Oliver Wallace Diary
October 1902

Wed. Oct. 1, 1902 I went to warsaw. Took milling & got 2400 lb of cement & 2 bl of lime. Pd $15.30 to Wimer & Ashbaugh. 50cts for fruit cans, 48 cts for grinding. $16.28 total.
Thurs. Oct. 2, 1902 We went to the Bourbon Fair. Spent 75 cts. Gave Etta $10.00
Fri. Oct. 3, 1902 Dan & I cemented all day.
Sat. Oct. 4, 1902 Dan & I cemented all day. I went to H. Bowers to Thrasher meeting. John & Paul went to Warsaw & got 2 barrel of cement at Ashbaughs & Wimers. Had it charged to me. I paid Dan Blosser 25 cts.
Sun. Oct. 5, 1902 Went to Church & Sunday School. 
Mon. Oct. 6, 1902 Dan & I cemented till 3 oclock. Syrus Miner came here. We bough a lamp of him. Gasoline lamp. Paid him $4.80 for it & some fixtures. $4.00 for the lamp.
Tues. Oct. 7, 1902 Dan & I went down to the Irvin farm. I went to Mell Hissongs & bought a stear of him. Paid him cash $25.00. To leave him there one week.
Wed. Oct. 8, 1902 Dan & I halled logs to Rosses mill from the Irvin farm. I let Rob Irvin have 5 bu & 54 lb of wheat for seed . Him to pay me what it is worth at the present time. He is DR for the above. PD.
Thurs. Oct. 9, 1902 Dan & I halled logs to Rosses till noon. Dug potatoes in the afternoon.
Fri. Oct. 10, 1902  Dan took wheat & oats to mill for chop & got 2 bl of cement of Wimer & Ashbaugh. Dr for it. He said wheat was worth 66 cts.
Sat. Oct. 11, 1902 H. Bowers got my carriage to go to Bourbon & they are going from there to Chicago. Dan & I husked corn for the hogs & dug potatoes. 
Sun. Oct. 12, 1902 We went out to Frank Pinkertons. Rose came home with us in the evening.
Mon. Oct. 13, 1902 Rainy. Dan & I went down to Rosses to see about pickles then went to Hissongs after a stear I bought of him. 
Tues. Oct. 14, 1902 Dan graded & I picked apples. I went to J. Rosses after 1 bu of pickles. Paid 60 cts.
Wed. Oct. 15, 1902 Dan graded & I picked apples.
Thurs. Oct. 16, 1902 Dan graded & I picked apples. 
Fri. Oct. 17, 1902  Gim Smith came to point up the barn wall. I helped him.
Sat. Oct. 18, 1902 Gim Smith & I finished pointing up the barn wall today.
Sun. Oct. 19, 1902 We went up to Sunday School & came home & went to Bankses. 
Mon. Oct. 20, 1902 Husked corn in the fore noon & got aots & wheat ready to take to the mill. Dan took it over in the afternoon. Paid out $1.35 for grinding & gasoline. I went to Atwood & got paint & oil of E. Smith. Paid him. $26.75.
Tues. Oct. 21, 1902 Dan & I brought 6 stears, 2 old cows & 1 yearling bull from the pasture & then we fixed fence around the barn lot.
Wed. Oct. 22, 1902 I went over to F. Rinkenbergs & borrowed his ladder. Came home & went to Atwood & bought 2 paint brushes. Paid $1.35 for them. Paid 50 cts for cole oil.
Thurs. Oct. 23, 1902 Dan & I went down to the Irvin farm & helped the thrashing Co. put up the barn. Frank Pinkerton brought me down the stear I bought of him. Paid him $20.00 I borrowed two hundred dollars of Sipe Ross for 90 days at 6 %. 
Fri. Oct. 24, 1902 Dan & I went down to the Irvin farm & helped put up the barn. I helped till noon. Went to Warsaw in the afternoon after Fruit Trees. Paid the Clyde Nursery $12.50. Paid the Warsaw Lumber Co. 72 cts for 1 bunch of shingles. I took Syntha Malice 4 bu of apples.
Sat. Oct. 25, 1902 Dan & I finished cementing the barn. Frank Pinkerton & wife was over. Frank went over & got sheap of Gus Myers. I got 20 lib of cement of H. Bowers. Settled for the same Nov. 29, 1902.
Sun. Oct. 26, 1902 We went up to Sunday school. I paid G. Bitticoffer $1.45 what was over the amount of the Elders Sallery that I gathered for the year. Paid him 25 cts to apply on Parsonage expenses. I gave Etta $10.00
Mon. Oct. 27, 1902 I built mangers in the forenoon. Painted in the afternoon.
Tues. Oct. 28, 1902 Worked at the mangers in the fore noon. Dan Blosser, H. Bowers, F. Correll, Hildenbrand & I finished the barn at the Irvin farm & put the Engine, Seperator & Tank in the afternoon. Dan worked the roads 1/2 day in Phillips district.
Wed. Oct. 29, 1902 I made 2 stalls & 2 mangers in the barn. Dan husked corn & went down to Rosses after lumber. Ross sent the bill up 2125 feet $6.35. Paid Banks $1.50 for Fish.
Thurs. Oct. 30, 1902 Correll paid me $25.00 thrashing money. Paid J. Cummings for 44 cords of wood at 60 cts $26.40 Paid him for 18 1/2 cords at one time before this & 2 cords at an other time. 64 1/2 in all. I made stalls in the barn. Paid Dan Blosser 25 cts.
Fri. Oct. 31, 1902 I made 2 horse troughs & painted all day. Fred Rink was over this evening to get the names of those that pays Elder money.