Married 66 Years Ago

The above picture was made on May 1, 1879, wedding day for Miss Lizzie Powell and Oliver W. Wallace. The couple observed their sixty-sixth wedding anniversary last Tuesday and were guests-of-honor at a surprise celebration last Sunday at the U. B. Church of Clunette.

Rev. I. E. Longenbaugh of Atwood, the pastor of the church, preached a sermon on harmony and marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace didn't realize that this was directed to them until toward the end of the sermon, when Rev. Longenbaugh made mention of their sixty-six years of successful married life together. The church was lavishly decorated with flowers for the occasion and the members had all come with well-filled baskets. A delicious dinner was enjoyed at noon and the afternoon was spent socially.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace were married in Warsaw by Rev. Lowe. Rev. Lowe was the pastor of the Warsaw United Brethren church at that time and resided in the northwest part of town. The wedding took place in his home, after which the couple had the above picture made by F. A. Place, photographer in Warsaw. Mr. Wallace was a farmer and the couple resided in the vicinity of Clunette for many years. Twenty-five years ago, the couple moved to their present home in "downtown" Clunette, near the church. They have belonged to this church for fifty-seven years during which time Mr.Wallace served as Sunday school superintendent many years. He doesn't remember how long he has been superintendent, but thinks possibly over fifty years. Mrs. Wallace teaches in the Sunday School at the present time, and both of them are present at church every Sunday.

For pastime, Mrs. Wallace makes braided rugs. She reports that she made 104 of these last year. She has made 35 already this year. With the money she gets for making these she purchases War Bonds. She reads extensively and prefers the works of Grace Livingston Hill. In her spare time, she works jigsaw puzzles.

Mr. Wallace is also quite active. he is proud of the victory garden he has coming up already for this summer. He's proud of the fact that he spaded the entire plot without help. Two years ago, when the Clunette church was reroofed, he assisted with this work, climbing around on the roof as if he were still 20 years old.

Mr. Wallace was born November 16, 1857. Mrs. Wallace was born Oct. 28, 1860. She is fondly called "Libbie" by her many friends in the Clunette community, but she believes her name was possibly Elizabeth originally. Eight children were born to them, and six are living. Paul Wallace operates a gas station in Lafayette; Miss Etta Wallace lives at home with her parents; Dale Wallace works at General Electric in Fort Wayne; Mrs. Mary Thomas resides in Milford; John Wallace lives at Clunette; and Mrs. Hope Vandermark lives on route 2, Leesburg. One child died in infancy and another, a daughter died when a young woman just a month after she was married.

As a special tribute to the couple, Miss Elizabeth Schell, a friend, wrote the following lines:

Oliver And Libbie

Hand in hand they have walked together
Down the path of vanished years--
Years that brought to them joy and sadness,
Years that bourght to them smiles & tears.

Oft'times their path was steep and rugged.
But their hearts were brave and strong;
And as they climbed rough hills together,
Trials were conquered by laughter and song.

Love is the tie that has bound them together,
Through married life of sixty-six years!
Still hand in hand they are walking together,
Trusting in God, and having no fears.

Hand in hand they walk down the valley
Facing the setting of life's golden sun;
Hoping to spend all eternity together
When their journey on earth is done.

They are weaving garlands of friendship,
And strewing flowers along their way--
Hosts of friends congratulate them,
And wish them joy today.

Warsaw Daily Times, Saturday, May 5, 1945