Oliver Wallace Diary
October 1907

Tues. Oct. 1, 1907 I cut 4 shocks of corn in the fore noon. Paid J. Miner $3.25 on cutting corn. He cut 72 shocks for me at 5 cts. I owen him 35 cts yet. PD. Lib went out to I. Powells to the Sale. I cut 12 shocks of corn in the afternoon.
Wed. Oct. 2, 1907 Rainy. I shoveled my wheat round in the fore noon. Went hunting in the afternoon. Got 1 fox & 2 red squirrles.
Thurs. Oct. 3, 1907 I cut 11 shocks of corn in the forenoon. Chored in the afternoon.
Fri. Oct. 4, 1907 I built fence from the corn crib to the lane south. Fred Klinger died about 10 oclock today.
Sat. Oct. 5, 1907 I went to Atwood to Finance meeting in the fore noon. The committee hired Rev. Richhart for 1 year to pay 650 dollars cas & no donation. Dale & I cleaned out the stables & halled a load of wood in the afternoon.
Sun. Oct. 6, 1907  Went to Stony Pint to Fred Klingers funeral. 
Mon. Oct. 7, 1907 I cut up some corn.
Tues. Oct. 8, 1907 I dug potatoes. 
Wed. Oct. 9, 1907 Lib & I went down to the Powell place & gathered a sack full of hickory nuts. I finished digging potatoes out in the meddow. John came home from North Dacota today. Cando N.D.
Thurs. Oct. 10, 1907 I went down to the Brady Place to Shirys sale. Did not buy anything. I finished carrying the potatoes down seller.
Fri. Oct. 11, 1907 I went out to Sipes Rosses in the afternoon & borrowed $200.00 of him. Gave my note 1 day after date at 5 1/2%.
Sat. Oct. 12, 1907 Chored in the forenoon & cut 7 sacks of corn. I went to warsaw in the afternoon. I sold Levy 4 hogs at $6.50 per hundred. I sold Gus Myrers 5 or 6 lambs & 1 old sheap 6 1/2 cts per lb for the lambs & 4 cts for the old one. 
Sun. Oct. 13, 1907 Went to S. S. & church then we went over to H. Bowers for dinner. 
Mon. Oct. 14, 1907 I went down to the Powell place to show the Poland hand where to cut corn in the forenoon. John & I fixed fence in the afternoon.
Tues. Oct. 15, 1907 Rainy. I took 4 hogs to Levy. Took them to the slottershop. Weighed 1050 lb at $6.50 per hundred. Brought $68.25.
Wed. Oct. 16, 1907 John & I tried to drive a well in the south field at the Powell place. We dident suckseed. Drove down about 14 feet & could not drive any farther so we tried to pull the pipe but only got about 4 feet out so we left the rest go. It did not amount to anything anyway.
Thurs. Oct. 17, 1907 I took 5 lambs & 1 old sheep over to Guss Myrers pasture. The lambs weighed 440 at $6.50 per hundred. Brought $28.60, the old one weighed 190 lb & brought at 4 cts per lb. $7.60. Total $36.20. I settled with the State Bank. Owed $145.03. Pd. Book ballanced to date. Paid Richardson $3.00 for Dales shoes. Paid Grabner 35 cts for nails & staples. Paid Kline for barrell of salt $1.00. Paid for laundry 35 cts Chinaman. Paid phone rent $3.35.
Fri. Oct. 18, 1907  John fixed fence down to the Powell place. I coal oiled my shoats in the forenoon. Doctor Maby came out in the afternoon & we operated on my colt. It had a deformed rectum.
Sat. Oct. 19. 1907  The boys & I went to the Irvin pasture & brought 11 stears & the bull home. We put the stears down to the Powell place & stretched some barb wire. Gave John $5.00
Sun. Oct. 20, 1907 We went to Sunday school. Came home & the children went over to John Hughes. I went down & watered my cattle. Lib & Hope went to C. Klingers.
Mon. Oct. 21, 1907 I went to Atwood. Settled with E. Smith. Owed him for Coal Oil & 150 lb of twine. $14.90 Got today a well pint $1.75 and 1 window glass 20 cts. Total Pd $16.85. Paid E. Person 25 cts for beef. Paid C. Rovenstien 25 cts for green mountain salve. I owe E. Smith for an axle for the Braking Plow yet that Paul got. Dident have it booked so I asked Paul if he paid for it and he said he dident. Pd.
Tues. Oct. 22, 1907 John & I pulled the pipe at the new barn & put on a new screen & put it down again. Paid Sherm Hite 85 cts for cutting 21 shocks of fodder that had been husked out. Pd. J. Miner 15 cts on corn cutting. Owe him 20 cts. yet.
Wed. Oct. 23, 1907 I chored & helped mamma. Paid Lib Wallace $5.00.  
Thurs. Oct. 24, 1907 John helped Harry hull clover seed in the afternoon. I went hunting.
Fri. Oct. 25, 1907 I helped John get the wagon ready to hall a load of corn for Ezra. I chored.
Sat. Oct. 26, 1907 We halled a tank of water for my cattle in the fore noon & gathered some walnuts. It rained in the afternoon. I sent to Warsaw with W. Tennant after adhesive plaster for my colt. Pd 25 cts. I paid J. Miner 20 cts that I owed him yet on corn cutting.
Sun. Oct. 27, 1907 Rainy. At home all day. Mr. Tennants was over.  
Mon. Oct. 28, 1907 Chored. Liza Jane Funk was over to get me to bring her heifer over here for a month or so.
Tues. Oct. 29, 1907 I went over to W. Klingers & doctored his cow then went to Harve Shanks sale. Bought a sow & 4 pigs. To pay $13.50 for them. Bought 2 stears & 1 heifer. They were F. Corrells.
Wed. Oct. 30, 1907 Husked corn in the fore noon.
Thurs. Oct. 31, 1907 I husked some corn.