Oliver Wallace Diary
November 1908

Sun. Nov. 1, 1908 Went to Sunday School
Mon. Nov. 2, 1908 Went to Atwood & J. Wolf & I put up the Election Booths & so forth.
Tues. Nov. 3, 1908 I went to Atwood. I was Inspector on the election bord. Pd. J. W. Ross $4.25, W. A. Hissong $4.30, J. E. Dunnick $4.00. C. A. Rovenstine $4.00. W. H. Klinger $3.00. Peter Mewcome $8.00. 22 meals $7.70. Total $30.25. Borrowed of J. C. Wolf $15.00.
Wed. Nov. 4, 1908  Was in Warsaw. J. Wolf, J. Plummer & I canvised the township. Vote: W. Anglin was elected trustee by 9 majority. J. Harmon was elected sessor by about 26 or 28 majority.
Thurs. Nov. 5, 1908 At home. Worked at my water tank smoothing it up.
Fri. Nov. 6, 1908 Chored around. Bill brought me 2 loads of corn.
Sat. Nov. 7, 1908 Worked at the cistern in the fore noon. Went to warsaw in the afternoon. Filed my expenses for the election.
Sun. Nov. 8, 1908 Went to S. School
Mon. Nov. 9, 1908 Worked at the pipe put it in the cistern.
Tues. Nov. 10, 1908  I went to Warsaw. Pd the Globe $1.25. Pd Rutter for nails 25 cts. Oscar came out with me. Paid my taxes $38.70. Paid warsaw lumber co. for lime 45 cts.
Wed. Nov. 11, 1908 Ezra & Em were here. Oscar worked at the cubbard.
Thurs. Nov. 12, 1908 I fixed the stone wall under the wood house. Sold C. Powell 17 hogs at $5.25. Oscar & John helped C. Renchburg husk corn today.
Fri. Nov. 13, 1908 Oscar helped husk corn. I took 17 hogs to Leesburg weighed 2590 lb at $5.25. Brought $135.97. Sold to C. Powe. Paid L. Harmon my thrash bill $62.06. Paid W. Tennants that he paid me #28.94. Settled for my work $3.00. He settled with me for helping him hull seed. $1.00. L. Harmon is DR $20. to me.
Sat. Nov. 14, 1908 Oscar & I helped W. Tennant husk corn today. John went to Elcart. I gave him $10.00. The Bronco kicked me this evening. 
Sun. Nov. 15, 1908 At home all day.
Mon. Nov. 16, 1908 Lib & Paul went to warsaw. I gave Lib $20.00 and gave paul $3.00. I plastered the kitchen & Oscar fixed the kitchen door in the afternoon.
Tues. Nov. 17, 1908 I pointed up Stone wall. 
Wed. Nov. 18, 1908 I pointed up stone wall around the house. I sent with W. Tennant after sewer tile. He gave $4.80 for them & I am Dr to Cell Webber for 80 cts. Pd $4.00 cash.
Thurs. Nov. 19, 1908 Oscar & I dug the trench & put in the tile for the drane. I went over to F. Corrells & got a sack of cement. Dr for the same.
Fri. Nov. 20, 1908 Oscar & I made a top to the cistern all but the lid.
Sat. Nov. 21, 1908 I went over to F. Corrells & got 40 lb of cement & made the lide to the cistern. DR
Sun. Nov. 22, 1908 Went to S. S. & church. Went over to Harve Boggs in the afternoon. Went to Prayrer meeting in the evening.
Mon. Nov. 23, 1908 Rained a little off & on all day. I went down to the marsh & salted my horses & cattle.
Tues. Nov. 24, 1908 I took the children to school & went around by F. Corrells. He wasent at home. I cleaned out the cow stables in the afternoon. I wrote Affa a letter. Let H. Bitticoffer have $10.00 for a few days. 
Wed. Nov. 25, 1908 I fixed the carriage harness & the single harness. H. Bowers borrowed my well tongs this evening.
Thurs. Nov. 26, 1908 Cleaned out the cow stable.
Fri. Nov. 27, 1908 Hulled walnuts & went over to C. Powells to see a couple heifers.
Sat. Nov. 28, 1908 Went to Warsaw to mill. Pd. Bradway for sugar & coffee 70 cts. Received $38.55 from county for election expenses. Pd. Grabner 50 cts for shoes soles. H. Bittikoffer pad me the $10.00 he borrowed.
Sun. Nov. 29, 1908 Went up to Sunday School. Rained in the afternoon. 
Mon. Nov. 30, 1908 H. Bittikoffer & I went south of Atwood on the old McCollough place to a sale. Brought the Colts, old Dall, from the marsh. C. Ransbert brought me a load of corn 24 bu 18 lb at 60 cts $14.55 to go on his Thrashing.