Oliver Wallace Diary
September 1901

Sun. Sept. 1, 1901 Cool. Went to Sunday school. The stear is a little better. Found a sore place at the base of the Ear, at the joint of the jaw on the right side.
Mon. Sept. 2, 1901 Cool. We went down to the Irvin farm after Apples. Pallets cattle was in my pasture. Put them out & fixed up the fence. I mowed fence corners in the afternoon. Fred Rink was here to borrow corn drill. Elisha Miller missed 1/2 day sick.
Tues. Sept. 3, 1901 A little warmer. I mowed fence corners. Lib & Etta went to Warsaw. Elisha Miller missed 1 day, sick. Mrs. George Baylor & Mrs. Devers from Missouri came from Johns over here this evening.
Wed. Sept. 4, 1901 I took Mrs. Baylor & Mrs. Devers down to Shans. Elisha missed today sick. Fred Ringgenberg paid me for 30 bu of wheat today - 66 cts per bu. Him to get that amount for seed.
Thurs. Sept. 5, 1901 Liz, Etta, Affa, John & I went down to the Baylor Reunion. There was about 40 there. It was held at Ant Sophia's. I was made Trasure. I paid 50 cts for Secretarys Book. Paid 25 cts for stable & hay for horses. Elisha missed today. He is sick.
Fri. Sept. 6, 1901 I chored in the forenoon. Went over to Fred Clingers & borrowed $50.00 and paid F. Macvin $37.68 for thrashing.
Sat. Sept. 7, 1901 Warm. Elisha & I went to Warsaw. I paid my insurance $5.70. Paid M. Phillipson 75 cts for canvas. 
Sun. Sept. 8, 1901  At home all day.
Mon. Sept. 9, 1901 Took Etta to Bourbon to School. Millard & I . Florence went too. Paid Tuishion (tuition) $9.50. Paid for books $1.60. Paid Alice for Bord $5.00. Gave Etta $2.25. P. Harman got 40 bu of seed wheat to pay me what I get for mine when I sell. Paid Nov. 29, 1901 $27.00.
Tues. Sept. 10, 1901  Went to Warsaw after groceries. Dident get them. Received $1.45 for oats. My share from Marion from Millard.
Wed. Sept. 11, 1901 Corrells & us went out to Frank Pinkertons after onions. Got 4 bu -2 apiece. 70 cts per bu.
Thurs. Sept. 12, 1901 Lib & I went down to Elishas & got peaches. We went down to the Irvin farm in the afternoon. Pallets cattle was in my pasture. I went over there and him & I got them out and fixed the fence up.We got word this evening that Ella was dead. Frank Ringgenberg got 30 bu & 23 lb of wheat for seed. He had paid me for it 66 cts per bu.
Fri. Sept. 13, 1901 I helped Elisha finish plowing around the fence. F. Correll got 32 bu & 27 lb of wheat today. He paid me cash $20. on it. To pay me what I get for mine when I sell. I went to Atwood after Etta. Didn't come. Paid 14 cts for coffee to C. Miller.
Sat. Sept. 14, 1901 Affa & I went to Warsaw. Went through by Charleys. They came home this morning. Brought Ella home from Collerado this morning at 4:45 A.M. She died the 12th. Paid M. Phillipson 45 cts for me a collar & Paul overhalls. Paid C. Grabner 60 cts for screening. Paid Chapman 35 cts for rice for me & 25 cts for tobacco for Elisha Miller. Paid George Baylors $4.50 on a clock. Dr. to him 50 cts on the same yet. Paid $2 mishionary money for Lib.
Sun. Sept. 15, 1901 At home all day.
Mon. Sept. 16, 1901 F. Correll got 26 bu & 2 lb of seed wheat this morning. Ella Zimmerman was berried today. Funeral at 2 oclock.
Tues. Sept. 17, 1901 I took Etta to Atwood. She went to Bourbon. Dan Ringgenberg got 33 bu & 11 lb of seed wheat. C. H. Ringgenberg ot 7 bu & 21 lb of seed wheat. H. P. Nye got 38 bu & 35 lb of seed wheat. Dan Ringenberg to stand good for the Nye wheat. Address Hasting. Paid C. Miller $1.00 for 18 fruit cans. Gave Etta $2.00. Commenced sowing wheat today.
Wed. Sept. 18, 1901 I went down to Shans after drill. Paid to Herman Gerdes $10.51 for groserys. Weighed H. Bowers out 41 bu & 8 lb of wheat. paid Fosters $1.40 for school books. Elisha Miller got rold oats. 1 pkg. 15 cts. I paid for it.
Thurs. Sept. 19, 1901 We finished sowing the 22 acres today. Ezras was out & got grapes 35 cts worth. Dr to the same. Lib & I made some sider & stewed peaches.
Fri. Sept. 20, 1901 I made sider in the fore noon. James Irvin got 30 bu of wheat for seed to pay me what I sell mine for. He paid me 19.80. I helped Elisha cut corn in the afternoon.
Sat. Sept. 21, 1901 Elisha, the boys & I cut 112 shocks of corn - 10 x 16 hills. J. Irvin borrowed my drill.
Sun. Sept. 22, 1901 At home all day.
Mon. Sept. 23, 1901 Elisha & I finished cutting corn in the 13 acre field. Correll got wheat today -9 bu 12 lb. Libs sow had 12 pigs. Splinter had 13 pigs. J. Irvin brought my drill home this evening. Sowed 20 acres. Dr. to $2.00. PD.
Tues. Sept. 24, 1901 Elisha & John sowed the 13 acre field today in wheat. I had simptons of Flucks (flux).
Wed. Sept. 25, 1901 I was in bed all of the fore noon. Sick. Affa went with B. Banks to warsaw. I gave her $1.00.
Thurs. Sept. 26, 1901 Hoffine got 34 bu 16 lb of wheat for seed at 66 cts. $22.60. The boys to pay for it. Paid C. Miller 60 cts for fruit cans. Paid C. Ross $5.00 for giving musick lessons to Affa. Ballance due him $3.50. H. bowers got 9 bu & 22 lb of wheat today.
Fri. Sept. 27, 1901 Widmyer & Son came up to cut corn. I went down to Atwood after Etta got home at noon. Widmyers cut 75 shock today. Widmyers cut 319 shock the first cutting. 394 shock is all to go on rent at 3 cts. per shock. Widmyer got 11 bu & 26 lb of seed wheat today. He paid me $9.60 on wheat to get 6 bu & 34 lb yet. He will owe me $2.28 on the above wehat at 66 cts per bu.
Sat. Sept. 28, 1901 Elisha Miller finished drilling wheat this forenoon & he went to warsaw in the afternoon. I paid him $7.00 dollars. I went down to the Irvin farm & fixed some fence. Widmyer got my drill to drill wheat. 
Sun. Sept. 29, 1901 At home all day. Correll was over in the evening.
Mon. Sept. 30, 1901 I took some wheat to Leesburg & sold between 400 & 500 to the Leesburg Milling co. Elisha took up a load in the afternoon.