Oliver Wallace Diary
September 1902

Mon. Sept. 1, 1902 Fixed harness & went down to the Irvin Farm & brought the heifers up to Banks that I sold Levy. Garrison came up & put in studding for stalls. 
Tues. Sept. 2, 1902 Warfle & Garrison are both here. I went down to Bankses to weigh the heiffers I sold Levy. Weighed 1760 lb. 50 lb off for calf. Brought $68.40. Took the buck sheap away from my sheap today. 
Wed. Sept. 3, 1902 Dan & I halled 4 loads of gravel from Bankses pit in the fore noon. Him & I took wheat & oats to Warsaw. I sold 19 bu & 58 lb at 64 cts. $12.69. 10 bu of wheat ground in chop. Paid Hafer & Richardson $3.50 for me shoes. P. W. Banks paid his note today $25.00. Paid Dan Blosser $5.00.
Thurs. Sept. 4, 1902  Paul & I went to Etna Green & got 4000 shingles to replace the ones I got of Mrs. Rarick. Paid $3.50 per thousand. $14.00. Paid James Ross $32.00 for sawing. Dan & I halled 3 oads of gravel from Banks pit.
Fri. Sept. 5, 1902 Dan & I halled 6 loads of gravel from Bankses pit today making 16 loads in all.
Sat. Sept. 6, 1902 I went to warsaw & contracted for 12 bl of cement at $2.35 per bl.
Sun. Sept. 7, 1902 Went up to Sunday School & Church.
Mon. Sept. 8, 1902 I went down to Atwood. Went by James Rosses to see 2 stears. Came home by the Irvin farm & salted my cattle. Paid John Cummings $2.75 for cutting wood. Paid E. Smith $7.35 for barn windows & one plow point. 
Tues. Sept. 9, 1902 Took 45 bu of wheat to warsaw. Sold it to the warsaw Elevator Co. at 64 cts per bu. I brought home 48 hundred lb of cement that I bought of Ashbaugh & Wimer at $2.35 per bl.
Wed. Sept. 10, 1902 I put the windows in the barn the two above the big doors. Paid John Cummings $6.55 for cutting wood. He has cut 15 cord to date.
Thurs. Sept. 11, 1902 Commenced drilling wheat in the North field today. John Cummings commenced cutting corn at 4 1/2 cts per shock. Etta went to Bourbon to start school today. Gave her $17.25. Paid C. V. Mull $3. mishinary money & $1.50 for telescope.
Fri. Sept. 12, 1902 Raining. We worked at the barn tamping the stalls for the cement.
Sat. Sept. 13, 1902 Dan & I took 41 bu of wheat to Warsaw. We got 65 cts per bu. $27.15.
Sun. Sept. 14, 1902 Went up to Sunday school.
Mon. Sept. 15, 1902 Paid F. Clinger $1.30 ballance I owed him on corn. Cleaned up in the barn for the Festival tonight.
Tues. Sept. 16, 1902 Dan is sowing wheat. Cleaned up in the barn. I got 24 studding of Banks. 2 x 4.
Wed. Sept. 17, 1902  I finished putting in studding for cattle stalls.
Thurs. Sept. 18, 1902 I went to Atwood in the afternoon to see Correll. Dident get to see him.
Fri. Sept. 19, 1902 John & I commenced cementing the barn today.
Sat. Sept. 20, 1902 Dan finished drilling wheat this morning & then went to warsaw after cement. Dident get any. Paid D. Blosser $3.28. Gave him 4 dollars & he paid 72 cts for grinding.
Sun. Sept. 21, 1902  Went to Sunday School
Mon. Sept. 22, 1902 Dan & I cemented at the barn all day. Paid J. Cummins $1.00
Tues. Sept. 23, 1902 Dan & I cemented at the barn. Finished the 2 cattle stables.
Wed. Sept. 24, 1902 Dan & I cemented the Horse Stable over once till noon. Dan went to warsaw after cement in the afternoon. Dident get any. Settled up with Bowers. He was DR to me $2.43. Paid. Received 50 cts from B. Douglas for pigs
Thurs. Sept. 25, 1902  Cementing the horse stable the 2nd coat. Dan took 24 bu wheat to warsaw got 64 cts $15.36. I settled with John Cummings for cutting corn. He cut 755 shocks at 4 1/2 cts per shock. Paid him $33.97 for corn cutting & 1.20 for cutting wood - 2 cords. Had paid him the $1 the 22nd Sept.
Fri. Sept. 26, 1902 Dan & I cemented a little. Used all the cement we had & then we fixed hog pens. Put 2 of the sows up. Crab was here to see my lambs only saw part of them.
Sat. Sept. 27, 1902 Rainy. We went down to the Irvin farm & cut 4 longs til it rained. I went to Atwood after Etta.
Sun. Sept. 28, 1902 Rainy. We all went down to Shans.
Mon. Sept. 29, 1902 Sold Crab my lambs at 4 cts per lb. I took Etta to Atwood. Gave her $1.00. Paid E. Smith $2.75 for a keg of 8 pny nails. Paid Ed Person for Beef 40 cts. I gathered 3 sacks of Hazle Nuts this afternoon.
Tues. Sept. 30, 1902 I took 17 of my lambs & 1 of Ettas & Libs to Atwood today. Got 4 cts weighed 1342 lb. Averaged 70 1/2. Mine brough me $47.93. I fixed the barn doors . O. L. Miner sow had 4 pigs. Splinter had 11 -one dead.