Oliver Wallace Diary
September 1907

Sun. Sept. 1, 1907 Went to Atwood to quarterly meeting. Went to C. Rays for dinner. 
Mon. Sept. 2, 1907 I went hunting. Got 2 fox squirrels & one pina. 
Tues. Sept. 3, 1907 I helped W. Tennant thrash 2/3 of a day. 
Wed. Sept. 4, 1907 I helped W. Tennant load 2 loads of straw then I worked around home. I went over to F. Corrells & tended some hogs for him.
Thur. Sept. 5, 1907  I went up and helped Paul plow in the fore noon. Doctor Maby came out to see my colt. Dident do anything to it. I fixed a crooper on it in the afternoon.
Fri. Sept. 6, 1907 I chored part of day. Went to clunette in the afternoon & stoped at F. Klingers & borrowed $70.00.
Sat. Sept. 7, 1907 I went to warsaw Affa & I. Paid the Globe $3.50 for Paul & Dale coats & suit of under wear. Paid Lantz $1.10 for drugs.Paid Conrad 50 cts for shoeing. Paid Richardsoon 75 cts for fixing shoes. I gave Affa $10.00.
Sun. Sept. 8, 1907 At home all day. Frank & Rose Pinkertons was down here today. H. Bowers, C. Rosses was over today. I paid H. Bowers the money I borrowed of him to pay the preacher. I gave H. Bowers the $10 thrasher money that C. Renchberg paid me last Friday.
Mon. Sept. 9, 1907 I chored today. W. Tennant got 16 bu of wheat for seed. Charley Shobe got 64 bu & 4 lb of corn that I sold him in June at 50 cts. He had paid for it all except 4 bu & 4 lb & he paid that today. Libs. 
Tues. Sept. 10, 1907 I took Affas trunk to warsaw today. She went to N. Dacota. I gave her $40.00 I went to Fulton in Fulton Co. to general Conference. I paid out $4.95. $2.50 for bord & 2.45 R. R. fare. I gave Lib $2.00
Wed. Sept. 11, 1907 I was at Fulton Ind. to Conference.
Thurs. Sept. 12, 1907  I was at Fulton Ind. tending Conference.
Fri. Sept. 13, 1907 I was at Fulton Ind. tending Conference
Sat. Sept. 14, 1907 I started home from Fulton Ind at 12:30. Got to warsaw about 5:30 in the evening.
Sun. Sept. 15, 1907 We went to S. S. then went up to Kate Byrers for dinner. C. Rosses & Rev. Wolfs was there.
Mon. Sept. 16, 1907 I harrowed & drilled wheat today.
Tues. Sept. 17, 1907 Rained in the afternoon. I harrowed in the forenoon. Drilled 4 rounds xand it rained the rest of the day. Walter Tennant got 7 bu of wheat for seed.
Wed. Sept. 18, 1907 Rainy. Rained hard all the forenoon. I went to Warsaw. Paid the Globe $5.00 for Etta a suit case. Pd J. Grabner $1.00 for razor strap, pump leather & roap for Ettas trunk. 15 cts to A. Goshard for Bananas 
Thurs. Sept. 19, 1907 I took Etta to warsaw today. She started to N. Dacota today on the 12:54. I owe her $37.00. I am to send it to her. Pd.
Fri. Sept. 20, 1907 Bill Gochenhour was up this morning to see about cutting corn for me.
Sat. Sept. 21, 1907 I went hunting in the fore noon. I got 2 fox squirles. The boys harrowed. I drilled wheat in the afternoon.
Sun. Sept. 22, 1907 We went to S School. Went to C. Bowers for dinner. 
Mon. Sept. 23, 1907 I harrowed & finished drilling wheat today. Fixed some fence. B. Gokenhour commenced cutting corn for me today. Walter Tennant brought 2 1/2 bu wheat back leaving him owing for 25 1/2 bu. He is to pay me what I get for mine.
Tues. Sept. 24, 1907  I dug the potatoes north of the grange hall in the fore noon. John & Pruda Hughs & 2 Ioway people were here in the evening. Went hunting in the afternoon. Got 1 fox & 2 red squirrels. 
Wed. Sept. 25, 1907 I fixed & schooped some of my wheat out of the bins it was heating. I cut 12 shocks of corn.
Thurs. Sept. 26, 1907 I ground my corn cutter. Henry Baughers went by here going to Oswego. They stopped here a little bit. Will Khores (Coars) was here for dinner. They were putting up Bourbon Fair bills. I went down & salted my cattle in the after noon.
Fri. Sept. 27, 1907 I was rainy all the fore noon & part of the afternoon. I went hunting in the afternoon. Got 2 fox & 1 red squirrel.
Sat. Sept. 28, 1907 Rainy. Paul, Dale & I shoveled wheat out of the bins in the fore noon. Rainy all the fore noon. Paul, Dale & I cut 15 shock of corn in the after noon.
Sun. Sept. 29, 1907 We went up to sunday school then we went to C. Rosses for dinner. We went to preaching at night.
Mon. Sept. 30, 1907 I cut 17 shocks of corn today. Baughers was here a while in the afternoon.