Oliver Wallace Diary
September 1905

Fri. Sept. 1, 1905  Rain in the forenoon. Paul & I set one end post & realed the wire out for the fence up the lane.
Sat. Sept. 2, 1905 I went hunting in the forenoon. I gave Affa $1.00. John & the girls went to Warsaw
Sun. Sept. 3, 1905  We went to H. Bowers after Sunday school. Frank Pinkertons was there.
Mon. Sept. 4, 1905  We set fence post & stretched wire. Dan Nine helped all day. 
Tues. Sept. 5, 1905 We built fence between Meeks & me. Dan Nine helped me.
Wed. Sept. 6, 1905 I helped fix the huller 3/4 day. Dan Nine helped John set posts. Him & I brought my cattle home and sold Levy the cow I got of Alice & a heifer of mine for $60.00. 
Thurs. Sept. 7, 1905 Fixing fence. John went down and got R. Irvins clover buntoper & Paul went to Atwood & got 120 rods of fencing, 5 lb of staples & some barb wire. Dan Nine helped me today. 
Fri. Sept. 8, 1905  I cut clover seed. Dan Nine & Paul stretched the wire & stapled it from Meeks line to the clover field. Straight west. John helped C. Ranchberg thrash clover seed.
Sat. Sept. 9, 1905 I finished mowing clover seed at home in the fore noon. Dan Nine & John Wallace set posts along the road down to the Powell place in the fore noon. John plowed seed down there in the afternoon. I paid Dan for 5 1/2 days work $5.50.
Sun. Sept. 10, 1905 At home all day.
Mon. Sept. 11, 1905 I took the cow I got of Alice Dawson & a heifer of mine to warsaw today. Dan Nine helped me. Sold them to Levy for $60.00. I gave Pauyl $1.00, I gave Etta $1.00. H. Bowers got 37 bu & 17 lbs of seed wehat. Dr. $29.82. Paid Sept. 30.
Tues. Sept. 12, 1905 I mowed fence corners down to the Powell place.
Wed. Sept. 13, 1905 I mowed fence corners at the Powell place.
Thurs. Sept. 14, 1905 I mowed fence corners down to the Powell place till noon then fixed my pump at the old barn in the afternoon.
Fri. Sept. 15, 1905 Rob Irvin got 39 bu & 10 lb of wheat at 80 cts per lb. He paid me cash $10.33. Dr to $20.00 yet. Pd Sept. 19. I went down & borrowed about 25 rods of 26 in. wire fence of Phil Banks.
Sat. Sept. 16, 1905 I stretched some fence in the corn then went to Mrs. Funks funeral. I gave Affa $5.00. Her & Etta went to warsaw. We put our hogs in the corn cot I fenced off. Paid Gillam .40 cts for Beef. Paul over halls .35 cts.
Sun. Sept. 17, 1905 Went to Sunday school.
Mon. Sept. 18, 1905 I fixed the pump in the fore noon. John & I stretched barb wire between George & my woods. Paid Frank Funk 40 cts for tomatoes. Affa went to Leesburg to work on switch bord. I fave her $3.00. C. Powell got 14 bu & 40 lib seed wheat. Dr. paid Oct. 3 $11.75.
Tues. Sept. 19, 1905 I took a coop of chickens to Atwood . Shiped them. I paid E. Smith for wire $31.86. Gave J. Wallace $1.00 to get overhalls & a box of shells.
Wed. Sept. 20, 1905 I chored all day. John harrowed. Ezra was here an hour or so in the vening. David Pellett was up. He paid me for 50 bu of wheat he is to get 7 bu & 36 lb yet to make that amount $40.00.
Thurs. Sept. 21, 1905 We finished sowing wheat today. Dan Nine helped me turn clover seed all day. Paid him $3.25 cts for 3 days work.
Fri. Sept. 22, 1905 John & I helped F. Correll thrash clover 2/3 of day & Fred Rink the ballance of the day.
Sat. Sept. 23, 1905 I thrashed 22 bu of clover seed today. 16 bu of mine & 6 bu down to the other place.
Sun. Sept. 24, 1905 Went to Sunday School.
Mon. Sept. 25, 1905 John & I went hunting. I got 3 fox squirles & John got 4 pinies. Lib & Etta went to Warsaw. I bought Ettas sheep. Paid her $40 for them with the $20 she was DR to me.
Tues. Sept. 26, 1905 John Harmon got 22 bu of wheat for seed at 80 cts per bu. Paid cash $15.00. Dr $2.60 I pulled the pump at the house. The pipe had 3 holes in it. I went to Atwood in the after. Got 31 ft & 6 in. of piping of E. Smith at 12 cts. Paid him $3.78.
Wed. Sept. 27, 1905 I husked corn for my hogs & cattle in the fore noon. Chored in the afternoon. I helped R. Irvin hull clover 2 or 3 hours this evening.
Thurs. Sept. 28, 1905 I chored all day. John helped R. Irvin thrash clover all day. Paul & I went over to Fred Rinks & got one of the Renzburg turkeys.
Fri. Sept. 29, 1905 (no entry)
Sat. Sept. 30, 1905 I helped H. Pellett hull clover 1/2 day. H. Bowers paid me for the seed wheat he got $29.82. We could not make the change & I owe him 15 cts.