Oliver Wallace Diary
October 1903

Thurs. Oct. 1, 1903 Picked up apples. Dan took a side board load to mill. Got 137 gallons. Paid $1.37.
Fri. Oct. 2, 1903 Made 19 gallons of apple butter.
Sat. Oct. 3, 1903 I run the huller at Bankses & Curkendall. Run the Engine. Hulled 2 sacks 125 & 126 lbs. About 1 bu in an other.
Sun. Oct. 4, 1903 Went up to Church. The new minister preached.
Mon. Oct. 5, 1903  I helped take Rev. Mulls goods to Leesburg. Piad out 45 cts for dinner & horse feed. John Cummings cut corn for me.
Tues. Oct. 6, 1903 I went up to Leesburg & got a load of goods for Rev. Hibbs. Got back till noon. John Cummings cut corn for me. Paid E. Whetstone $1.12 for me overhalls & 3 gallons gasoline.
Wed. Oct. 7, 1903 Rain. I went hunting. Killed 2 fox squirrels & one pina.
Thurs. Oct. 8, 1903 I went out to Will Byrer to doctor a horse that was snaged. Charged $1.00. Correll & I killed 2 calves one and one mine.Piad J. Cummings $20.11 for cutting corn 147 shocks at 4 1/2 cts.
Fri. Oct. 9, 1903 Correll & I took our calves to Atwood & shipped them to Chicago. Marion Hiway & family was here over night. I sold E. Person 2 hogs at $5.25 per hundred. Brought $17.30. I bought 7 sheap of E. Cook. Paid him $18. cash. Dr. $12.00
Sat. Oct. 10, 1903 Dan helped Correll bail straw till noon & I helped from noon till 3 oclock.
Sun. Oct. 11, 1903 Wilson Byrer & family was here for dinner today. Millard & wife was over.
Mon. Oct. 12, 1903 Correll & I took the huller from Bankses & went over & hulled seed for H. Beck. 
Tues. Oct. 13, 1903  Correll & I hulled seed for Bankses today.
Wed. Oct. 14, 1903 Correll & I hulled clover seed for Bankses till 3 oclock & went from there to J. Meek & hulled the ballance of the day.
Thurs. Oct. 15, 1903 Rain. I helped Dan Blosser dig potatoes in the fore noon. Went hunting in the afternoon.
Fri. Oct. 16, 1903 Correll & I hulled clover seed for A. Byrer today.
Sat. Oct. 17, 1903 Correll & I hulled seed for A. Byrer till noon then hulled for W. Hall in the afternoon. H. Beck brought 2 lambs over weighed 120 lb. Bill Goshard got 11 lambs today at $4.75 per 100 lb. Weighed 800 lb. Brought $38.00. I gave Etta $5.00.
Sun. Oct. 18, 1903 Went to Sunday School
Mon. Oct. 19, 1903 Correll & I hulled seed for J. Hall & J. Meek today.
Tues. Oct. 20, 1903 I took J. Cummings a load of weed & Hoss a calf.
Wed. Oct. 21, 1903 Correll & I furnished straw & carried it for L. Ripple, E. Meek & Frank Hoffer halled a load a piece for me. Paid E. Meek $1.50. Paid J. Koontz 45 cts for 3 meals.
Thurs. Oct. 22, 1903 Dan & I husked a load of corn for the hogs in the forenoon. Picked apples in the afternoon.
Fri. Oct. 23, 1903 Dan & I went down to the Irvin farm & put the cattle on the back pasture & got 2 cords of wood. I took it over to John Tomas, Conrad's blacksmith. Dr for the same. I settled with Conrad. Paid him $2.25. George Pellett paid me $15.00 on the wolf wood. I paid Rutter $2.25 for twine.
Sat. Oct. 24, 1903 Dan & I went to the Irvin farm & split 2 cords of wood. He took it to Warsaw to Conrad. Got $4.00 for it. One of his hands got it. Paid my taxes yesterday $31.40 mine & $7.70 for Lib.
Sun. Oct. 25, 1903 At home all day. Henry Bowers was over in the evening a while.
Mon. Oct. 26, 1903 Dan & I husked a load of corn in the fore noon. Gathered sider apples in the afternoon.
Tues. Oct. 27, 1903 I took apples to warsaw to the sider mill. Got 132 gallons at salesmans. Paid him $1.32. Paid Grabner $1.50 for putty & a steel. Paid J. Hoffer $1.50 for hulling straw one load of baled straw to warsaw.
Wed. Oct. 28, 1903 Dan & I helped F. Correll bale hay at Charles Wolfs all day.
Thurs. Oct. 29, 1903 I helped Lib make apple butter. Paid C. Powell $3.00 for beef. $2.27 one time & .73 at another time..
Fri. Oct. 30, 1903 I took F. Ringgenberg sider barrel home & Bankses & J. Harman kettles home in the fore noon. I went down to B. Gokenhours & puttied window lights in.
Sat. Oct. 31, 1903 I took 2 cords of wood to J. Tommas. Dr. for the same. I got my fruit trees of Denny. 10 apples & 1 peach.