Oliver Wallace Diary
September 1906

Sat. Sept. 1, 1906 Lib & I went to Warsaw. Paid E. Person 40 cts for Beef. Paid the Globe 35 cts for Dale a pair of over halls. Timothy Marrotts wife came home with us. I sold E. Person 3 heifers at 3 cts per lb. Weighed 1675 lb. Brought $50.25.
Sun. Sept. 2, 1906 Rained. At home all day.
Mon. Sept. 3, 1906 I chored in the forenoon. Affa went to warsaw. I gave her $10.00. I went dow to the pasture to show C. Meek my stears.
Tues. Sept. 4, 1906 I started Paul cultivating the fallow field with the corn plow. Lib took Timothy Merrotts wife & daughter down to Beckey Richardsons.
Wed. Sept. 5, 1906 I went to warsaw after finishing lumber. Paid for it $45.38 my money that I signed. Paid Gerard Restrant 15 cts for my dinner. Paid J. Grabner 60 cts for plow point. I went up to (see) Ant Nancy. She was about the same.
Thurs. Sept. 6, 1906  I made a cement post at the east end of my fence between C. Powells & me.
Fri. Sept. 7, 1906 Trimming & burning bresh (brush) between Powell & me. Affa went to warsaw. Gave her $10.00.
Sat. Sept. 8, 1906  I plowed the fence row between C. Powell & me in the fore noon. I went up to Clunette to Trustee meeting. I paid Whetstone 85 cts for 5 gal oil. 10 cts worth of crackers, 1 mellon. Paid Rev. Fink $5.00 mishinary money.
Sun. Sept. 9, 1906 At home all day.
Mon. Sept. 10, 1906 We harrowed & picked stone off the north east field. 
Tues. Sept. 11, 1906 Paul harrowed & John & Dale picked stone till noon. Then John harrowed & I went to Leesburg after the furnace for the Church.
Wed. Sept. 12, 1906 We commenced drilling wheat in the north East field. Imowed fence corners.
Thurs. Sept. 13, 1906  Rain. I went hunting. Was about sick. Got one red squirl. The boys drilled & harrowed in the north field. They finished that field today.
Fri. Sept. 14, 1906 Cool. The boys harrowed with both teams today in the field north of the orchard. I burnt the trash along the fence row.
Sat. Sept 15, 1906 Cool. Paul harrowed & John drilled in the field north of the orchard. I mowed the road & on the inside of the fence.
Sun. Sept. 16, 1906 Pleasant. At home all day. The school marm was here. Miss Wilcox.
Mon. Sept. 17, 1906 Chored.
Tues. Sept. 18, 1906 Went to Clunette. Worked on the church.
Wed. Sept. 19, 1906 Went to Clunette. Worked on the church. 
Thurs. Sept. 20, 1906 Chored. 
Fri. Sept 21, 1906 Chored.
Sat. Sept. 22, 1906 Chored. 
Sun. Sept. 23, 1906 At home all day. We went to Prayr meeting in the evening.
Mon. Sept. 24, 1906  Chored. Tending to peaches. I went to Atwood to the Finance meeting. 
Tues. Sept. 25, 1906 Went to Clunette. H. Bowers. V. Frantz & I built the East stone wall & threw a lot of dirt out of the seller.
Wed. Sept. 26, 1906 Went to Clunette. C. Ross & I built the South stone wall.
Thurs. Sept. 27, 1906 Went to Clunette & helped with the furnace putting it in. F. Pinkerton & wife came down this evening.
Fri. Sept. 28, 1906 Went to Clunette. Helped with the furnace all day. Rose Pinkerton helped Lib can peaches.
Sat. Sept. 29, 1906 I chored all day. Dug some potatoes & so forth. Rose Pinkerton helped Lib can peaches.
Sun. Sept. 30, 1906 At home all day. F. Pinkertons was here.