Oliver Wallace Diary
September 1904

 Thurs. Sept. 1, 1904 I helped John Blosser take roofing down to the shed. Took 5 roles from here. I fixed up the fence below the old barn where we thrashed. I paid Rev. Hibbs $5.50 for mishions & telescope.
Fri. Sept. 2, 1904 Millard brought Ike Robinson over here. He was here for dinner, then I took him out to Will Parkses to see his father.
Sat. Sept. 3, 1904 I went up to help Correll haul straw. I dident help. Neal Pinkerton came out from warsaw after a load.
Sun. Sept. 4, 1904 We went over to Funks. Fred Funk died this morning at 8 oclock.
Mon. Sept. 5, 1904 Lib & I went over to Funks. Fred funk was berried at 1:30 oclock . Lib staded at Funks & I went to the gravel yard. I paid Phil Banks $5.00 to Phil Banks, the ballance of the Hims money making $18.00 in all.
Tues. Sept. 6, 1904  I helped F. Correll bale hay down on the Pinkerton place all day.
Wed. Sept. 7, 1904 I mowed weeds today.
Thurs. Sept. 8, 1904  I mowed weeds in the fore noon & went hunting in the afternoon. Got 2 fox squirles. Lib & Etta went to warsaw. They stopped at Millards & paid 2 notes of mine off. Owed $100.00 each. $203.86 total interest & principal.
Fri. Sept. 9, 1904 J. Harmon & I fired up & took the engine & tank out to Dave Rymans. H. Bowers went down to the Shank barn & got the huller & we thrashed 15 bu of seed for him today.
Sat. Sept. 10, 1904 I fixed harness & mowed weeds in the forenoon. I sent Dale up to Whetstones & he got 50 lb of flour. Dr. for the same. I gave Etta $1.13. Gave Lib $5 to get clothing for the boys.
Sun. Sept. 11, 1904 At home all day. Mrs. Rarick was here. Lib & her went down to Mrs. George Goshards funeral. 
Mon. Sept. 12, 1904 I mowed weeds till 5 oclock then I went hunting. I got one rabbit. I paid F. Correll by Homer $15.00 on the Bittikoffer corn.
Tues. Sept. 13, 1904 Henry Bowers & I cleaned the seperator off & took it down to the shed. I mowed the fence row between Meeks & me in the afternoon.
Wed. Sept. 14, 1904  Correll bailed hay here for me today. John & I helped him.
Thurs. Sept. 15, 1904 Correll finished bailing hay for me this morning. Bailed 16 ton, 215 lb in all. Correll & I went over to Sipes Rosses to see his hay. Came home & bought it by phone. They were here 1 1/2 days. John & I cleaned fence rows, between Crab & I afternoon.  
Fri. Sept. 16, 1904 I started John drilling wheat down to the Powell place in the forenoon. I mowed trash between Crab & I in the afternoon. I bought Mrs. Raricks hay, the clover half of it for $6.00 & the other half for $5.50. The timothy half for $7.50 and the other half for 8.00 per ton.
Sat. Sept. 17, 1904 I cut trash between Crab & I. John finished drilling wheat at the Powell place in the forenoon.
Sun. Sept. 18, 1904 (no entry)
Mon. Sept. 19, 1904 Rainy. I took the children to school. It commenced today. I went up to harrow wheat ground but it was too wet. Lib & I went dow to the marsh & salted the cattle. Came home by & stopped at Funks then went to Fred Rinks & got some plums. We was there for supper.
Tues. Sept. 20, 1904 Rainy. I fixed Johns bycicle. Correll & I went hunting a while in fore noon. I helped mom clean 3 chickens. 
Wed. Sept. 21, 1904 Will Gokenhour harrowed till noon & I burnt trash. Him & I went to Phil Bankses hog sale. I bought a sow to farrow in about a week. To pay $15.50 cash for her in a couple of weeks.
Thurs. Sept. 22, 1904 Bill Gochenhour harrowed for me all day & I drilled wheat.
Fri. Sept. 23, 1904 I drilled wheat all day except a couple of hours in the morning. John harrowed till school time.
Sat. Sept. 24, 1904 John drilled a little wheat & Dale & I harrowed till about 9 oclock then it rained. Correll & I went up to the democratick caukus. Nominated J. T. Smith & William Tommas.
Sun. Sept. 25, 1904 Went to Sunday School in the fore noon. Will Callouge & wife Lonzow Wallace & Lela Goshard, George Dawson & Maud Warfle, Charley Hughs & his girl Redman & Florence Wallace was here.
Mon. Sept. 26, 1904 Bill Gochenour cut corn for me today -35 shocks. Lib & I went to warsaw by John Hughses. Lib was gathering up Globe tickets. I paid Richardson $2.75. Paid Y. Morris for books .35. Paid Allmans for cans $1.65. Paid Levy for beef .35. Gave Lib .50. total $5.60.
Tues. Sept. 27, 1904 I harrowed a little. To wet.
Wed. Sept. 28, 1904 Rainy. I went hunting in the fore noon. Went over to Fred Rinks in the afternoon to see Fred about selling our hogs.
Thurs. Sept. 29, 1904 I finished burning trash around the fence between Crabb & I then finished drilling wheat. Bill Gochinhour cut in all about 186 shocks of corn for me. I hant sure of the number at 5 cts per shock to go on his rent. I sent for cement for the thrasher co. $4.50
Fri. Sept. 30, 1904 I fixed to take my hogs away & fixed the drane.