Dale & I went to the Irvin farm & brought about 50 bu of corn home. 
Sun. Nov. 17, 1907  We went up to S. School. Came home & B. Gokenhours was here today. Went to prayer meeting in the evening.
Mon. Nov. 18, 1907 John & I finished husking corn east of the old barn & we brought my cattle from the Powell place. In the evening got the heifer out of J. Harmon's pasture that I bought at the Edler sale. Oscar Correll brought a load of the Mrs. Summers corn. $32.50, Fare $13.80. 25 bu 70 lb.
Tues. Nov. 19, 1907 I fixed the fence around the old barn lot in the forenoon. John & I helped F. Correll husk corn with the team. 
Wed. Nov. 20, 1907  Rainy. John & I halled in one load of corn. 
Thurs. Nov. 21, 1907  John & I fixed up some fence & put up some wire between the little field & the field East of the old barn.
Fri. Nov. 22, 1907 I finished the fence between the little corn field and the field east of the old barn in the fore noon. I went to warsaw to mill. Paid Dan Blosser $2.50. Paid F. Correll $14.25 for the heifer I got at the Shank sale. Oscar Correll brought me a load of the Summers corn. 3530 less wagon 1380. 2150 lbs.  
Sat. Nov. 23, 1907 The boys halled a load of wood then John & I went down to the Irvin farm & got about 50 bu corn in the forenoon. Went back in the afternoon & got about that much more. I brought my sheap home from C. Klingers.
Sun. Nov. 24, 1907 At home all day. Went to prayer meeting in the evening.
Mon. Nov. 25, 1907 I went down to B. Gokenhours & got about 50 bu corn the last load. I got about 200 bu from their this year. John & I halled 2 loads from the Powell place in the afternoon. I bought one load of John 48 bu to pay him 45 cts per bu. I settled with C. Klinger for weighing up to the present time. Pd him 50 cts. I paid John Kirkendall $10.00 on my thrashing bill. 
Tues. Nov. 26, 1907 Fine. I changed Johns & Ezras hogs from the old barn lot to the lane & put mine in the lot. Put clamps on the colt. I am going to try to clamp a piece of the rectum.
Wed. Nov. 27, 1907 Windy. I went up to C. Polands & sold him a little over a cord of wood for $1.35. We put about 40 bu of Libs corn in my west crib today.
Thurs. Nov. 28, 1907 Very nice. This is Thanksgiving day. I filled 2 boxes one for Etta & one for Affa. I put 40 lb of walnuts, 20 lb Hicory nuts, a few hazle nuts, 5 lbs of Butter, some popcorn & sweet corn in Ettas. I filled Affas with 40 lb walnuts, 20 lb of Hicory nuts, a few Hazle nuts, some sweet corn & pop corn. John went to Warsaw. Gave him $1.00. Poland brought me 2 loads of the Summers corn. 1 load 22 bu & 17 lb, 2 load 23 bu & 34 lb total from Polands 45 bu & 51 lb.
Fri. Nov. 29, 1907 I killed Pauls calf & I took J. Harmon 1 quarter 40 lb & F. Correll 1 quarter 43 lb. I took the boxes to Atwood to send to Etta & Affa. Pd 50 cts freight. I paid Ida Gokenhour 76 cts on a pair of overalls for Mary.
Sat. Nov. 30, 1907 I went to warsaw with Walter Tennant. I paid Mrs. Fitch $10.00 on the corn I bought of her at 42 & 45 cts. 42 cts for what Correll raised & 45 cts for what C. Poland raised. We was at G. Dawsons for dinner. John & Paul halled 2 loads of fodder from the Powell place.