Oliver Wallace Diary
October 1904

Sat. Oct. 1, 1904 I took 14 head of hogs to Etna Green to Ulmer & Iden . Got $5.85 per hundred. Weighed 2420. Brought $141.37. I paid Phil Banks $15.00 for the sow I bought at his hog sale.
Sun. Oct. 2, 1904 Went to Sunday School & church at night.
Mon. Oct. 3, 1904 I chored & cut 4 shock of corn.
Tues. Oct. 4, 1904 I cut a few shock of corn.
Wed. Oct. 5, 1904 I cut corn a part of today. Gave Lib $3.50. She went south of warsaw to gather tickets.
Thurs. Oct. 6, 1904 I bought my cattle home today. 7 head. The blue roam weighed 1390 & the other 6 weighed 6500.
Fri. Oct. 7, 1904 I tried to get a kettle to make apple butter. Dident get any. I cut up some corn.
Sat. Oct. 8, 1904 Rain. I made a feed rack for my cattle in the fore noon. & Boilt the sider in the afternoon so it wouldent spoil.
Sun. Oct. 9, 1904 At home all day.
Mon. Oct. 10, 1904 I went down to Atwood to Finance meeting in the fore noon. Fixed some fence back in the woods in the afternoon. Sold Levy a calf. Brought $5.50.
Tues. Oct. 11, 1904 I husked some corn & cut up the fodder in the fore noon. Boilt apple butter in the afternoon. Etta & Affa went to Warsaw. Gave Etta $10.00 
Wed. Oct. 12, 1904 H. Correll helped me cut up corn today. We cut 79 shock.
Thurs. Oct. 13, 1904 I cut corn.
Fri. Oct. 14, 1904 I cut corn in the fore noon. Went hunting in the afternoon. Killed one fox quirrell & 2 pinneys.
Sat. Oct. 15, 1904 I husked & cut up corn in the forenoon. Went with Correll to Warsaw in the afternoon. John Wolf brought the preacher out here. He stade all night. I paid my taxes also Libs. Total $24.10.
Sun. Oct. 16, 1904 Went to Sunday School & church. Then we went to F. Rinks.
Mon. Oct. 17, 1904 I chored in the fore noon then I went up to Marrion Eddlers woods to see some timber. Dident buy it. I bought 11 turkeys of Renchberger. Paid him Cash $5.00 owe him yet $3.00. I gave Lib $2.50.
Tues. Oct. 18, 1904 I husked & cut up some corn in the fore noon. Went down to Phil Bankses to see about buying a husker. F. Correll got 1390 lb of hay at $18.00.
Wed. Oct. 19, 1904 I cemented the rat holes down seller.
Thurs. Oct. 20, 1904 I cut and husked corn in the forenoon. I paid Dave Sponseller $24.00 dollars that was back on last years work for the thrasher co.
Fri. Oct. 21, 1904 I husked & cut corn in the fore noon. I went down to Bill Gochenhours & got a spool of barb wire. I went to Phil Bankses to thrasher meeting in the evening. We bargained for a plano husker to pay $590 for it. Him to pay the freight.
Sat. Oct. 22, 1904 John & I put wire on the fence between Ham Boggs & I in the forenoon. I gathered apples in the afternoon.
Sun. Oct. 23, 1904 We went down to Bill Gochenhours today.
Mon. Oct. 24, 1904 I gathered some apples in the fore noon. I took the elevator man 1225 of timothy hay & got the cement for the thrasher shed. Paid E. Smith for the Freight .61, Paid J. Irvin for work going with the huller $10.81.
Tues. Oct. 25, 1904 Lib & Etta went to Warsaw. H. H. Griffis was here from Mentone to see about caponizing chickens.
Wed. Oct. 26, 1904 I picked some Apples & husked some corn. I helped B. Gochenhour pick some sider apples.
Thurs. Oct. 27, 1904 I gathered apples & husked some corn. 
Fri. Oct. 28, 1904 I went to Warsaw to mill. I took 7 spring Roosters & the old Gobler over. Got 7 1/2 per lb for the roosters. Weighed 26 lb $1.95. The Gobler weighed 21 lb at 10 cts per lb. $2.10. Total $4.05. Paid 85 cts for beef & left it in the wagon & the cats ate it.
Sat. Oct. 29, 1904 I took 5 lambs to Warsaw got 5 cts per lb. Weighed 424 lb. $21.20. 2 of them Ettas. Sold W. J. Banks 200 lb of hay. $1.00 cash.
Sun. Oct. 30, 1904 Went to Sunday School. Went to church at night. Gathered quarterage.
Mon. Oct. 31, 1904 I husked corn.