Oliver Wallace Diary
September 1903

Tues. Sept. 1, 1903 I helped thrash cloverseed at R. Irvins. 14 bu. I went to warsaw in the forenoon. 
Wed. Sept. 2, 1903 I made a platform for my mower to cut clover seed on. I helped thrash clover seed at R. Irvins - 16 bu.
Thurs. Sept. 3, 1903 Lib, John & I went to Valparaiso to the Bailor Reunion. There was 22 there. Millard, Ezra, Em, Alice & Trella from Warsaw & Atwood. Paid Fair for 3 $8.70. Paid collection .50. Total $9.20.
Fri. Sept. 4, 1903 I went out to H. Becks to see about getting some rye to sow. Dident get any.
Sat. Sept. 5, 1903 I helped F. Coprrell put the feeder on the clover huller. Lib & I went to warsaw. Paid Kilmer 25 cts for beef.
Sun. Sept. 6, 1903 Went to Sunday School & Church. Rev. Mull & wife came down here for dinner. Paid him $4.50 mishanary money & for Telescope for one year.
Mon. Sept. 7, 1903 I went down to J. Hockers to see his sheap & lambs. Dident buy them. Came back by H. Becks & bought 10 bu of rye of him at 55 cts per ub. Paid him $5.50. Bargained with him for his lambs, 2 of them at 4.25 per hundred to take them any time.
Tues. Sept. 8, 1903 Cleaned rye & commenced sowing in field east of the old barn.
Wed. Sept. 9, 1903 Dan drilled rye.
Thurs. Sept. 10, 1903 Helped Correll thrash clover seed. I tended the sepperator.
Fri. Sept. 11, 1903 We halled large stone off of the field east of the new barn.
Sat. Sept. 12, 1903 B. Gochenour came up for me to fix the pump. I fixed it & he brought me home. I went over to Corrells & J. Harman, Homer Correll & I took the machine over & thrashed 15 bu of clover seed for Cal Smith.
Sun. Sept. 13, 1903 Rain. At home all day. Lib & I done F. Corrells chores. Anna Huber came up from Bankses in the evening.
Mon. Sept. 14, 1903 Rain. The children started to school to Clunette today. Dale, Lib & I took 2 cows & one calf to the marsh today. We done Corrells chores today. His Father was berried yesterday.
Tues. Sept. 15, 1903 I paid Dan Blosser thirty-five dollars. He went to the State Fair. I sold Sam Byrer 30 head of lambs to be taken to Leesburg next Saturday at 5 cts per lb.
Wed. Sept. 16, 1903 Lib & I went out to Frank Pinkertons. Rose was not at home. Dan missed today.
Thurs. Sept. 17, 1903 I went hunting. Killed 4 fox squirrels & 2 pinas. Ezra was here for dinner.
Fri. Sept. 18, 1903 Chored.
Sat. Sept. 19, 1903 Dan & I took 30 head of lambs to Leesburg. Got 5 cts per lb. Weighed 2330 lb. $116.50.
Sun. Sept. 20, 1903 To warsaw to Conference. Paid Dan Blosser $1.25
Mon. Sept. 21, 1903 Correll & I thrashed for Cal Smith & myself today. About 5 1/2 bu for me & 10 bu for him. 
Tues. Sept. 22, 1903 Correll & I thrashed clover seed for Hide Smith today. I worked one of my horses on the tonk.
Wed. Sept. 23, 1903 Correll & I finished thrashing at Hide Smiths in the fore noon. 23 bu & 19 lb. & we finished J. McCleary in the afternoon. I furnished a horse.
Thurs. Sept. 24, 1903 Thrashed at C. Powells today. Correll & I furnished a horse.
Fri. Sept. 25, 1903 Frank Correll & I thrashed at F. Rinks & H. Bowers today. Lib paid L. F. Coleman $22.75 for me insurance. Ballance that I had gave my Note for.
Sat. Sept. 26, 1903 Frank & I finished hulling at H. Bowers till noon & hulled at J. Irvins in the afternoon.
Sun. Sept. 27, 1903 We went out to Will Anglins today. Was at Mrs. Hinkles funeral.
Mon. Sept. 28, 1903 I went down & salted my cattle in the fore noon. Went to Finance meeting at Clunette in the afternoon.
Tues. Sept. 29, 1903 Hulled clover seed at J. Irvins today. J. Meak paid me $3.00 for 3 cords of wood.
Wed. Sept. 30, 1903 Rain. Hulled clover seed at J. Irvins till 3 oclock & moved to Bankses & thrashed 2 bushels & 1/4.