Oliver Wallace Diary
October 1905

Sun. Oct. 1, 1905 I went out to Z. T. Byrers to see a sick cow. He paid me $1.00 for the trip. The folks went to Sunday School 
Mon. Oct. 2, 1905 F. Correll & I went hunting we got 10 fox squirls & one pina. F. Correll paid me $60.00 thrasher money today.
Tues. Oct. 3, 1905 I husked corn & helped mom with her carpet. C. Powell paid me for 14 bu & 40 lb wheat he got for seed $11.80.
Wed. Oct. 4, 1905 John & I cut corn & husked some. I took my cattle down to the Irvin farm this morning. I took corn down in the evening. Bill is going to feed them for me. Mary Banks & Ant (Nancy) was out.
Thurs. Oct. 5, 1905 I cut corn in the fore noon. I went out to Sipe Rosses & paid a $50.00 note off. Interest $1.40. I got a turkey from Fred Rinks that I got from C. Ransberg.
Fri. Oct. 6, 1905 Husked corn & cut up 6 or 8 in the fore noon. I took the wagon bed full of corn down to Bills for my cattle. I sent Affa $10.00 to Leesburg.
Sat. Oct. 7, 1905 Chored in the fore noon. Went to Phil Bankses sale in the afternoon.
Sun. Oct. 8, 1905 We went down to John Harmons visiting.
Mon. Oct. 9, 1905 Husked & cut up corn in the fore noon. Went hunting in the afternoon.
Tues. Oct. 10, 1905 Rainy. I took a load of corn down to B. Gochenhours for my cattle. Cook & Griff was out to see my cattle. Dident sell. 
Wed. Oct. 11, 1905 I cut up some corn & went over to Cal Smiths to see if my sow was over their. Dident find her. J. harmon got 1 bu of wheat & paid me for it & what was back the other he got $3.40. I sold 20 head of hogs today to Griff & Cook at $5.10 per hundred.
Thurs. Oct. 12, 1905 Cloudy & cold. F. Correll, J. Harmon & I went hunting. I failed to get anything. J. Harmon got 2 fox squirels. John got 3 pump leathers. Paid 30 cts to Birst & Rink.
Fri. Oct. 13, 1905 Husked corn & fixed to take my hogs away in the afternoon. Fixed pumps in the fore noon.
Sat. Oct. 14, 1905 Took 20 head of hogs to Atwood. Weighed 3730 lb at $5.10 per hundred. Brought $190.25. I got 4 bu & 10 lb of wheat of Mary Banks. What she borrowed 2 years ago. Went to Warsaw with Correll. Paid Wimer 68 cts for coffe & sugar. Paid Levi 38 cts for beef.
Sun. Oct. 15, 1905  Rainy. At home all day.
Mon. Oct. 16, 1905 John husked a load of corn in the fore noon. Him & I took it down to the Irvin farm. We cut post for the fence between H. Pellette and me in the afternoon.
Tues. Oct. 17, 1905 John& I went down to the Irvin farm & halled post for the fence between H. Pellette & me in the fore noon. I fixed the pump at Bill Gochenhours in the afternoon. Went from there down to J. Wolfs & paid the note off I gave to F. Correll. Pd. $125 with int $3.48. Paid T. Wolf $6.80 Phone Rent & tole.
Wed. Oct. 18, 1905  Went hunting. Got 3 fox squirles & 2 pinies. 
Thurs. Oct. 19, 1905 George Warfle was over & hung a screen door. I went over to F. Corrells & tended a couple of hogs for him. 
Fri. Oct. 20, 1905 I went down to J. Wolfs to see a cow in the fore noon. Lib & Etta went to Warsaw in the afternoon. Gave Lib $10.00.
Sat. Oct. 21, 1905 (no entry)
Sun. Oct. 22, 1905 (no entry)
Mon. Oct. 23, 1905 Fixed & husked corn the first that we have cribbed.
Tues. Oct. 24, 1905 Husked corn all day.
Wed. Oct. 25, 1905 Husked corn all day.
Thurs. Oct. 26, 1905  Husked corn all day.
Fri. Oct. 27, 1905 Went to Warsaw & got a tooth filled. I paid my taxes $35.10. I paid Libs taxes $6.60
Sat. Oct. 28, 1905 Husked corn all day.
Sun. Oct. 29, 1905 Went to church & Sunday School.
Mon. Oct. 30, 1905 Husked corn.
Tues. Oct. 31, 1905 I took Etta to warsaw. Gave her $2.00. She went to Silver lake. Paid $5.42 Ditch Location Tax.