Oliver Wallace Diary
September 1908

Tues. Sept. 1, 1908 John cut clover seed all day. I chored. Bill & Ida Gokenhour were here in the forenoon a while. The boys made some sider.
Wed. Sept. 2, 1908 Cut clover seed. 
Thurs. Sept. 3, 1908 I ground the sickle & chored. I ordered a wind pump.
Fri. Sept. 4, 1908 I went down to see my cattle. I got the Klinger lambs today. Weighed 820 lb. 8 head of lambs at 5 cts, 1 old sheep $2.00. total $43.00. Dr for same.
Sat. Sept. 5, 1908  I helped C. Powell hull cover in the afternoon.
Sun. Sept. 6, 1908 Went to Sunday school.
Mon. Sept. 7, 1908 I helped C. Powell hull cover seed in the afternoon. Got done.
Tues. Sept. 8, 1908 Helped L. H. Bittikoffer thrash clover 1/2 day. They thrashed 3 sacks for me in the evening.
Wed. Sept. 9, 1908 We thrashed 17 sacks of clover seed today. 
Thurs. Sept. 10, 1908 Finished thrashing clover today. 5 sacks of seed. Got done till noon. 50 bu in all by machine measure. I went hunting in the after noon. 
Fri. Sept. 11, 1908 I turn my hogs in the corn east of the old barn. Ant Sophia came here today.
Sat. Sept. 12, 1908  Chored & went over to help W. Tennant thrash. The machine dident come. Ant Sophia Senour was here today. Pd. E. Whetstone $1.50 for sugar & a shirt.
Sun. Sept. 13, 1908 We went over to John Hughes. Ant (Sophia) stade there.
Mon. Sept. 14, 1908 We helped W. Tennant hull clover today. Oscar helped 1/2 day for me.
Tues. Sept. 15, 1908  I drilled wheat in the fore noon in the corn in the south east field. I paid C. Klinger $43 for lambs. I helped J. Harmon thrash part of the afternoon about 1/4 day. Oscar cut corn in the forenoon.
Wed. Sept. 16, 1908 I drilled wheat in the fore noon. Oscar worked all day. Helped J. Harmon hull seed 3/4 day. John went to Ft. Wain. I gave him $15.00
Thurs. Sept. 17, 1908 Oscar drilled wheat. I worked at a wire fence. Put a partishion in my corn field.
Fri. Sept. 18, 1908 Finished the fence that I commenced yesterday. Fenced off a piece of corn for my hogs. Oscar drilled wheat all day.
Sat. Sept. 19, 1908 Dry & hot. I mowed weeds. Oscar finished drilling wheat in the east field till 4 oclock. He worked 3/4 day. Paid Oscar $5.00. Sold C. Powell 26 lambs at $5.25 per hundred to take them next week.  
Sun. Sept. 20, 1908 Still dry. Went to S. School & to prayr meeting at night.
Mon. Sept. 21, 1908 Dry. I picked some peaches & went out in Raricks woods & killed a fox squirrel in the forenoon.
Tues. Sept. 22, 1908 Dry.Cut 6 shocks of corn & chored.
Wed. Sept. 23, 1908 I picked some peaches.
Thurs. Sept. 24, 1908 Will Gochenhour & wife was up & helped us make apple butter. Bill Khores (Coars) came in the evening. They were out putting up sale bills.
Fri. Sept. 25, 1908 Dry. Chored in the fore noon. Sorted my lambs & took them to C. Klingers & weighed them. 26 head, weighed 2120 lb.
Sat. Sept. 26, 1908 I took my lambs to leesburg. weighed 2120. 26 head at $5.25 $111.30. I paid Will Ringenberg $1.00 that I owed him on the hay tedder.?
Sun. Sept. 27, 1908 Went to sunday school. Flory broke our carriage tung.
Mon. Sept. 28, 1908 Rain last night, cold. F. Correll got 11 sacks of wheat for seed. Gave me $20.00 on it. He is to weigh it. I butchered a calf today to ship it tomorrow.
Tues. Sept. 29, 1908 Cold. I took my calf to Atwood. I got a box of goods for H. Bittikoffers. Pd. 25 cts freight for him. Pd. Rockhill 60 cts. Paid E. Smith for 40 rds of wire $10.40. Paid E. Person $2.80 for Beef that we had got on time. H. Bittikoffer pd me $1.00 for plow point & freight.
Wed. Sept. 30, 1908 Weather Cold. Pd. E, Person & Edler for Gerome Kerns. 68 cts for grocerries & beef.